A Fight For You

A Fight For You – Episode 24

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A Fight For You
(The Black Girl)

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)

Chapter 24


Roberto and I entered the elevator heading for the third floor

Me: I really don’t see why you’re dragging me to have lunch with you
Roberto: you were killing yourself with thinking. I have no idea what you’re even thinking about

Me: I’m only following you here because I’m hungry

Roberto: it’s a good thing

The elevator opened and we stepped out. We walked to the fifth door and entered the restaurant.

Roberto: isn’t that Agnes?
He pointed to a girl standing few steps from us. I traced her gaze and saw that she was glaring at Daniel.

Daniel and the black girl. Having lunch?

I scratched my head. Anyone who sees them will think they’re on a date. And we all know Agnes likes Daniel very much

Me: hey, can you pull her out and talk to her?

Roberto: Agnes? This witch? I’m here to have lunch Andrew, not to kiss the devil
Me: I’ll give you half of my first salary as a model if you do it

Roberto: hell yeah I would

I walked out of the way and watched him walk to her. They had a conversation and Roberto walked her out

Me: that was unexpectedly easy

I shrugged and passed by the walls to the back of the restaurant. Daniel didn’t see me, neither did Ugwa.

I smiled and sat down. Ugwa looks so beautiful. She’s exquisite.

I brought out my camera from my fanny pack and placed it on the table

A waiter came

Waiter: may I take your order young master?
He motioned to the menu on the table

Me: uh.. I’ll look it through and get back to you

He nodded and left. I set my camera. Used the menu as a cover for my face and took a picture of Ugwa. The light didn’t flash neither did it make any sound

I took a picture of her while she was smiling and while she was eating.

Sometimes I got jealous when she smiled too much. Wondering what Daniel was telling her.

The waiter came back and I had to call whatever my eyes caught sight of on the menu at that instance.

I had to eat the bag of sh*t I ordered. I don’t even remember the name and the stupid food is so expensive. I paid and hoped I could make Roberto to forget about the half of my salary. Right now dad’s going through a tough time, I have no hope of excess money except I start working on my own


Daniel dropped me off at home and left. I was really happy about the lunch. We talked about lots and lots of things

And now I’m just tired. I went inside the house and met only Anibe watching TV

Anibe: how was your date baby?
I sat beside him

Me: wasn’t a date. Just lunch
Anibe: really? Just lunch?
Me: yes! Just lunch… Now where’s everybody?

Anibe: dad is still at the office. Mom is helping Chubi out with his homework in the yard under a tree, sitting on the lawn. Grandma is having her siesta and I’m watching TV

Me: thanks for the explanation mister

I stood up and walked towards the stairs

Anibe: oh! Unugwa! Loretta came to check on you!

Me: thanks for telling me!

Then I gently walked up the stairs. I went to my room and removed my shoes. I quickly took a shower and wore a red shirt and white skirt. I sat on my bed and took my iPad from my drawer. It’s Saturday, I have to call the girls.

I wonder what they’re doing now. Maybe hanging out with Nate and Bradford. I really miss Natalie

I called them and we talked for over an hour. After that I decided to take a nap. I dropped the phone on my table and laid down on my left side. My eyes darted to the calender under my lamp post. I haven’t written his name today

I sat up, picked my pen and took the calender. I turned the page over to the present date. I wrote his name then dropped it
I dropped the pen too then laid down, looking at the name before sleeping off


I strolled slowly into the living room. I met my dad drinking and making a phone call. I bowed and turned to go upstairs

Dad: Daniel wait..
I looked at him and he already hung up and was placing the phone down

Me: good afternoon sir
Dad: Daniel, your flight has been booked for tomorrow

Me: what? So soon? Why the rush?

He looked at me with surprise.
For the past one year I’ve been pressurizing him to let me leave the country but he always ignored me. And now he finally agreed and I’m making it look like he’s forcing it on me.
It’s what I’ve always wanted… Right?

Me: I’m sorry… Just that I didn’t look at the…
Dad: get your things ready. You leave by seven.

I sighed and bowed then went to my room

I sat down.

I’m supposed to be happy and excited about this. But what the heck is pulling me back?
I feel like I shouldn’t do this but I have no reasons to not do it.

I looked at my special boxing gloves sitting in my glass cabinet.
I stood up and opened the cabinet then brought it out. I cleaned them and dropped them in my traveling bag


I paced around the room with my hands crossed.

I’ve been doing this for the past ten minutes. Moving from the bedside to the front of my closet and back to the bedside

I’ve been deliberating whether to call her, go and see her later or I should text her to meet me at Goodwill’s later.

I can’t tell her to meet me because she just came back from a long date and should be tired.

I can’t go and see her because I don’t want it to seem like I have a different idea towards her. It would seem really awkward.

And I can’t call her because it would seem like I’m forcing myself on her. She hasn’t even called me before.

I groaned and sat down on my sofa.

Me: why the heck I’m I disturbing myself over her? For crying out loud she’s Daniel’s

Daniel would never let me take what’s his. I know she’s his friend but she’s still his.

I looked at my bag on the bed. I walked to it and pulled out my camera. I looked at her pictures and smiled

She’s so beautiful


I yawned and opened my eyes. I saw someone eating and staring at me. I cleaned my eyes and looked at the person

Anibe: hey… What’s up

He was eating a pear

I sat up

Anibe: do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to wake up?
Me: why?

Anibe: so you can explain this
He lifted up my calender and pointed to Andy’s name

Me: oh shoot!

Anibe: busted right? So why did you write his name on about five pages?

