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My Heartthrob – Episode 33

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My Heartthrob

(You will love Me back)
©️Author Bella
Chapter Thirty Three
Taylor’s Pov
This is so unbelievable!.
I mean mason kissing me, in the freaking rain just like those cliche romance novels that seems real, I punished myself severally but nothing, which means I’m not dreaming this is 100 percent real and it’s 100 percent beautiful.
I can’t deny it anymore I’m not stupid, this can’t be mere attraction it’s so much bigger than that, I think am actually in love with him for real this time.
He makes me feel so safe and secure,i can boldly say he loves me for me and not the new and improved Taylor Hartthaway.
I couldn’t let go of him, I didn’t want to so I held on to him making sure our lips move in sync, the minute he bit on my lower lips again, I moaned in sheer pleasure, my stomach was in a turmoil I guess this is what they mean by butterflies, I could feel my knees weaken, his kisses were to die for, I won’t ever judge Sasha for not wanting to let go this is freaking amazing.

“Mason… I moaned softly my hands still cut up in his hair.

We were by far drenched Blythe rain but it was such a turn on because it made his hair wet and his lips  damn,i don’t wanna stop.
It seemed like we were thinking alike because the kiss was getting so much more intense, his groan is by far the most sexist I’ll ever heared and everything about it is so perfect right now.

“Taylor f**k… He cursed breaking the kiss as I looked at him angrily because the feeling in my stomach disappeared.

“f**k you’re gonna catch a cold… He said pulling me towards him hugging me tightly before taking us back to the shack.

“We really need to get out of here you’re gonna get sick because of me… He said running his hands through his hair as I blushed slightly.

“But we can’t in theses clothes though… Taylor you there… He said lifting my chin up as that feeling came back in full force.

“Hmm yeah… I said bitting my lower lip.

“Fuvk… Seriously don’t do that.

“Do what.

“That thing with your lips… It’s such a turn on and I wanna kiss you properly next time not when you can catch a cold.

“But you said you wanted to try kissing in the rain.

“I did… It was amazing… He said winking.

“But for next time I wanna do it properly.

“Next time… I said staring.

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“Umm…What am I even thinking you’re properly mad at me for kissing you like that I’m like the third guy who’s done that and I’m saying next time, sh*t! So so stupid… He said out loud.

“Shh… I said placing my finger on his lips.

“I really don’t know about you but… I said kissing the side of his lips slowly.

“I enjoyed that kiss and I’m so looking forward to next time… I said as he grabbing my waist possessively making me lock lips with him groaning.

“Now we need to get out of here… I said breaking the kiss giggling.

“Yeah how about your house… I added.

“Would you feel comfortable I don’t want you thinking that I…

“Shh… Let’s just go I’m freezing… I said as we walked towards his bike.

“The rain is still too heavy to drive.

“What should we do then.

“My house is like two minutes from here tops.

“Are you saying we should make a run for it

“Yeah I bet I’ll make it there before you.

“Oh you’re on… I said as he ran ahead while I trailed behind.


We got to his gate, drenched but giggling at the fun we just had in the rain, it was extremely interesting it’s been a really long time since I played in the rain and I have to admit that was pretty fun.

“Alright alright let’s go inside… He said as I giggled.

“I totally beat you here… I said as he opened the door.

“Yeah whatever… He said walking in as I chuckled walking behind him till we got to the door.

“My sister clothes should fit into you I’ll get you some inside… He said opening the door as I walked in.

I wasn’t expecting to be cage against the door by his arms as he started at me grinning.

“Now you were saying something about winning.

“Yeah…i did… I said trying not to pull him closer and kiss him.

“Hmm you sure about that… He said slowly moving closer his breath on my face.

“Umm yeah I’m pretty sure… I said my body wanting him.

“Why don’t I prove you wrong…he said smirking before latching his lips onto my neck.

“sh*t… Mason… I cursed as his tongue Flicked on my neck.

“I really don’t know why neck kisses have been such a turn on for me and what mason Kendall is doing right now is pure torture.

“Mason please… I screamed as he continued his sweet assault on my neck.

“Told you I’ll kiss you properly next time… He said softly as I held onto his neck moaning softly unable to bear the intense pleasure.

“So so sweet… He said kissing me on my lips lifting me off the ground lightly as I circled my legs on his waist.

I felt him moving me as he continued kissing on from my lips down to my neck, I was a panting and moaning mess as he carried me slowly into a room before I felt my back on something soft… A bed I guess.

“I’ll never get tired of telling you how pretty you are… He said as I blushed

“First We need to get you out of this cold clothes.. He said breaking the kiss.

“My sister’s room… Change into something ill be waiting for you in mine…He said softly leaving me On the bed before walking out.

