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“Doctor King,how come she hasn’t woken up? At least the surgery was successful,so what’s up with her?” Khaleed asked doctor King when he went to check on Aysh like he has been doing everyday since he works in the same hospital.
“Khaleed,you need to calm down,she’s going to wake up but i don’t know when. The only thing i’m afraid of is that if she doesn’t wake up sooner,she is going to loose the baby” Doctor King explained.
“The foetus is alive?” Khaleed asked surprised. He hadn’t expected the child to be alive.
“It’s XX,you know how strong they can be and we are also trying our very best for it. We don’t know if she wants the baby and looks like the baby is also bent on living”
“Can i see her again?”
“Sure,let me escort you” Doctor King said directing him to the door. When they got to Ayeha private ward,Khaleed was sorry for her. Her face and the left side of her body was bandaged and there was an oxygen pipe leading to her nose. There was also another pipe connected to her stomach for the baby.
“As she is,she can hear what you’re saying but won’t be able to react” Doctor King said.
“Okay,i will like to have a private talk with her” Khaleed said as he watched doctor King leave the ward then turned back to the unconscious Aysh. “Hey,you. You really don’t want to wake up right? So funny” He said scoffing. “All i have to tell you is that my money is wasting on you and i will give you just three days to wake up and if you don’t i will have no choice than to order doctor King to switch off the life support machine. And you have to wake up for your baby,we also need to talk” Khaleed said to the unconcious Aysh. He waited for two minutes to see if anything was going to happen. After he saw that there was no reaction from her he decided to leave. As he was turning he saw her index finger move he turned back immediately. Shocked.
“Did that just move?” He asked her. “Come on move it again” He said to her and she moved it again-twice.
“Wow,that’s an improvement” He concluded and headed back to doctor King’s office.
“I talked to her” He said to doctor King as he entered his office. “I told her i was going to ask you to switch off the life support if she doesn’t wake up soon and she moved a finger. I guess she doesn’t want to die at the same time he doesn’t want to wake up” He concluded.
“That’s not a nice word to say to someone in comma” Doctor King said.
“Who cares? At least i got her to move a finger. I should have told her that a long time ago,she might have been awake by now”
“We’re going to remove the bandage on her body today then leave the one in her face till when she wakes up” Doctor King explained.
“Do anything you like,all i know is that i want her to be awake sooner”
Two days later,Khaleed was in doctor King’s office when a nurse ran in. “The patient in the private ward is awake” She announced.
“What?” Khaleed and doctor King sprang up in surprise.
“I don’t know what’s wrong with her,she has been struggling to remove the bandage from her face. I told the securities to hold her down while i come to get you” She explained.
Doctor King and Khaleed ran out of the office towards Aysh ward. As they got there they saw two securities holding Aysh down with her hands and she was struggling with them. Doctor King went over to talk to her before removing the bandage. “Listen Aysh calm down,” He said with a cool voice in attempt to calm her down which she did. He continued when she had finally calmed down. “You are going to meet the greatest shock of your life if this bandage is removed from your face. You are no more who you are but a changed person and you really have to cope with it” He concluded as he asked a nurse to remove the bandage and another to get a big mirror. The bandage was removed from her face the nurse went to stand at her front with the mirror.
She was shocked at what she saw. She was indeed a changed person and was more beautiful than before. She knew she was involved in an accident and her car exploded. It was when the car was somersaulting she lost conciousness and now she woke up to be a changed person. “How did it happen?” She asked,whispering and touching her face.
“You got involved in a very fatal accident and my friend here saved you so i will leave the both of you to talk and get to know each other better” Doctor King said as he and his crew left the ward.
“You were the one who saved me?” Aysh asked facing Khaleed.
“Yes” Khaleed answered feeling on top of the world.
“Why?” Aysh asked.
“What?” Khaleed said surprised.
“Why did you save me?” Aysh asked again.
“Come on. I couldn’t leave you to die in there. It was too dangerous,i just had to save you”
“You shouldn’t have”
“I’m not here for this. You are just waking up and you need to rest. You don’t have to go anywhere cause i did some investigations on your car and found out your brake was tampered with which means some people are after your life and they might still be out there so you need to lie low here for the main time till i find out what to do with you” Khaleed said as he left the ward.