He opened them all

Me: that’s man’s discovery of non ya

Anibe: what’s non ya?
Me: non ya business

I snatched the calender from him and stepped down from the bed

Anibe: you know Andy came here while you were asleep. I told him you were asleep so he left

Me: what? Why didn’t you wake me up?

He sat up and licked his lips and fingers after eating the last of the pear

Me: why didn’t you wake me up?

He didn’t answer and I angrily threw the calender at him. He glared at me and stood up

Anibe: don’t throw calenders at your elder brother

He huffed at me and walked out of my room. I scoffed and crossed my arms

I really need to start locking my room door

I sat on the bed and pulled out my phone. I quickly dialed his number to apologize for not being awake when he came

Immediately the phone began to ring, he picked up like he was actually waiting for my call

📲hello Andy
📲hi Ugwa
📲how are you doing?
📲I’m fine and you
📲I’m okay. Sorry I wasn’t awake when you came here

yes I was sleeping when you came
came where? Your house?
yeah. My brother said you came

uh no I didn’t. Maybe he saw someone else

oh. Okay… Sorry for disturbing then

no it’s nothing. I’m actually glad you called

really? You are?
yes. Thanks for calling
it’s my pleasure

I hung up and smiled. He has the sweetest voice ever.

I sat down then I remembered that Anibe played me. I stood up and ran out of the room. I checked his room and he wasn’t there. I climbed down the stairs and went to the living room, the kitchen, the mini living room, the dinning, the laundry room, the garage. The idiot wasn’t anywhere but his car was still parked out

I went to Chubi’s room and he was there playing video games

Me: come here

Anibe: no! The villain is here
Me: villain? You’re the villain!

I pulled his ear

Chubi: yay! I’m gonna win!
Anibe: noo

I pulled him and the control pad fell and his car crashed

Chubi : I’m winning!

I pulled Anibe by the ear, out of the room and pushed him down in the hallway. I began to kick and punch him.

Anibe: hey. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me

I kicked his butt. I didn’t know dad was approaching.

His room is along this hallway.

Dad: the both of you stop that let me pass

We both looked at him. He was wearing his office cloths and was carrying a suitcase

Me: welcome dad

I rushed to him and took his suitcase

Anibe stood up and bowed

Anibe: welcome sir

Dad: why were you two doing that?

I know he knows we were playing but he’s usually the questioning type of father though he’s not too harsh on us. But he’s harsh, sometimes

Me: Anibe fooled me

Anibe: no I didn’t.. I only told you what you wanted to hear

Dad: so who’s should I believe?

Anibe and I : me!

Dad chuckled and held my back

Dad: the both of you should go and wash my car. The black one.

Dad always makes us wash his car. No one else does that but us. He says it’s discipline

I smiled at Anibe who scratched his head. Dad walked towards his room and I followed him with the suitcase. I turned and gave Anibe a tongues out

He chuckled and went back to Chubi’s room.

Dad opened the door and entered. Mom was arranging some clothes. He went to her

Dad: Gracious

I wonder why Dad calls her Gracious. Is it that he doesn’t like one syllable names

His own name is Samuel, three syllables
Then Anibe, three syllables
Then, Ojonugwa. Followed by Chubiyojo. Both are four syllables

And mom had to be Grace. Just Grace

Mom: welcome back dear

He pecked her forehead.
Okay, that was cute.

I can’t believe mom wrote his name on a calender.

Mom: Unugwa… You’re awake
Me: yes mom

Mom: I made some cupcakes… I hid yours in the fifth cupboard

Me: thanks

I dropped the suitcase on dad’s desk and left the room. As I was walking down the hallway, I took a turn to my own hallway, heading for my room when I bumped into a maid

Me: oh I’m sorry
Maid: I’m sorry too. I was just looking for you

Me: why?
Maid: there’s a handsome white boy waiting for you in the living room. He said he’s your classmate

Me: ohh… Uhm, thanks. Can you please tell him to wait for me. I’ll be down soon

Maid: okay I will

I smiled and she left. I hurried to my room. Quickly took a shower and tied my hair in two bunches.

I wore a pink dress and wore pink fluffy slippers.
I didn’t even think of who it could be

It might still be Daniel

I walked out of the room with my phone and gently walked down the stairs.

It was Andy. I stopped walking immediately because I felt my heart leaping.
I swallowed hard and did the sign of the cross then called him

Me: Andrew…

He looked up at me, smiled and stood up

Andy : hey
I walked closer to him and gave him a hand shake. Our hands lingered and our fingers refused to unlock.

I don’t know if I’m the cause. Or he’s the cause. Or we’re the cause of the lingering

Me: what brings you here?
Andy: uh I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to see you. And even if I see you tomorrow, we won’t talk. So… I had to come

Me: awwwn

Oops! That was not supposed to come out

Me: uhm you’re welcome here

Then my grandma came in from the back of the house

Grandma : wow, who do we have here?

Me: grandma! I want you to meet my friend

I held his hand and gently pulled him forward

Me: his name is Andrew. Andrew, meet my grand mother

Andy bowed his head and raised it

Andy: it’s nice to meet you grandma

Grandma: oh it’s nice to meet you too dear. I like the way you quickly called me grandma and not ma’am. It means you’re a free type.

I smiled at him and he returned the smile. She held his hand

Grandma : come.. Let’s go to the pool room and I’ll tell you both a story of how I met my husband

I chuckled and followed them.

This is gonna be a long but fun time
To Be Continued
Written by Hossy

This type of grandma was made in Dubai

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