“Fvck… I cursed loudly trying to calm my breathing.

I couldn’t think straight, the only thing that occupied my mind was that amazing kiss and then of course mason, I bit my fingernails thinking of him, what does this say about it, are we still gonna be friends or more than that, he kisses girls every day so would it be a normal thing or am I really special.
I shuddered a little because of the cold walking towards the closer trying to find something that would fit, eventually I was able to make out a simple dress and a three quarter jeans trouser since that was the only thing that was my size.
I carefully placed my wet clothes in a bag before closing her closet walking out of the room.
I headed straight to Mason’s room since I’ve been there before and without warning I twisted the knob as I walked in.

“sh*t am so sorry… I said looking away as he chuckled deeply.

“Common Taylor… I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’re seeing me shirtless… He said behind me.

“Yeah but umm… Could you just put your shirt on.

“Why…he said as I groaned.

“Just please put it on…

“Tell me why first.

“Well it’s really cold and you might get sick.

“Is that the reason.

“Yeah… I said sucking in a breath as he moved me hair to one side.

“You’re lying.. He said before kissing my neck.

“Now tell me the truth.

“But… That’s… The… Truth… I said stuttering unable to concentrate.

“Tell me… He said simply turning me around to face him.

“It distracts me and makes me imagine things OK.

“Things like what… He said grinning.

“Those are my thoughts.

“What are you wearing.

“Shorts.. These were all I could find… I said shrugging.

“No one else gets to see you in shorts okay… He said simply as I nodded slowly.

“Now please put a shirt on… I begged.

“Nope let’s go downstairs… He said placing his hands on my waist leading me down the stairs.

“I know what you must be thinking..

“Which is…

“You wanna know what the kiss and all This means for us… He said as I sighed.

“Yeah buy I’m also scared of what you might say.

“Don’t be you’re not like any other girl I’ve been with Taylor usually I would take it real fast but with you I just want it to be a day at a time that’s all… He said as I smiled facing him to kiss him lightly.

“One day at a time… I repeated as he smiled.

“It’s still raining out there so you mind staying for a while.

“Nope… I said smiling.

“Well let’s go make some popcorn and we can watch a movie or something… He said as I giggled.

“Yesss…. I screamed pushing him towards the kitchen as we made some popcorn.

We kept on giggling as we made the popcorn as least until the door knob twisted and someone walked In.

“I’ll go check…

“No I lock it which means the person has the key it’s probably mum or Annabelle… He said as I nodded.

The popcorn was ready as I grabbed a bowl pouring out its content before walking out of the kitchen, the bowl slipping off my hand at the sight in front of me.
Mrs kendall was on the couch with a man hovering over her and they were kissing, at first rape crossed my mind but with the silent moans I doubt she’s been forced, mason can’t see this he’ll be shattered.

I blocked him as he tried to walk out of the kitchen.

“Umm you cdbt go out there.

“Why not… He asked confused.

“That movie isn’t gonna watch itself… He added trying to pass.

“Umm we need to make more popcorn before we watch.

“But we had popcorn.

“It fell so we need to make some more.

“Are you okay Taylor… He asked.

“Yeah sure why would you think am not… I said chuckling nervously.

“Why don’t you want me to go in there.

“Well it’s…

“Lemme see… He said grabbing my arm as we walked towards the sitting room.

“Mason noo… I screamed as he caught them still kissing.

“You… Mason groaned rushing towards him.

“No Mason don’t hurt him… His mum said Sniffling.

“Did he Force himself on you huh.

“No mason he didn’t.

“But I don’t understand why would you even think of kissing him after everything.

“Because he’s my husband.

“He hurt you every day.


“No mum you have to throw him out of our lives you can’t seriously forgive him after everything he did.

“Mason son…

“I am not your son… Mason said coldly.

“Mason Please.

“No mum if he’s here I can’t stay here… Mason said walking out.

“Mason no…

“I’ll go after him… I said running towards the door

“Please Watch over him please… She said sniffling as Mason’s dad held her.

“I’ll wont let anything bad happen to him… I said as I ran after him.

The rain seemed to be drizzling only a little as I caught sight of mason walking angrily.

“Mason stop… I screamed.

“Don’t follow me Taylor

“you know I will so please stop.

“How could she after everything he did how could she just let him back into our lives… He said sniffling.

“Arggggg… He screamed running his hands through his hair as I shuddered.

“Mason Please calm down… I said hugging him from behind.

“I’ll never accept him back I’ll never forgive him never… He said as I jugged him tightly.

“Mason Please let’s just get out of here please calm down… I said sniffling.

“My father is dead to me… He said coldly as I gasped.

To be continued

All rights reserved


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