I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 112

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I Want A Home – Episode 112
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Dear Readers !! Wherever you go, Endeavor to stay safe. I wish you all well, thanks for your utmost patience. 

Steve shone his eyes in disbelief hearing Lord Margot words. He stood akimbo staring at her face as if to believe her or not.

If she truly has the flash, the police wouldn’t be a problem if she was arrested, hence it should be less trouble since she could try escape. He thought to himself and decided to ask a question.

“Are you scared of been arrested now?”

“I am not scared of the police Steve. I am scared of what Val and his gang would do to me” she answered in fright and pain as Steve stared at her in disbelieve. He knew she was cunning and has different methods of saving herself from trouble.

He glance at her from head to toe as Derrick called on him from the car.

“Would you untie me now please” she pleaded as more gunshots began to sound. More grenade smoke were thrown inside and more men entered as different gunshots sounds across the warehouse.

Steve shook his head in disagreement. He looked baffled and made a chuckle in disbelieve.

“I gave you an opportunity and a chance to save yourself but since you never wanted such chance. Its better this whole thing was obliterated” Steve remarked. He looked at her from head to toe again and stepped backwards. He was about to turn and leave when she shouted.

“I’d give you the flash if I’m untied” Making Steve paused. He turned back immediately as he heard Derrick called unto him louder from the car.

“Shi..t we can’t hold any longer” Joel cursed in anger on sighting Steve walked back. He closed the driver side of the door and turned the car crazily around, he made a sharp reverse and faced the entrance as he and Derrick shoot at the incoming men.

He changed the gear engine and was about to speed off impatiently when the back door opened and lord Margot was pushed inside. Steve navigated quick into the front seat just about the same moment Joel moved the car, a bullet pierced one part of the front glass as smoke covered the entire area.

It took enough strength for Steve to maintain his balance as Joel speed towards the entrance. He kicked off three more police officers at the entrance speedily and got out of the warehouse in an extreme speedometer.

He had to go down as well as Steve who had no chance to close the back and front door when different rains of bullets pierced the whole vehicle.

They were utmost out of the warehouse completely in a high speed when two different buses suddenly appeared from both sides with same extreme speed to hit them sporadically.

Joel tried to avoid the high hit but it wasn’t successfully as he calculated. The bus coming from the left side hit them hard and the bus at the right side hit them harder.

The car got stuck immediately after a brief flips as different glasses shattered in pieces.

“We need to get out” Steve shouted and opt out from the door. He cocked his gun and went down immediately. Derrick did likewise and Joel opt out real quick except Lord Margot who couldn’t move.

More than 12 dead police officers were scattered across the whole place, not counting some other agents among them.

In no time, two different men dropped from each bus and began to fire at them.

More men appeared from different angles and they all directed their bullets towards the four people seen in the vehicle.

They all shot sporadically as the bullets made path holes on every part of the vehicle.

None of them could retaliate accurately as more men joined the shooting from different angles even though the three dues tried to locate their positions while taking cover.

“The boss wants them alive” one of the men shooting alarmed at the high rate of bullets directed at the vehicle.

He made some hand gestures to some of the men as the shooting stopped abstractly.

“we have target in sight” the man said into his communication ship instantly. He made an hand gesture and the shooting stop as well.

He beckoned on three of the men standing in different positions to check out the vehicle since they weren’t shooting back at them.

The men napped out from their covers slowly and head for the car in a bid to apprehend the enemy.

They move as slow and carefully forward with their fingers firm on the trigger to prevent making a sound. They couldn’t see anything yet as they get close but they move forward and more forward when suddenly Steve navigated up, he fired a bullet into the skull of one of them and Joel fired into another as Derrick fired the third person through the mirror all in a glimpse. The three men dropped dead instantly and another rain of bullets began.

“We need to move separately and divide their focus” Steve shouted out as the three of them squat behind the car again.

Inside the parked almost empty jeeps were seated Valentine and Frank only at the back seat, having a secret conversation in low tones.

They were at the third vehicle directly behind the second jeep Michael Mill and Minister Albert were likewise seated.

Gunshots were blazing so high and loud as police sirens were sounding radically far ahead and near but they watched silently in the dark where all five jeeps were parked.

“If you do plan to start this, do you have an escape plan?” Frank turned to Val and asked as they continued their conversation.

“Yes. We’d eliminate them if need arises and if the plan went unsuccessful” Valentine answered and made a deep sigh as Frank stared at him with fear.

He felt the need to disapprove what Valentine was saying but he decided to stop even when he knew the whole thing Val had said was ridiculous and dangerous.

Valentine had told him to let them kill Michael Mill and the Minister immediately after they get their hands on the asset.

He heaved a deep breath as well as he began to think of what could happen if they betrayed Michael Mill, the most powerful man among them.

