A Fight For You

A Fight For You – Episode 27

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A Fight For You

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)

Chapter 27


I ran into a janitors’ closet and heaved a deep sigh.
Gosh, how the heck did Andy get that note. And why did it even fall off in the first place

I was stealing glances at him in class and remembering how he made me dance happily. I had to jot down that. I was really feeling giddy and tingles ran up and down in my stomach

I couldn’t avoid him, how can I? He’s too irresistible.

Gosh I’m feeling hot all over

The door opened and Andy walked in. I screamed and moved backwards. He closed the door and leaned on it

Non of us spoke. We just stared

Then he began to move closer and I moved back. I hit the wall and he stood few inches from me
He stared into my eyes and of course, I melted down internally. In fact, I began to wonder why I could even still stand physically

Andy: why were you running Ugwa?
I couldn’t reply. I just kept swallowing

He took the note from my hand and looked at it.

Gosh this is so embarrassing

Me : it’s… I didn’t…
Andy: do you like me? I mean, the second type of like that leads to love

Now that came like a bomb

Of course I like you, why would I write that. I like you Andy

I didn’t reply though

Andy: …. Because I like you

Me: wait what…

Andy: I like you. The second type of like

Me: wait what…

He chuckled and moved back

Andy: I have a crush on you Ugwa. I hope you have a crush on me too

My eyes widened. He smirked and opened the door then left with the note

My breathing was ragged. Like what just happened?

I stood there for the next ten minutes, wondering how I could avoid Andy. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to see him because I knew my heart will keep fluttering

The door opened again and I froze. Thank God it was Loretta. I breathed in

Loretta: hey what are you doing here? I’ve been looking all over for you

Me: nothing much… I just wanted to do something here. I was about leaving anyway

I took my hand bag

Loretta: it’s recess. Did you bring lunch today?
Me: no… Did you?
Loretta: no

Me: then the treat’s on me
Loretta: of course it will be on you. You can feed this whole school

I laughed as we left the room. I breathed out when I didn’t see any sign of Andy in the hallway

Loretta: Claire said she’s gonna miss school this week

Me: what again?
Loretta: she’s traveling to see her dad in Manila

Me: why isn’t Her dad here?
Loretta: he works there
Me: OH I thought her parents were divorced

We headed to the cafeteria. No sign of Andy. I breathed in again

Loretta: are you okay? You look uneasy

Me: yeah yeah… I’m good
Loretta: you’re sure?

I nodded briskly. I saw someone about Andy’s height. I thought it was him. Thank God it was a junior student

I breathed in again. Loretta eyed me suspiciously

Loretta: I’ll go get lunch. You sit
Me: no I’ll go with you

Loretta: who are you avoiding?
Me: no one
Loretta: then sit

I groaned and pouted then sat down at the nearest table. She glared at me, took my purse and walked away and I laughed.

I felt hot, despite the cafeteria’s cool temperature

I heard a voice saying ‘hey’ behind my ear. I jerked and looked back

I groaned and closed my eyes

Andy : mind if I join you princess?

Me: no… Go away

He sat down beside me

Me: ahh… Which part of go away don’t you understand?

Andy: all of it
I sighed and stood up to go but Loretta was already back

Me: we’re eating at another table Lorette

Loretta: nope. Here is fine. Hey Andy are you joining us?

Andy: yeah. You girls don’t mind right?
Loretta: of course not

She set the food and drinks

Loretta: Andy and Ugwa, you two can start eating. I’ll go get another one for me

She winked at me and left. What was that for?

Andy began to eat the apple meant for dessert first.

Me: Mr Del Solo, you’re supposed to eat the actual food first.

He looked at me

Andy: I thought you didn’t want to speak to me.

Me: well I just wanted to correct you…
Andy: keep your correction to yourself

I gasped. Did he just say that to me?

I felt rising anger. I bit my lower lip intensely. I’m sure that place has already turned red.

He continued to eat his apple before Loretta came back with another tray

Loretta: why haven’t you touched your food Unugwa?

Andy: she enjoys to see me eating. She’s been staring at me

Me: what??

Loretta : awwn that’s cute

She sat down. I wanted to talk but didn’t. I just faced my food and began to eat the pie first

Andy: is that apple pie Ugwa?
Me: I don’t know
I took a spoonful into my small mouth and a little fell on my chin

I reached for the napkin but Andy took his and wiped it off

Andy : that’s better

I shuddered as he used his thumb to smooth the skin there

Loretta: OMG! That’s so cute

I took in my lips and breathed in
It’s no joke that Andy has a huge effect on me and I thank God he doesn’t know.

Andy chuckled and began to eat his food.

