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We began simple,
like when the childrens play.
had fears for tomorrow,
fears of being broken,
wondering what tomorrow held.

Could this thing we had last long?
you too good for me,
and the thought of losing you scared me like the fires of hell.

could you stay forever with me?
would i forever hold you in my arms?

Still our love had a dream,
to rise higher in the sky,
for all to see and marvel.
to sail among stars,
and to live happily ever after.

but had you come into my life to stay?
or you were going to get tired and leave?

Your coming into my life was never by chance.
it was God’s doing,
giving me the happiness my heart yearned for.

Yet i had fears,
fears of what tomorrow will bring.
wondering whether you had come to add to the list of those who broke my heart.

Yet today we stand strong,
all the fears forgotten.
in your love have i found happiness.
My love, you know i had thought
Eden was lost
little did i know, paradise was hidden in your love.


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