A Fight For You

A Fight For You – Episode 25

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A Fight For You
(The Black Girl)

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)

Chapter 25

Andy’s POV

After her phone call, I began to miss her even more. The urge to see her and talk with her became so strong.

I couldn’t wait till the next day. If I even see her at school, I won’t be able to talk to her

I heaved a sigh

I have to go and see her.

I showered, put on a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants. My inner shirt was white and I wore my bracelets.

I walked out of my room with my camera and entered the living room. Dad was there, smiling and talking with mom.

Wow, I haven’t seen that in awhile

Me: good evening

They looked at me

Dad: Andy how are you?

Me: I’m fine sir

Mom: you’re headed somewhere?
Me: yes I am

Dad looked at my camera. I was expecting him to nag at me because he thinks I’m going to take photographs of birds like he always says. But he didn’t, he just took a sip of his wine.

Me: I’ll be going now

He nodded and I left.

I drove to Ugwa’s house and at first, I couldn’t get out of my car.

What ifs ran through my mind

What if her father is harsh?
What if her mother doesn’t like white people the same way my mother doesn’t like black people?

What if she has already left the house?
What if her elder brother is overprotective of her?
What if I just go to Roberto’s instead and see her tomorrow?

I hit my forehead and closed my eyes. I didn’t come all this way just to chicken out

I breathed in and opened the door, I stepped a foot out then saw my reflection in the rear view mirror

Jeez! I’m wearing an earring

I quickly removed it and hid it in the glove box. I came out of the car and signalled to the security guard. He came to the burglary gate and I told him I was here to see Unugwa. I spoke in Cebuano and he seemed delighted. Maybe he’s not the English loving type

He let me in and scanned me then gestured to the house. I walked up the facade, admiring the flooring. The tiles were white with light blue dots that sparkled against the evening sun.

This house is huge.
I know I’m really rich but my house isn’t even half of this.
I’m admiring the exterior, I wonder what the interior would be like.

I rang the doorbell and a maid opened the door

Me: hello I’m here to see Unugwa

Maid: is she expecting you?

Me: not really…

She nodded and let me in. She led me through a short hallway and we took a turn and came out in the massive living room

Man! I could ride a bike in here

I looked up at the ceiling with lights all in it. It shined against the sparkling white walls.

The floor was cream colored and the royal cushions were cream with golden designs. The middle of the living room had a thick brown rug with golden flower designs

The table was one of a kind. Like a big book. It was black and had little gold ornaments in it.

I sat on one of the cushions

Maid: I’ll go and get her
I nodded and watch her climb up the stairs and walk through a pavement then took a turn to a hallway

This mansion is magnificent. No wonder her skin is like crystal. So flawless

I waited for about ten minutes before I heard my name behind me. I looked up and she was still standing on the stairs. But just a few stairs from the floor

Me: hey
I stood up

She walked down like a model
Ugwa would make a really good model

Ugwa: hey

We had a handshake that I didn’t want to remove my hand. I remember the first time we held hands, I didn’t want to let her go. I could hold this hand all day and will only let it go when I’m opening a door for her.

Oh and I like her grandma. She’s so lively.
Ugwa just left to get something and I’m left alone with her

We are sitting on some white chairs with a white table in our middle. A blue roof is over us and is held up by strong metal pillars. About three of like shelters are here

The big pool is like two meters away from where we’re sitting.

Me: so did your father know it was you?

Grandma : he didn’t know. He thought it would be my elder sister because she was prettier and older than me.

I chuckled

Me: so when your husband called your name, how did he react?

Grandma : he was so surprised. He looked at my mom and his brother. All of them were surprised. My sister actually cried secretly because Idoko was very rich. And of course, handsome

I chuckled

She was telling me of how they got married back then in the 1950’s. Whereby a suitor would keep visiting his desired girl’s house with gifts without telling her parents his intentions.
When the parents suspect that he is after their daughter or one of their daughters, the father would ask him why he is always visiting with gifts. Then he would open up and tell them he wants to marry their daughter

And in grandma’s case, her parents suspected it to be her elder sister who was the village beauty. I’ve forgotten her sister’s name. Well who cares

She said Idoko was the son to one General who found favor with the British Colonisers to Nigeria.
They had favoured his family and they were rich.

When Idoko came back home, he had gotten some attraction for her after she offered him water when his car broke down.

Ugwa came back with a maid. She was carrying a tray and so was the maid. They dropped it on the table

Ugwa’s tray carried a plate and the maid’s was cold can drinks

The maid left and Ugwa handed her grandma a drink. It was a special type of malt drink. No sugar at all. That’s for old people

She then gave me an apple flavoured soda. I smiled. She remembered I love apples

She sat beside me

Ugwa: so is grandma done with the story?

