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My Heartthrob – Episode 34

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My Heartthrob

(You will love me back)
©️Author Bella
Chapter Thirty Four
(Quarter finalle)
Taylor’s Pov
I don’t think I’ve ever seen mason this furious, His veins were poped out and his demiture looked like someone that couple killed, his tone alone sent shivers down my spine and I only wanted to calm him down because I really hated this side of mason Kendall, he kept walking angrily back to where we came from as I followed like a lost sheep.

“Mason please don’t wait… I screamed after him trying to catch up with him.

“It’s better if you stayed away Taylor it’s for your own good… He said coldly.

“I’m not staying away… I said firmly.

“Taylor you better leave now..

“That strong and cold voice isn’t gonna work on me mason I ain’t leaving… I said raising my own voice.

“Then stay here… He said he walking off.

“Mason please wait… I said running after him.

“What Taylor..

“Please OK just listen to me, this isn’t gonna change anything getting angry isn’t helpful right now so please calm down.

“But he has no fuvking right to just walt back into our lives and mum she just forgives him after all the scars after all the sleepless nights filled with tears as I listened from my bed room window, fvck he had no right to do that, my father is dead that man is there is a monster… He said furiously.

“Mason please trust me I understand.

“How could you possible understand taylor.

“How do you think I felt all theses years with Shawn, the embarrassment the tears huh you think it isn’t the same but it’s exactly like it mason not matter how you put it I understand but please calm down this isn’t really gonna help please mason… I said hugging him noticing his breathing was Really heavy.


“Shh… I said shutting him up with a kiss.

“Not but mason just calm down please and promise me you’ll hear him out.

“Hell no!… He exclaimed .

“Mason please… I said holding him close.

“But I can’t I don’t want to Taylor.

“Ugh you’re being stubborn mason.

“But I’m scared of what I’ll do if I get close to him.


“Come with me please… He said as I sighed.

“I promise I’ll drop you off immediately but please I don’t wanna stay in that house alone with them please… He said as I sighed deeply.

“Alright let’s go… I said as he smiled a little.

“Let’s go grab my bike… He said holding my hand squeezing it lightly.

“Alright… I said leaning into him.

We got to where he parked the bike and I couldn’t help but blush thinking about the kiss, I don’t think I could ever forget that kiss not in a life time.

“You’re getting nervous… I said as we got closer to the bike.

“He just shows up after years and am expected to welcome him with open arms… He said scoffing.

“Mason you promised.

“Alright let’s see what He had to say but he shouldn’t expect me to treat him like the father he could never he.

“Let’s just hear him out mason you don’t have to talk to him just hear him out, if there’s one thing I’ve Learned things aren’t always what they seem, so we should always be open to new ideas because the more you think about it the more you realize that you can’t stop caring about someone you just wanna replace that care with hatred it’s easier to hate than love… I said as he hugged me tightly.

“Thank you… He said huskily.

“You can pay me in kisses… I said grinning.

“Now that you mention it we could skip this hearing out stop and get right to making out… He said licking his lips as I blushed.

“Tempting offer but it’s not gonna work one bit you’re talking to him now get your ass on that bike.

“I was sure that was gonna work for sure,but bossy you is so sexy… He said as I gasped.

“Quit stalling Kendal let’s go… He said getting on resting on his bike.

“Argg do I have to… He said groaning.

“Common big baby… I said chuckling as he groaned once more before driving off.


The bike came to a halt at his house as he came down slowly sighing.

“You know am only doing this because of you…

“I know… I said leaning in holding him tightly.

“Let’s see what my old man has to say… He said sarcastically as I glared.


“What… He said groaning.

“Let’s just go inside… I said as we both walked in slowly.

“He’ll be back… I heard a voice from inside say.

“Oh mason… His mum said as mason rolled his eyes.

“Thank you Taylor… She said as I nodded slowly.

I can’t help but notice the striking resemblance he looks just like his father.
I could feel masons hand on mine as he squeezed even tighter probably trying to keep his cool as I silently prayed for things to go well.

“I’m glad you’re back… His dad said as Annabelle walked down the stairs.

“You’re home.

“Yeah… She said standing beside mason folding her arms.

“Please tell me you’re not on team runaway dad… She said as I sighed.

“Hell no.

“If he thinks he can leave us like we’re trash and come back he’s mistaken… She said glaring.

“I didn’t leave Anna.

“Don’t call me that!… Only those who are close to me have the freaking right to call me that.

