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My Heartthrob – Episode 32

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My Heartthrob

(You will love me back)
©️Author Bella
Chapter Thirty Two
©️Author’s Pov
He watched from a distance as the two love birds grew closer,Perfect… this is all he ever wants for them to be close for Taylor to realise she loves him and for mason to finally admit he loves her too and he’ll finally be happy and by the looks of things it’s gonna happen sooner than expected.
At a point in time he was scared that the plan was going down the drain but watching them like this he’s glad he’ll have hope he’s glad to see that they would make an amazing couple.
With a large and broad smile, he walked away slowly feeling happier than ever,At least all his efforts to bring them closer are not going to be in vain, she will love him back and realize he’s her heartthrob.


Mason’s Pov
I never once anticipated this. Every single day it’s getting even harder, harder to keep suppressing what I feel, I never should have let myself go like that, I should have kept those walls up instead of letting her in and now I can’t stop thinking about her, the minute she mentioned she had no feelings for Shawn,i could feel my heart racing for joy, for some reason I was happy that maybe I had a little chance to show how I feel,the hardest part about feeling this is that sometimes I think she feels something for me and other times it feels like she treats me like a friend, if there’s one thing am scared about is rejection I can’t stand the thought of Taylor not having any feelings for me so maybe it’s better to keep it all to myself that way I won’t get hurt by anyone yet it’s impossible because as each day passes by I feel the need to protect her, get close to her and show everyone she’s freaking mine.
As she lays in my arms I can’t help but feel the need to keep her there, I desire to be close to her every second of the day,im unable to hide the intense jealously I feel when she’s with other guys, it’s funny that the relationship was based on lies.
Maybe one day I’ll have the guts to tell her why I wanted it in the first day and maybe one day I’ll be man enough to open up to her fully and by the looks of things it wouldn’t be long, I just don’t get how anyone wouldn’t want to be with her like I said she’s freaking perfect and most importantly she’s all mine.
God! How hard it is to keep myself from crashing my lips on hers especially when she talks, I just wanna shut her up with my kiss, I desire only her and kissing another girl is impossible sadly kissing her seems impossible too, it might be a 99.8 percent chance that she doesn’t love me logic says to let her go, my mind tells me to let her go my reasoning tells me she’s trying to suppress her feelings because a few weeks ago she could tell for Shawn but my heart tells me that there’s a .2 percent she loves me and that’s more than enough to keep me going.


Taylor’s Pov
I really have to gain control of myself, even when I wanted Shawn it was nothing like this, yes I embarrassed myself countless times because of him and yes and I let myself get ridiculed because of him but with mason it’s so different, his cologne is enough to make me go crazy, it’s like we’re magnets and we keep attracting each other, I have no idea if it’s mere attraction or something else what I do know is that I’ve never felt this way ever for anyone else, right now I only want him and him alone.the shocking part is how I feel extremely safe around him, I wouldn’t even care if a building exploded as long as I’m with mason, resting on his shoulders is becoming normal for me and it feel like I’ve known him forever if I didn’t know better I would say I took a liking to mason and I’m umm… No… I can’t… I think I kinda like him.

Phew…. That feels so good to say aloud do I really like mason Kendal,what do I know anyway, I can’t tell the difference between love and infatuation so I can’t definitely tell the difference between attraction and likeness.
I’m so damn confused but first I really need to get my thoughts straight but with him it’s like I loose all sense of reasoning.
I was awake a couple minutes ago and mason is all I can think about, my new found feelings for him must be Kept hiding I can’t risk letting them out.
What if he doesn’t feel the same way?.
What if he doesn’t like me back!.
What if he mocks me,what If he….

“You okay… Mason sweet voice said as I looked up.

“Umm yeah kinda… I said stuttering.

“You were shivering a little and it’ even cold… He said as I sighed.

“Umm yeah I’m okay… I said raising my head up staring at him.

“You really looked tired and school’s almost over so you can go home and rest.

“Yeah that’s if the rain doesn’t ruin everything.. I said standing up as my phone beeped.

“Hey it’s Jenny so Timothy kinda kidnapped me and I can’t pick you up ,I’m so so sorry I’ll make it up to your swears.
Love Jenny.

“She left me for him… I said out loud groaning.

“What’s wrong.

“Nothing… I guess I’ll have to walk home.

“You can’t walk home it’s already drizzling you might get sick.

“I’ll be quick about it… I said as the bell was rung.

“I’ll take your home on my cycle… He offered.

“You sure .