Me: kinda.
Ugwa: grandma how old were you when you got married?

Grandma: fifteen years

Our eyes widened
Ugwa and I : what?

Grandma : or was it fourteen?

Ugwa : ain’t that too early?
Grandma : no it wasn’t as at then. That’s why your mother is 45. I had her 1975 when I was sixteen

Ugwa : I feel it’s too early

Me: if you were born then, you’d be a mother of two at 18

She chuckled and brought the plate of cupcakes to me

Ugwa : and if you were born then, you’d be a grandpa now

I smiled and took one then she dropped it after taking hers

Grandma : I need to take my medicines now. You two kids take care

She stood up
Me: it was nice meeting you grandma

Grandma : and I enjoyed your company Andrew

I smiled and watched her leave. She’s still very lively

Me: how old is your grandma?

Ugwa : my mom is 45. 45 + 16

Oops! I’m not good at math.
She looked at me as I sipped the soda

Ugwa : that should be 61. She’s 61 years

Me: she’s really lovely. I wish my grandma was alive, so you’d meet her too

She smiled
Ugwa : I’m sorry about your grandma

Me: you look beautiful

Whoa, where did that come out from?

Ugwa : thanks

I sighed and looked at her while she was taking another cupcake.

I don’t know what’s happening, but I think I’m beginning to like the black girl. Not just normal likeness but the double likeness.

Her hand brushed past my chest as she sat back. That made my body become rigid like I just got electrocuted

This is weird. So weird

I looked up and saw her elder brother coming towards our direction. He was wearing a red polo shirt and white shorts with a white baseball cap

Ugwa : OH that’s my elder brother approaching
Me: I think I’ve seen him once

He came to the table

Brother: hey folks
He took her drink from her

Ugwa : Andy, meet my brother Anibe. Anibe this is Andy

Me: it’s nice to meet you

Anibe : wow so you’re the one who… Who is Andy. Loretta’s cousin

Me: yeah

Anibe : Loretta told me that you were her only cousin when we were talking. It’s nice to meet you

Unugwa’s POV

Sitting close to Andy got my mind going ‘swoosh swoosh’

I like how relaxed he seems. I noticed he wasnt wearing his earring. But he was this afternoon at the ice-cream shop

When Anibe came, he was going to say something and I had to kick his foot for him to divert.
Instead of saying whatever he wants to say, he talked about Loretta telling him about Andy.

Thank God he didn’t blow my cover.

We began to talk about different things. My mind wasn’t at rest because I kept stealing glances at Andy and admiring his facial looks. How his lips are perfectly pink and smooth.

I wish I could kiss them

I don’t have pink lips, they’re nude lips instead. And I always admire boys with pink lips. Like Nate.

But I never wished I kissed any of those boys. Why the heck I’m I wishing I could kiss Andy’s.

Ahhh Ojonugwa….

I leaned on the table and closed my eyes. I was trying to concentrate.

I felt a warm hand on my arm. I opened my eyes
Andy: are you okay?
Me: yeah just tired

Andy: yeah. You had a long day today… Wait. Is today Saturday?

Me: yeah
I sat up

Andy: OMG… I thought tomorrow would be school. I seriously thought tomorrow would be school

I chuckled. No wonder he said he couldn’t wait till tomorrow to see me at school earlier when he arrived

Anibe : wow… Just got one. Gotta go.. Unugwa, please tell dad I’m in my room okay. I won’t be back early

He took a cupcake and ran off.
I shook my head. Anibe!

Andy: I should get going. The sun would soon go down

Me: oh… Thanks for coming Andrew

He smirked and leaned on the chair then looked at me

Andy: (in a whisper) I like it when you call me Andrew

That got me feeling hot in my cheeks.

Me: don’t give me those eyes. They’re too cute

He chuckled and stood up.

We walked by the side of the house to the front, no need to pass through the house.

We got to a place where it was just the fence and the wall. Andy pulled me to himself and for a second there, I thought he was gonna kiss me. Like it happens in movies when two lovers are walking together, alone.

Me: what’s that?

Andy: uhhh sorry… I thought I saw a lizard on the wall

Me: no. The house has reptile repellent

Andy: oh same with ours

We walked to the car and said our goodbyes. I watched him drive off.

I sighed and happily went back inside the house

Andy’s POV

There was no stupid lizard. I pulled her for something else but I stopped myself.

I wanted to hug her and tell her to meet me at the park tomorrow evening.
To Be Continued
Written by Hossy

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  1. I love this story soooo much and I want to plead that you give us more episodes since you only update weekends,three episodes per Saturday/Sunday is not enough. Please do something

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