Revenge episode 4 written by onyeprince

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 Fox headquarter

The fox chairman was relieved on seeing cole.he was lost in his thought when agent rex and eric walked inside with Cole coming slowly to him.

” Sir I’m sorry for the loss of our fox trainee,they came to us unexpectedly” rex began apologizing to the fox chairman.

“It ok rex,calm down we still got a lot of work to do.cole I need to see you in my residence tonight”

“no problem sir”Cole replied


At bema hill,

Moaning and pressure filled the atmosphere as khalid with a loud thrust ended the activities with a prostitutes and pushed her away from him.he took his phone and dailed Dave number,the call was picked at first ring.

“Any news on Cole yet”he asked immediately after it has been answered

“Damn you man,our plan failed again he killed scar before I could get to him,they were actually prepared for us.

“I need to see you man,meet me ath the hotel close to the hill,he quickly cut the call before Dave could answer picked-up his cloth and car key and left the room




“Carl”Dave voice woke him up.he had slept off while playing a video game.

“Dave”he said and got up to his feet as he saw Dave coming towards him.dave was clad with with a black short and a white top with sneakers beneath his feet.

“Where are you going man”Carl asked

“Khalid send for me I will be right back”,he quickly hurried out of the door leaving a confused Carl wondering.

He quickly dailed agent Barnes number and the call was picked at first ring.

“Hey Carl wat the hell are you”.

“I need you to help me clear the records of my visit to the hospital,I wish I could explain things to Cole he deserve to know the truth”.

“Take things easy Carl, he’s gonna find it hard to believe you remember.

“I know but please help me clear the footage of my visit to the hospital,I was actually going to rescue him from the boss and Dave,”Carl said.

“No problem man I got your back on this one”.agent Barnes replied.

“Thanks” Carl said and cut the call,he was disappointed in himself,he wanted his own mission to be fufilled but ended up facing his own best friend.he hopeed in his heart Cole will listen to him.





Cole residence,

Cole arrived in his house and was about getting down from his car when he met a gun pointed at him through the window.

“Get down now”Dave commanded him.

He was yet to figure out what was going on when khalid pointed a machine gun at me

“Get your ass down here man and don’t try anything stupid or else I will pieces your bodies with this.

Cole slowly get down from the car and was faced with about twenty thugs all pointing their guns at him.

Location;San Jose arena.

Max,Esther,Helena,Victoria and Chris all assembled in front of rex and Eric.

They however felt some delight as they would be working with one of the most influential man In the country,Cole.

“Cole will be having a meeting with you guys tomorrow night and I need to inform you guys that no emmotions allowed in this mission and if you know you can’t be able to continue with this mission you can back out.and if any of you should dare betray us,your family will pay the price of your betrayal”.rex briefly address them before dismissing them.

“Can we trust this guys”Eric said to him


“Trust me Eric,I don’t choose foolishly remember”rex replied.

Eric nodded in silence before leaving rex behind.




Grand forest;

“Easy man”Cole said irritatinly to the thug rough handling him as he was led on foot to a thick forest where the title “the boss” was written boldly on the entrance of the camp.

Two huge muscular men came out with a beautiful young lady clad with all black



Cole eyes popped out as he met the shock of his life,standing before him was the maid of his own father house.



To be continued,

Sorry for the short updates guys


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