“Yeah who else am I gonna ride with… He said smirking.

“Alright I’ll just go grab my things then I’ll leave.

“Oh and I need to talk to Ian too… I said suddenly feeling the need to ask him about what I was feeling.

“Why so he can try to kiss you again… Mason said as I glared.

“I don’t think he would ever do that again mason, I just need to talk to him about something.

“About what.

“I can’t really say mason… I’m sorry I just need to talk to him it’s extremely important.. I said as he scoffed.

“I’ll wait for you in the parking lot after your little talk with Ian… He said walking out angrily.

“What’s his problem…. I thought walking out too

“Mason wait up… Sasha screamed in the hallway.

“Speak of the devil… I thought glaring at the two of them.

“She whispered something in his ears as Mason’s countenance changed and he suddenly turned numb.

“She gave him a small smile before walking away slowly as I stood there confused.

“He walked away towards the parking lot as I tried to find Ian.

“Hey Ian.

“Taylor I was just looking for you, so I was thinking I should take the things home so they won’t get stolen.

“Yeah that’s a great idea, but I really needed to talk to you.

“Oh I’m all ears… He said grinning.

“So I kinda figured out I was obsessed with Shawn and I think I kinda like mason, but I’m not sure and I really don’t wanna make the same mistake so could you help out.

“Affairs of the heart are really twisted Taylor, I don’t think anyone can help but you, just the way you figured out you didn’t love Shawn, you’ll figure out what you feel for mason… He said as I groaned.

“Trust your heart… He added before walking away.

“Trust my heart great advice… I repeated before heading to my locker and out the school.

I met a great shock seeing mason standing in the rain looking like he’s seen a ghost, I walked briskly towards him with the rain increasing by the minute, he snapped out of his thoughts when I stood in front of him before getting on his bike, passing me a helmet wordlessly.

“Are you okay mason.

“Peachy.. He said as I got on.


We drove in the direction of the rain as we were both getting wetter by the minute it was getting harder to drive since we were in danger.

“I’m gonna pull over by that empty store… He said as I nodded slowly.

He pulled over as I ran into the store shaking furiously.

“Here put this on.

“I don’t want it… I said handing it back to him

“This isn’t the time to act all tough just put in on.

“Oh you think you can act all moody and still tell me what to do.

“I’m not moody.

“yes you are Sasha tells you something and you suddenly go numb.

“Oh and how was your talk with Ian.

“What the hell has that got to do with anything mason.

“Everything Taylor it has everything to do with it.

“That’s so not true and you’re obviously avoiding the question.

“I am not

“Yes you are… He screamed as thunder followed.

“You wanna know what she told me, my dad’s in town which means trouble is in town, it wasn’t what you were thinking because I would never do anything like that and I’m numb because I have no idea how my mum would feel about this that’s why.

“Why didn’t you tell me… I said lowly.

“You were you busy with Ian, you know what I’ll rather be in the rain than here with you… He said walking out.

“Mason get back here you’re gonna get wet

“Ptt it’s not like you care.

“WTF! Of course I care.

“Like hell you do, a guy tries to kiss you and you still wanna get close to him while the hell does that.

“I wasn’t trying to get close to him I just needed answers.

“Answers huh… He said scoffing.

“Yes mason freaking answer.

“On what.

“What I’m feeling.

“You have feelings for Ian… He said lowly.

“Hell no… I exclaimed.

“Than what feelings.

“My feelings mason just let it go.

“You have feelings for Ian… He said simply.

“What! I don’t have feelings for Ian mason yes I went to him but for a completely different reason,do you really think I would push him away if I had feelings for him I don’t like him that way infact I just realised that I don’t like Shawn and I think I like someone else the only reason I talked to him was that because of him I realised my feelings, he helped alot mason that’s all nothing more, I really don’t want you thinking I have feelings for him because I really don’t in fact…

“Shhh… He said placing his hands on my lips as I tried to catch my breath.

“Third time the charm .. He said as I tried to process his words but I think he beat me to it because his finger was removed and immediately replaced with his lips on mine, like on cue my hands found themselves in his hair just like I imagined as his bit my lower lip slowly begging for entrance, I couldn’t help but moan as his tongue found it’s way in my mouth as I cared less if anyone saw us making out in the rain right now.

I didn’t push him away instead I was enjoying every bit of this kiss, Ian said I would know it when it happens, I never want to stop his lips feel so good ,I get it why girls are addicted I mean they aren’t stupid who wouldn’t be.

“Third times the charm… I repeated as I kissed him back with everything I had…


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