A Fight For You

A Fight For You – Episode 26

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A Fight For You
(The Black Girl)

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)

Chapter 26

Unugwa’s POV

I slid on my floor with my arms in the air. A cool slow love song was playing from my laptop and I was dancing ballet round the space of my room

I was wearing socks so the sliding and twirling around was made easy. I was also humming along with the song and I was swinging my arms up, down, side, etc. like the ballerinas do

I know nothing about ballet. And I know I was dancing it terribly but who cares. I’m just a teenage girl who just had a an hour of delight sitting close to a hottie

I stood in front of my mirror panting but still jumping on one foot.

I don’t know where I got this energy from tonight. I’m just so energized. I could scale a fence

My phone rang and I twirled to the bed. I fell down beside the phone and picked it up. It was Daniel

hey Danny
hey… What’s up… Why are you panting?

Should I tell him I was dancing ballet? Nah..

I was working out …
okay. Uhm, I’m leaving tomorrow morning

I quickly sat up

so soon?
yes. My dad already booked the flight
OH. I’m really gonna miss you
me too. But I promise to always call
me too. I promise to disturb you
hahaha… I have to hang up now. I’ll call you anytime I can
okay… Bye, be a good boy. No punching. Especially if it’s a black boy from the hood or you’ll be a goner

I’ll try my best
take care Daniel

He chuckled and hung up. I smiled and dropped the phone.

I placed my hands on the bed and stepped on the floor. There’s no way I’m dancing again
I’m already exhausted

Andy’s POV

I drove home and entered the house. I saw Loretta, wearing pajamas and watching TV

Me: Loretta?
She stood up and crossed her arms

Loretta: and where are you coming from?

I sat down

Me: and why are acting like my elder sister?
She huffed and sat down. She took a plate of almonds from the chair and began to eat

Me: I went to see Ugwa
She quickly looked at me

Loretta: really?
Me: yeah…
Loretta: where?
Me: her house

Loretta’s : oh my gosh. Wow. Their house is so huge right?

Me: and Heavenly
She chuckled
Loretta: If I could work as a maid there, I’d be glad

I nudged at her and she laughed. I ran my fingers through my hair

Me: can you keep a secret?
Loretta: you know I can’t

I chuckled and stood up

Me: why didn’t you tell me you were coming over?
Loretta: I just felt like. Mom and dad travelled this morning and the house became creepy. So I came here

I nodded
Me: I’m going to change

I went upstairs to my room


Monday morning!
We just got back from the assembly and Ugwa and I have been stealing glances at each other.
I don’t know why she’s glancing at me but I do know I’m glancing at her because I can’t get enough of her

Roberto noticed that

Roberto: okay Andy… Come back to Earth

He shifted my face from Ugwa and made me look at him

Me: what?
I frowned. Not happy he ruined my fantasy

Roberto: you’ve been boring holes into the black girl

I blinked my eyes, hoping I could deny but I didn’t. I just opened my bag and brought out a textbook

Roberto: Del Solo…

I groaned

Me: what?

He took the book from me

Roberto: there’s something you’re not telling me
Me: give me back my book

Roberto: why were you staring at the black girl

Me: I wasn’t staring
Roberto: don’t deny it. I caught you

Me: it wasn’t her. It was Loretta

Roberto: and when did you start staring at your sister like that?

I groaned and stood up, trying to leave the class. He grabbed my arm and pulled me down

Me: Roberto!
Roberto: you know me… I won’t give up until you tell me what I wanted to her

That’s very true
Roberto would keep pressurizing you until you accept what you know nothing about.
Last year, he made me accept that I deflated his car tire.
He would bug you to the extent, you’d agree just so he’ll let you go

Me: so what do you want to hear in this case?
Roberto: that you were staring at her

I sighed. Well, I was staring at her

Me: yeah… I was

He ruffled my hair

Roberto: stop playing with fire Andy. Daniel’s girl is fire

Me: she’s not Daniel’s girl. She’s no one’s girl

Roberto: how are you so sure? You asked her if she was dating or not?

Me: no I didn’t ask
Roberto : Andy… Do you like that girl?

I shoot! This is the place I don’t want him to head to

Me: Lucia’s looking at you

He looked back and I stood up and left the class. Lucia was truly looking at me and I had to seize the opportunity and leave

I walked into the library.
The library is the only peaceful place in the whole school because you’re on your own there. And no noise.
I don’t usually go there to read. I just go there to sit and enjoy the silence

I sat there for some time
I must have missed the math class because that was the first on the timetable today.

After that, I went back to class. The teacher I met was one of the Science teachers. I sat down and pretended to listen while Roberto looked at me like he wanted to keep asking me questions.
All I know is that I’m dodging all of them today

The teacher reached the end of his lesson and I immediately took an excuse and left before him. I don’t want questions from a best friend. That’s torment especially when you don’t want to answer it

I stood by my locker, imputing the code when Ugwa walked up to me with textbooks in her hand.

Ugwa: hey
Me: hey

I faced her

Ugwa: why did you skip the math class?

Me: ohh that… I was avoiding something

Ugwa: you don’t like math
Me: that’s true. I hate math. It disturbs my brain

She chuckled and released one hand from the books she was holding. She smoothed her edges

Ugwa: thanks for coming over on Saturday. Your presence was really soothing

Me: ohh… Well thanks for entertaining me. You guys were so fun to be with

She smiled

Me: how’s your grandma?

Ugwa: she’s fine. She even sent her regards to you

Me: really?
She nodded

Me: well, my regards to her too

Ugwa: all right then. I’ll see you later dear

Me: yeah, we’ll see later

She smiled and walked past me. One of the pages of the textbooks she was holding flipped up a bit and as she walked, the air brought down a piece of white paper which flew through the air and landed at my feet.
I wanted to call her back but I saw my name on the cardboard.

I picked it up and it read I LIKE ANDY

What type of like?

Me: Ugwa!
She looked back and I signalled for her to come. She came

Me: you dropped this
I gave her the paper. She looked at it and froze

I tried hard to hide my smile

Ugwa: did you… read it?
Me: yeah… What type of like were you talking about?

She gasped and suddenly ran off.

Me: hey!

I ran after her
To Be Continued
Written by Hossy

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