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“What exactly is wrong with you?” Khaleed said to Aysh when they finally got to the hospital. She was now sitting on her bed in the private ward while he was standing in front of her.
“I just wanted them to know i’m not dead” Aysh answered frustrated.
“Without thinking of yourself first? Are you that foolish? You aren’t true with your treatments and you think you can just leave? And i remembered telling you some people were after your life. If you don’t pity yourself then pity your unborn child” Khaleed said with annoyance.
“Unborn child?” She asked suprised.
“Of course,you aren’t even__” He started but was cut short by her.
“Wait!! I’m pregnant?” Khaleed was surprised at her question. “You don’t know?” He asked. Now he was thinkig she was really a psych.
Her hand went straight to her tummy. She was pregnant for Kabir the same person that duped her. She wasn’t going to forgive him. She will make sure she gets back at him and also find the person that tried to kill her.
“See,you just have to hang in here till you’re discharged then we can talk better. We really have to talk” Khaleed said breaking her from her thoughts.
“Thanks for everything….” She stopped realizing she didn’t even know his name. “Khaleed Benson” He helped her.
It’s been almost two months after Ayesha’s accident,the police already declared her dead and Kabir didn’t know why he felt she was still alive. He had kept Pluto with him everytime thinking he could help in smelling her out but everything was in vain ’cause Pluto was also still grieving for her loss.
Mr Moon was with him in his office,they were both going through the files of the company they wanted to invest in,but he didn’t focus on it. He was thinking of why his father has not officially announced him as the chairman of the company yet. Afterall,he helped the company to the regain it’s lost glory which he hurted the person he loved the most in the process. He was still deep in thoughts when he heard Mr Moon’s voice. “Mr Dalvetti,i don’t think Pluto is feeling too well and Mr Sherman called today saying we should return their dog” He said.
“We can’t give them the dog now. It will help us in getting where Aysh might be” Kabir said.
“That’s what you’ve been saying for the past two months and we still haven’t found her. Why don’t you just admit she’s dead” Mr Moon said.
“Aysh is not dead,Mr Moon. Her body was not found so we can’t conclude she’s dead yet”
“But if she’s alive she would have come to see her family or even you,but she hasn’t showed up so let’s admit she’s gone” Mr Moon said.
“Don’t just give them the dog,take it to the vet have him admitted. If it relate with other dogs maybe it can be cheerful once again” Kabir said dismissing Mr Moon.
He believed Aysh was not dead since her body was not found and he was determined to find her no matter what it takes.
Two days later Aysh was discharged with drugs and was asked to be coming after each week for check ups because it was not yet guaranteed that the baby would survive. She and Khaleed had talked in the hospital and she told him everything about her including her relationship with Kabir and how she wanted him to pay as well as the person that was putting her life in danger. Khaleed also told her how he was related to the Dalvetti’s and how he wanted them to pay for what was done to him and his mother. He took Aysh to his house and introduced her to all his workers as her fiancee. He knew Aysh was shocked about his announcement but he was going to tell her his plans over dinner. He showed her to her room and also told her to prepare for the dinner at eight while he also went to prepare for dinner.
After she was left alone,she scanned through her bedroom which was well furnished with blue decor. She also strolled to her dressing room which was filled with different types of clothes,shoes,bags and accessories. Looking at his house she knew he was very rich. She went over to her bathroom and had her shower,after she was through she went over to the dressing room and put on a pink off shoulder gown and slipped her leg into a white flip-flop. The doctor had told her to be careful with her dressing so she won’t hurt the baby which is now very delicate due to the severity of the accident. The truth is she didn’t even know why she was keeping the baby. She went over to one of her drawer to check for a wrist watch and she found a gold one. Did he really prepare all this things for her? He really knows how to take care of a lady. Does he have a girlfriend? All this thoughts ran across her mind as she checked herself out in the mirror. After checking herself out she headed to the dinning room. When she got there Khaleed was already waiting for her. “You’re ten minutes late” Khaleed told her after she took her seat.
“Sorry about that” Aysh said apologetically.
“Shall we?” Khaleed said pointing to the food and Aysh nodded. After that,they ate in silence. After they were done eating one of the maids went over to pack the dishes from their fronts and served them desserts.
“So what’s your plan?” Aysh said breaking the silence.
“From look of things,we are on the same lane. You want to get your revenge on the son,i want his parents to pay,so i brought up a plan” He explained.
“Does it have anything to do with you calling me your faincee to your workers?” She asked.
“So,what’s the plan?”
“You’re going to change your name since your face is also changed. Everyone believe you are dead”
“To?” Aysh asked.
“Adsh. Adsh Scanlon and you’re now my fiancee” Khaleed said.
“But what does it have to do with getting my revenge?” Aysh asked.
“Everything. My father’s butler has been disturbing me that my father wants to see me,if i show up with a pregnant fiancee,isn’t it going to be a good news? At least Kabir isn’t the first son and doesn’t have a child yet,so i have all the rights to be the heir then with that we can get enough money and leave them wretched” Khaleed explained.
“That’s a good idea but what of the person that tried to kill me,aren’t we going to get him too” Aysh asked since that was what she really wanted.
“Of course,we are going to get him. At least we have suspects” Khaleed said.
“And who are they?”
“It could be Kabir,Gage or his father,that man is a very corrupt politician”
“It can’t be Kabir. He can’t hurt me”
“But he can dupe you? When he duped you he also hurted you in the process,so get your mind straight. This is not the time of emotions” Khaleed said. “So Adsh,are you in?” Khaleed asked.
“Adsh?” Ayesha asked surprised.
“Of course,Adsh. You need to get used to your new name. That’s what i will call you now as well as my workers” Khaleed said.
“Sure,am in” Adsh said.
“So finish up your desserts and get some sleep for the safety of the baby” Khaleed said.
Oh the baby-She had almost forgotten about it. She was even feeling dizzy,so she finished up her desserts,told Khaleed goodnight and went to her bedroom. She changed to her silk night gown and climbed her queen sized bed. She started thinking about her new life as Adsh Scanlon,as Khaleed fiancee and becoming a mother. She wasn’t going to allow Kabir know she was alive. She was going to behave well to Khaleed since he saved her life. She was going to make Kabir pay for all what he did to her. But she wasn’t sure she wanted to hurt him now that she was carrying his baby. She knew that no matter how she run away from him one day their child was going to ask for his father and what was she going to tell him? She knew the baby might be a barrier for her revenge so she was contemplating on how to get rid of the baby. She hit her head in frustration as she turned over again on the bed-now lying on her stomach.
“The doctor advised you not to sleep like that” She heard Khaleed’s voice at the doorway,she quickly turned her head to check him well.
“What are you doing here?” She asked.
“For the short time i’ve known you,i realized that you are a very stubborn type. So,if you don’t mind can you change to the position the doctor asked you to sleep?” Khaleed said. She didn’t have any choice but to change back since she didn’t want to hurt the baby. Not now.
“Goodnight” Khaleed said as he switched off the light and left the room.
Kabir believes she’s not dead. Will he be able to find her,now that she has a new name and face? And why has Mason refused to make Kabir the chairman? And Khaleed,what do you guys think about him.
So I’m not really the type that gives conditions before posting the next chapter but can you guys improve on your comments.🤗

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  1. I believe adsh can't hurt Kabir because he didn't do her bad. Besides she didn't give him the chance to explain his reasoning of becoming his PA

    Please try posting at least 2 episodes every day

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