Revenge episode 5

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 Grand forest,

Cole eyes popped out as he saw who was standing before him,his father’s maid

“Good to see you Cole”Allison said to him.

But he kept mute boiling with rage and anger written all over him.

“You don’t have to be angry Cole,your father deserve to die no big deal.

With rage Cole gave an uppercut to the thug holding him and sent a jab to his belly making the thug stagger backward he however followed with kick on his chest.

With speed he brought out his gun and shot three bullet to three of the thugs.he quickly directed the gun to Allison but she quickly kicked it away and threw a punch at him which he blocked with his fist.

Dave and khalid and realising what happening quickly brought out their gun to shoot at Cole but he was faster as he directed a bullet to them but missed narrowly as Dave dodge.

In the middle of the fight Cole was able to take out eighteen of the thug with jabbing,punching and kicking resulting to breaking of bones.

One of the thug quickly brought out is gun to shoot at Cole but was shocked to see Carl held him in his hand sending him two straight punch on the face and a kick to his chest making him falling with his butt.

Dave and khalid was still confuse on what to do but was caught by a bullet from carl,they quickly took cover and shoot at the direction of Carl though they haven’t seen him clearly.

Cole sent a kick to the belly of a muscular man and quickly swerved to dodge a punch by a skinny man and quickly sent a heavy blow to his face and landed two kick on his chin he dragged his hand and sent him two more jab on his belly making the man scream as he fell down killed with pain

The muscular man was walking towards him but received a bullet on his head.


Allison was enjoying the fight but her mood changed when she saw Carl fighting against her man.

She however was not surprise because she was expecting the betrayal from him for a long time. She brought out her gun and called khalid.

“Retreat immediately we deal with him later,Carl has betrayed us”

“No boss let me finish the idiots”khalid replied.

“Just retreat immediately you jerk”she replied him in rage and cut the call.she however wasn’t ready for a fight.she do things her own way that why she’s called “the boss”.

A total of fifty two thug was brought down by Cole and Carl but the due seems not to be giving eachother attention as the fight was tense but they came out stronger defeating all their opponent with their fists.



Khalid was pissed at the boss suggestion for the to retreat but Dave was less pissed.he made a mistake for not killing Carl when he had the opportunity but he wasn’t bothered for he knew his weakness.

Alison smiled because she knew victories will be here soon.









Bema street,

Rex dailed Cole number for the upteenth time without getting any response as all the team assembled before him waiting for Cole.

“I don’t know what delaying him”Eric said to him getting pissed already.

“He might be with the chairman”rex eplied him.

For the past two hours of waiting Victoria one of the team walk up to them,

“He might be in the grand forest having a party with the so called “boss”I was once a member of the gang before leaving and Cole has been our number one target”she explain to them.

Rex squinted at her and said to her

“Get prepared everybody”.he said to them aloud and open a secret room where weapons are kept.

“Take the one you can use and Chris keep us updated you will use the control room at the left side of the room”.

“Yes sir”Chris answered and quickly rushed to the control room to begin.

Helena,max and Victoria all set out leaving Chris and esther behind.





“Hey Cole, believe me I never killed your father,I was framed for it cos of my unwillingness to join them”Carl explain.

But Cole was finding it difficult to believe.

“Then why did you come after me at the hospital.

“I had to do it cos she has my wife and mother in her custody”he replied.


He was yet to speak when loads of truck arrived with a hundred of tough looking soldiers ready to devour it enemies.

“Action time,Cole said to Carl has they quickly took cover of the raining bullet coming towards them






To be continued,

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