Masked Mr Popular

Masked Mr Popular

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{Celebrity’s Secret Girlfriend}




When a cold hearted mysterious celebrity is revealed to be in a love affair with a girl that everyone least expected… What could possibly go wrong?


Zayn Finns popularly known as masked Mr popular, is always for an unknown reason wearing a mask over his face everywhere he goes.

No one knows who he really is behind his mask and a lot has questions him about the reason he has decided to live this way but he has never given any answer.

Fans are dying to see the handsome cute guy behind the mask but it seems there’s more to it than it seems.

Nino Nino is a girl that works as a babysitter to anyone she could find and the society has always been unfair to her because of her one disability.

Everything changed when Nino is revealed to be the very masked Mr popular secret girlfriend.

Lots of questions follows and lots of trouble but everything got even more complicated when Nino is more than she’s letting on.

So I think the questions we should be asking are.

*How did Zayn and Nino happened to be in a affair?

*What’s the secret behind Zayn’s mask??

*Who is Nino really?

*What exactly is her disability??

You can find out all these by reading the story. Drop a comment if you want me to continue posting

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