Roses and Thorns

Roses and Thorns – Episodes 36

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The stalker parked his car at the end of the motorable road. He hijacked Melody and placed her on his shoulder walking deeper into the bush or rather forest, his face radiated with too much happiness. finally, he got to the cottage and fetched the key from his pocket unlocking the door, he left the door ajar moving towards the bed at the far end of the room. The room was small but well furnished, the only thing lacking was a television and other electrical gadgets, a toilet was built inside the room, two sofas and a table added to the beautification of the room. He threw Melody on the bed and pulled his shirt leaving himself bare from the waist up. He went to lock the door and sat on one of the sofas and admired his new victim with a smile.

“I am finally going to have my way with you” he grinned so hard that his lips almost joined with his cheeks. “Two more minutes to go” he said looking at his wrist watch “one more minute to go” he said again staring at Melody. “Boom, it is time to wake up” he said finally and Melody’s eyes flew open immediately.

“Welcome back” he chuckled.

“Please, don’t do anything to me, let me go” Melody pleaded.

“Oh no dear, nobody meets the beast and goes home alive” he stood up and pulled his jean trouser, the only clothe on his body was his boxers. He walked to the table and cracked his neck.

“Which of the tools should i use on you?” he asked backing Melody. She strained her eyes and almost screamed as she saw different types of apparatus laying on the table. A rope, a big kitchen knife, a scissors, a gun and a bottle of sniper, she started crying.

“Please sir, am sorry for anything i might have done to you unknowingly, please forgive me and let me go” she clasped her hands together and knelt down on the bed.

“You didn’t do anything to me, silly, my father did” he replied not turning around to look at her.

“Your father? but how then does it concern me? your father should be suffering and not me” she said sniffing.

“The old man already paid for what he did to me, i killed him twice” he boasted.

“Please let me go, i beg you in the name of God” she said rubbing her clasped hands together.

“God?” he laughed throwing his head backwards and turned around walking towards her with the scissors and the big kitchen knife ” There is no God, you fool” he climbed the bed and pushed her down. He started cutting her top with the scissors, he cut it open and stared lustfully at her breast covered in a pink bra, he grabbed one of it and moaned.

Melody shrieked and slapped him across his cheek and covered her breast with her cut cloth. He laughed while holding his cheek.

“I love it when you all struggle and inflict pain on me, it turns me on the more” he groaned.

“Please, don’t do this, how much do you want? my boyfriend can give you any amount you want, just don’t rape me please, am still a virgin and i don’t want to lose it this way” the tears started pouring in torrent.

“Wow, i will be the first to go in there?, that will be splendid” he said with a grin. With the scissors in his hand, he cut her bra from the center and her breast stared bare at him. He grabbed it again and gave it a squeeze. Melody shrieked loudly and bit his forehead.

He glared at her, got up from the bed and walked towards the table, he picked the rope and went back to the bed, Melody jumped down from the bed and tried to run away, he dragged her back and pushed her to the bed, bringing her hands together, he raised it up above her head and tied them together with the rope. He smiled, moved away from the bed and pulled down his boxers, his rooster sprang up pointing at his victim laying down on the bed. Melody gasped in fear and tried to move away from the bed.

“You like what you see right?” he smirked climbing the bed again. Melody shook her head and tears poured the more. He placed his mouth on one of her nipples and caressed the other one. she closed her eyes as shame flashed across her cheeks.

“Please, don’t do this to me, don’t take my pride away, i suffered to keep it till this point” she muttered weakly.

He ignored her and took his right hand to her shorts handling with the zip, Melody wriggled and screamed her lungs out. He pulled the short completely and groaned staring at her black pant and within a jiffy, the pant was peeled off her waist and went down the bed. He hurriedly parted her legs and knelt between, positioning his hard member ready to thrust into her.

“Joel, where are you? please come right now and save me from this night mare” she said almost in a whisper, she was already weak from shouting too much. Then she felt the pain, he had already thrusted and broken her hymen, she screamed, tears never stopped pouring.

“He thrusted and groaned and moaned, after a few minutes, he started shaking and poured his semen right into her. He sighed and withdrew his shaft, it had gone limp. He stared down on the bed sheet, it was stained with blood, he grinned, staring at her, she laid down weakly and was staring into space. He picked the knife beside her head on the bed and with grief in his eyes, he stabbed her on the belly, she winced, he stabbed her again and rejoiced as the blood gushed out. He looked at her, her already closed eyes gave him the impression that she was dead. He wore the short back on her and covered her breast with the cut cloth.

He wore his clothes and carried her in a bridal style and off he left the cottage in search of where to dump her body.


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  1. I love that
    A stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave
    Next time she will listen
    Stupid girl
    That's why so many girls lose the most important guy or man in their lives because they want to have their way

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