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Revenge episode 5(contd)

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The fox headquarter,

Agent Mike quickly put a call through agent Alex the collegue to rex and Eric.he was however expecting a call from the president on Cole’s health but he couldn’t find Cole nor pickings his calls.


The call was picked at first ring.

“Hey agent I need you to trace rex and Eric for me right now,and report to my office immediately.”he quietly put down his phone after receiving positive response from alex.his phone rang aloud but was shocked to see who was calling.”the boss”.





Grand forest, 2:21am

Cole quickly took one of the thug gun and quickly fired a bullet at the soldiers coming closer.the bullet pierced at the heart of the soldier and he fell down lifelessy.

But a machine gun was directed to their hideout making it difficult for them to have a clear shots.



Rex and Eric with the team quickly held their gun in formation and walk towards the gate Helena was the first to spot the truck she quickly took out the guard with one shot attached to silencer to his heart and proceeded towards the building with the rest of the team.



The shooting ceased for a while as three of the soldier steeped forward to take a look at Cole and Carl who was lying down like a lifeless being.

“I think they are de……,before they could finish the statement three bullet pierced through their skull.

Clos quickly got up and shoot directly at the machine guy head who fell lifelessly on the ground he was about shooting the soldier coming towards him with his fist but he threw the gun away and quickly moved towards the soldiers getting his fist ready.



Rex however when he noticed Cole was being involved in a fist fight with the soldiers quickly gave the teams order to rush in and shoot any soldiers at sight.




Carl Dodge a punch from a soldiers and sent him a uppercut and followed immediately with a punched to his face and drove a knife into the neck of the soldier.

One of the soldiers rushed at him with blows,but Carl dodged easily with his fist and sent a kick to his groin and followed with a jab on his belly making the soldier stagger backward he however quickly followed with kick but missed as the soldier dodge and sent a punch at him which he dodge also.



max slammed one of the soldiers at his back on the truck and quickly followed with a kick to the chest of another coming towards him and sent two puches to the one he held at the truck however he was not fast enough as the soldier was able to grabbed him by the waist and threw him to the ground making max fall completely to the ground two punches was sent to him as he fell back down again but quickly got up to meet a kick at his face making him stagger backward the soldier however followed immediately with kick sent to his chest but max was able to grab his leg and gave the soldier a scissors kick making the soldiers stagger backward and quickly followed with a punch but was cut shot by the rains of blow from another soldier.



Helena with all her ability was able to take down 4 of the soldiers and quickly fired multiple shot at their bodies



Victoria was at a spot shooting at any soldiers who comes her way and kicking thier butt also.


Rex and Eric was able to bring down 16 soldiers in total



“Agent I think “the boss” is her with monsters.”Chris sounded in his ears.

“What do have mean by monster”rex asked him.

“She brought some thugs and some animals that looked like a lion or some sort”.

Rex was still trying to figure out what was happening when he saw whom he has been looking for in years.his one and only sister, ALLISON.



To be continued on monday.

Sorry guys I won’t be able to update this weekend because of my school.thanks for your comment.

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