“Mind your tongue he’s your father…

“No mom he’s not I may have been little but mason wasn’t you weren’t I see the scars mum I’m not stupid I’ve heard story this man ain’t fit to be called my father… She said sniffling.

“I know you all are angry at me you have every right but please just listen first… He said looking down casted.

“Listen to more lies or let you into our lives so you can live again no! I’m never gonna let myself be that vulnerable please just go back to the hole you crawled out of… She said running upstairs.

“Belle please wait… His mum screamer sighing deeply.

“You technically have five minutes before I have to drop the most important person in my life at home.

“You’ll listen

“Don’t think of it as anything, I’m only going this because of Taylor… He says as I smiled softly.

“I’ll use it properly I don’t even know how-to put it.

“290 seconds left please think fast… He said as I glared hard.

“I know I hurt you and your mum I know what I did was terrible, I know I agree like a monster fvck I know very well but I only come here to ask for your forgiveness after you left me I was wretched my life was a mess so eventually I picked myself up and decided to be better for you all I found a job and I finally built a reputable name for myself but I never stopped caring, I made sure you never lacked a thing I secretly made calls to the credit card company helping your mum in any way I could, I couldn’t show myself because I wasn’t sure how you would react and so I hide but fate showed me something else when my company had to sign a deal with the place your mum works, our paths crossed and I knew then and there I had to beg I begged for months not ready to give up I begged and I endured all the insults until finally she let me explain too ,mason you have every right to be mad at me but please don’t be angry at your mum all this time the only thing she wanted was for us to tell you and we were finally gonna do so today, I’m really sorry mason I really am I never meant to hurt you and your mum your sister included, God I would be such a fool to think you would forgive me but please at least let me back into your life I’m so so sorry… He said and I could swear I heard mason sniffle.

“Five minutes up… I’ll think about it… He said coldly.

“Thank you so much.

“Don’t expect much to me you still mean nothing its gonna take more than that to fill up the vacuum of your absence…. He said rolling his eyes.

“I intend to fill it all up.

“I’ll see about that.

“I’ll be gone by the time you get back.

“I think that would be best… Mason said as I silently followed him out of the house.


I stayed speechless as we both got on the bike while he droved me home slowly ,I didn’t want to speak 4th of him,i was rendered speechless by what just happened I mean it still feels like I’m dreaming or something.

“You’re mad aren’t you… He said sighing pulling over at my house.

“Nope I’m just speechless… I said giving him a quick peck.

“I’ll see you tomorrow please don’t think much about what just happened.

“My mind would be too pretty occupied about the kisses… He said as I blushed lightly.

“Bye mason.

“What no goodbye kiss… He said as I rolled my eyes kissing him lightly.

“Now for real bye… I said as he chuckled.

“Damn today was complicated… I thought sighing as I walked in.

“Kisses people returning scavenger hurt I kinda miss when all I had to worry about was trying to impress Shawn.

I really need someone to talk to I better call Jenny.
I took my phone about to dial her number when a call from Shawn came in.

“Hey am at your door open up… He said simply as I scoffed.

“Not even funny… I said walking towards the door opening it slightly shocked to see him standing there grinning.

“What the hell are you doing here… I said folding my hands hanging up.

“Why can’t I come to see you again.

“You really can’t what exactly do you want.

“I want you to be my girlfriend… He said as I Started laughing

“Fvck that has to be the joke of the century… I said holding my tummy.

“I’m not joking you’re obviously the prettiest girl in forcados we would make the perfect power couple.

“You can’t seriously think you’re the most handsome guy.

“I don’t think I know.

“Sorry to burst your bubble but you’re not.. I said giggling.

“You have to be kidding me if you think I’m not then who the hell is.

“Mason Kendal… I said giggling.

“You can’t seriously be serious.

“Now do I look like am joking look Shawn it’s a really tempting offer a month ago I would have said yes but now sorry to tell you but the only thing on my mind was the mind blowing kiss I had with mason.

“WTF!… He exclaimed no one says no to me.

“Oh yes I know but I ain’t saying no I’m just saying I’ll pass… I said smirking as his face went red.

“You have no idea how many girls want to be in this position.

“Then go ask them I have a kiss to think about… I said slamming the door shut on his face

“Oh and he’s a soooooooooooooooooo much better a kisser than you… I said giggling before closing the door once more locking it dancing upstairs feeling better as I jumped into bed

“But seriously that kiss… I thought batting the nails thinking of only mason.
To be continued

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