Valentine had made a plan, a plan he thinks could be perfect to eliminate Michael and Albert without creating suspicion.

He began to think of the possibilities of success and failure and his mind wander a bit away till Valentine called his attention.

“There is nothing to worry about if we stick well to the plan” Val assured him.

The gunshots became more bloody and Fierce when Abu and the men with him joined the shooting from the warehouse.

The three of them had navigated to different points where they could shoot and take cover through some of the seen abandoned vehicles across the place.

Derrick shouted out to Steve as different rains of bullets were directed at him. He was now out of bullets and there was nothing he could do than to take cover from his position.

On the other side were Abu shooting sporadically with four men left. He wished he could move forward and strangled one of them but he couldn’t move at all as Steve made him take cover.

Things got more fierce than ever when Joel also ran out of bullets but Steve was on and intact.

He also signaled to Steve he was empty and there was no way he could reach out for any of the guns from the men or the officers down neither Derrick.

“I see you’re fuc..king empty now huh” Abu shouted with the reflects of his local assent as he signaled to the men with two fingers.

Two of them navigated quick towards Derrick position and the other two reached for Joel while Abu went for Steve. He fired two quick shots to prevent Steve from coming out of cover and fired another to stop him from making an attempt.

“Ya all fuc..ked now huh” he began to fire sporadically and rushed forward quick when Steve navigated aside with two bullets fired out.

By then, he and Abu were now facing each other with guns to their faces.

“You want us alive don’t you?” Joel said and willingly navigated out when the two men reached out to him. He dropped his gun and raised his hands.

Derrick likewise did the same when the other men reached out to him as Lord Margot watched from the car. Everyone else were dead and down.

“Surrender or I’ll have your companions killed” Abu threatened Steve as they faced another.

The men turned quick behind Joel and Derrick as each one quickly made for the guns they dropped.

“Turn around slowly and leaned against the car” Derrick was ordered.

“You too” Joel was ordered likewise as they raised their hands in the air, obeying slowly without questioning.

“Surrender or see them die” Abu threatened Steve the more with a raised tone. He couldn’t take his eyes off Steve who also couldn’t take he’s off him.

“You want the flash don’t you? You’re not having it if you kill us” Steve asked him and raised his brow in affirmation.

He was about to say something else when two bullets sounded from the side. He took a sharp look out and back at Abu who had quickly took advantage of the distraction to get his gun but he was quick to see it coming.

He navigated backwards and kick Abu as a punch also landed on his cheek in the struggle.

Both guns fell from their hands and they prevented themselves from letting each of them has it as a struggle emerged between them.

Joel looked at the man standing before him and squinted when the other man moved behind him as well as Derrick. The man had fired a bullet deliberately to distract Steve and it looked successful.

He saw a tattoo on the man’s shoulder and looked at his face.

“I know you huh” he told him.

“That tattoo” Joel remarked and made a chuckle when the man shown at him in anger and told him to stop talking.

“Your hands behind you motherfuc..ker” He shouted at Joel as the man standing behind stepped forward with a cuff when all the way Abu and Steve had began a serious fight.

The man behind Derrick also step forward to cuff Derrick as the man facing him shown at him the same way.

He was getting close and was about to cuff Derrick when he felt a strong grip on his hands.

He tried to free himself almost immediately but Derrick pulled him forward and two quick bullet triggered into his body by the man facing Derrick mistakenly.

He quickly pulled out a short knife and before the man could realized it, the knife had met his throat, blood booze out from him and he fell dead on the spot.

The situation was unlike itself when Joel did the same thing almost the same seconds to the man trying to cuff him.

It was as if the man expected it and easily wrestle himself from Joel but he was unfortunate to have not seen Joel pulled a short knife likewise, he was stabbed on his chest instantly and Joel took cover immediately the man ahead fired at him, luckily the bullet missed him but the man navigated quick and fired at the position Joel ran to.

He fired again when Joel tried to reach out for the gun of the dead man on the ground and stepped forward. Unfortunately, he was unlucky as Derrick fired thrice into his belly from behind. He fell dead at once as Joel heaved a deep breath. He looked at Derrick from his position and nodded, he stood up at once and picked up the man’s gun.

They both turn towards Steve and Abu to watch as Steve landed two punches on Abu face.

Abu staggered backwards but quickly maintained his balance. He tightened his fist and rush forward to attack with anger.

He sent too quick hard kick forward in a roll and followed with a punch as Steve dodge the punch with his arm but the kick hit him hard in the belly.

He followed it real quick with another punch but Steve dodge it again and swiped below his arm just as Derrick and Joel stepped closer to them.

Derrick points the gun at him and fired a bullet between his legs when he tried to move again.

“Stop, you motherfuc..ker” He shouted at him.

To be continued…

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