That ungrateful fool,she couldn’t even offer a thank you for saving her life,she’s still questioning me-Khaleed thought as he walked back to Doctor King’s office.
Some minutes later Kabir was about to leave Doctor King’s office when a nurse ran in. “The patient in the private ward disappeared” The nurse said panting.
“What?!!” Khaleed and the doctor exclaimed.
“She left this note for you” She said stretching a note to Khaleed which he snatched from her. It read: Thanks for giving me another chance.
“That fool” Khaleed muttered out.
Ayesha knows she wasn’t right to leave without talking to her saviour but she just had to leave,she couldn’t stay locked in an hospital room doing nothing. She was going to show everyone she was alive. She had escaped from the hospital with the hospital gown still on her. She headed to her parent’s house. She was going to tell them she wasn’t dead.
Ford and Betty were having lunch when they started hearing noises from outside the mansion. “What’s going on outside?” Betty asked Jasper.
“I don’t know,let me find out” Jasper said leaving the dinning to check on what was going on outside. The noise was getting closer when Ford and Betty decided to check on what was going on themselves. When they got outside,they met a lady in an hospital gown struggling with the securities. The place was in chaos. “Stop everyone” Ford commanded.
That was when Aysh saw her parents. She ran out of the securities grip to hug her mother. She felt the way her mother was pushing her away but she wouldn’t relent. “Mum,i’m alive” She said. Everyone was surprised at her outburst.
“Get your hand off my wife you mad woman” Ford said pushing her away from his wife.
“Dad,it’s me,Aysh. Let’s go inside and i will tell you all what happened. I didn’t die” Aysh said near tears.
“I won’t go in there with a psych” Ford said.
“I will explain dad,just give me little out of your time and i will tell you everything”
“You know what Jasper,call the police that an escapee from a psychiatric hospital invaded my house,make them take her away” Betty instructed.
“Mum,i won’t leave this place if you don’t listen to me” Aysh said.
“I know,that’s why the police are on their way” Betty said as she took her husband’s hand and led him back to the house. Aysh was screaming and threatening she was going to burn down the house if noone listen to her. Not less than three minutes the police were there and they took Aysh away while the inspector came inside to see the Sherman couple.
“I understand how you feel but,” The inspector said to them when he got inside. “But i don’t want you to be deceived. Now that your daughter is dead,a lot of people will come to claim they know where she is or they are your daughter. It’s either to extort money from you or to become your heiress but Aysh is dead” The inspector told them.
“Thanks so much inspector. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me and my wife. I will be careful” Ford told the inspector.
“Okay,i will leave now” The inspector said as he turned to leave the house.
Khaleed didn’t know where to find her. She had been a fool for leaving the safety of the hospital still on the hospital gown. People would think she’s psych. He decided to put a call through to his police friend. “Vincent this is Khaleed” Khaleed said to him after he picked up on the fourth ring.
“Hey what’s up with you?” Vincent said.
“Vincent,i need your help. I found some sick girl and took her to the hospital i’m working at and no she’s no where to be found” Khaleed lied trying to hide Aysh real identity. “She’s gone with the hospital gown” He concluded.
“Is it the girl you are worried about or the hospital gown?” Vincent asked.
“Come on Vincent,this is no joke” Khaleed answered.
“Okay,fine” Vincent said. “The inspector brought a lady in just now,he said the lady claimed she’s the dead AYSH GROUP hieress. She’s putting on an hospital gown too so i think she’s the one you are looking for” Vincent explained.
“She is the one” Khaleed answered eagerly.
“Where did you find the psych? She’s so stubborn”
“She is not Psych,she’s just frustrated. I will be with you in a minute”
“Please do,i can’t wait to get her out of the station” Vincent said ending the call.
Khaleed ran to the car and sped to the police station. When he got there he met her in the detention room looking like a lost puppy. He later paid for her bail and took her back to the hospital. During the long ride back to the hospital,they didn’t talk to each other.
When we get back to the hospital,i’m going to cuff her to the bed post-Khaleed thought to himself.
😊 Ayesha oo.
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  1. At least you would have shown your readers the effort her parent made to find her and her dog after the accident, or do they just believe that the both of them burnt to ashes? Good story, but also know that you have matured and serious readers.

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