Loretta smiled sheepishly at me. I rolled my eyes and began to eat

Loretta : Daniel is not in school today

Me: he’s not here anymore
Loretta: not here?

Me: yeah. He travelled out of the country yesterday

Andy: why?
Me: boxing career

Andy: so I’m free to hang around you now?

How I’m I supposed to answer that question

Loretta: hell yeah! Wow, finally Andy has no school rival. And he is free from punches

Andy chuckled and looked at me. I knew he was looking at me though I wasn’t looking at him. My heart was racing. I just wanted to run and be alone so I can breathe freely

Loretta: hey, who wants to follow me to a coffee shop today after school?

Andy: I’m in
Me: I’m sorry I have to do something for Anibe today after school

Loretta: ugh. It would have been so fun with the three of us

Andy sighed and took my bag

Me: hey
He brought out my phone and asked me for my password

Me: no…
Andy: you can change it immediately I’m done
Me: what do you wanna do?
Andy: it’s nothing harmful okay. I just want to change my number. I got a new phone yesterday

Me: don’t worry I’ll change it…
I tried to take it from him but he didn’t let me

Andy: are you hiding terrible things in your phone? Why are you so protective of it?

Loretta gasped

Loretta: (in whispers) you have pornography in your phone?

Me: what? No! Gosh! Ahhh, my password is….

Gosh… My password is Andrew
I changed it on Saturday night.

Me: I’ll just impute it

Andy: got it
Me: what?
Andy: I opened your phone

Loretta: how did you do that?
Andy: I guessed the password

He looked at me and smirked. I huffed and stood up

Me: I’m going to the rest room

I left without my bag or anything. I just need fresh unAndy air.


Hahaha. She’s been feeling embarrassed and tried to avoid me. Daniel didn’t come to school so I took the opportunity to hang around her like the air she’s breathing

I’ve been getting on her nerves a little and I feel that’s cute.

I was so happy when I realized she likes me too. I was so so happy.

I wish I could hold her hand and kiss it.
Loretta doesn’t know I like her friend. She’d set a date for us if she knew

I searched through her phone and got her elder brother’s number. I called him


this isn’t Unugwa… It’s Andy
OH Andy. Andy my main man. What’s up with you?
I’m fine. Ugwa said she won’t be able to follow Loretta and I to a coffee shop because she has something to do for you today, I was wondering if you could please postpone it and let her come

He chuckled
don’t worry. She’s free to go with you

thanks Anibe
sure Andy

Then I hung up

Loretta: you called her brother?
Me : yep. She’s coming with us

Loretta: she’s gonna be so mad at you
Me: and that’s going to be so cute
Ugwa came back and I handed her the phone

Me: you’re coming with us. Your brother said you could

Ugwa : I don’t understand
I chuckled as she sat down

Ugwa : you called him?
She was looking at her phone

Me: yeah. That’s why I took the phone in the first place

She bit her lip and glared at me. I winked and her eyes immediately softened. She heaved a long slow sigh and tucked the phone in

I smiled. This girl is good at acting. I can’t believe she used my name as her password.
That’s really a sign of huge crushing


Grandma had braided my hair into cornrows. I pinned some silver hairclips on it and I looked attractive.

I wore a green and white shirt then wore a black flared skirt. Then wore big green sneakers with white soles.

I took my black bag and took a final look at the mirror

Anibe entered my room after knocking. Though I didn’t say he should come in

Anibe: wow… You look like a cute sports girl. A Nigerian sports girl

I smiled. Green and white is the official Nigerian color. That’s why he said that

Anibe: so you’re going on a date with your crush.

He sat on the bed

Me: it’s not a date cause Loretta is with us

Anibe: should we get rid of her so it would be a date?

I chuckled

Me: Andy found out I like him
Anibe: what? He did?

I faced him
Me: yeah… And I found out he likes me too

He chuckled and stood up
Anibe: so you have a new boyfriend now?
Me: no! Who said we’re dating?
Anibe: you might

Me: dad would kill me if he found out I’m dating a Filipino

Anibe: no he wouldn’t. You’re his little princess

I chuckled. My phone beeped and it was a text message from Andy, saying he was here to pick me up

Me: Andy’s here. I gotta go
Anibe: be careful… Love you

He sent me a kiss. I glared at him. He gave me a tongues out and took my laptop. I rolled my eyes and walked away

My dad went on a business trip to Australia and would be back in three days. So I’m not expecting Anibe to sleep home tonight

I got outside the house and met Andy sitting on his car, across the road in front of our house.

He was looking so cute. He looked at me and smiled at my outfit.
Then I noticed something

He was wearing green sneakers and a green inner with white sleeves shirt.

I’m so going to change
To Be Continued
Written by Hossy

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