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I Want A Home – Episode 111

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I Want A Home – Episode 111
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Steve wasted no time to tie Lord Margot up real quick against a metallic pillar before Derrick and Joel got back.

He was just moving backwards to ensure he had tied her from getting free via any trick when Derrick and Joel reached up to him.

“There are no cameras” Derrick reported.
“We’d need to move our ass soon. No fuc..king where is safe” Joel enjoined with a sigh.

He turned to look at Lord Margot and made a smirk.

“So what are you going to do with her?” he asked Steve who only nodded to their reports.

“I’m going to kill her with or without the flash” Steve answered without looking at him. He turned likewise to look at lord Margot who was only staring at them but could not speak due to the tape on her lips.

“This motherfuc…ker has nothing to lose man. How do you intend to get it from her?” Joel slammed. He looked at Steve and Derrick who glanced at him immediately. He turned again to the drug lord and hissed, then began to walk away without waiting for Steve response.

Steve stood akimbo on the spot as Derrick remained in his position for a moment, both of them staring at Lord Margot who was also staring at them in a bad way.

“She really has nothing to lose Steve. Let’s just get done with this and leave” Derrick spoke up few minutes later and turned to walk away likewise while Steve maintained his stands. He looked at Derrick walking away and Joel far ahead the entrance of the warehouse before he turned to lord Margot.

Location: Police Headquarters, Thailand.

In a long settings, different professionals in their various fields were seated working on different computers. The room was extremely large and crowded with officers and agents of various kinds which some were seated and some standing.

An extreme large screen was positioned at the main front of the room and its was all showing different cctv footages. Activities in the past hour and presently.

Various professional slangs were communicated verily on and everyone in the room seem extremely busy until the chief of police walked into the room, everyone stood up immediately as the cheif told them to ease.

“We must find the criminals and put them to justice. Get back to work” he briefed in a stern tone as regard the atmosphere of the place.

“Yes sir” was chorused by everyone and they all continued working.

Some of the official agents and high rank police officers standing quickly walked up to the chief and bowed partly in respect.

“What’s the update?” The chief asked.

“Sir. We’ve found them” one junior officer working on a computer shouted from his position far ahead before any of them could answer the chief.

They all walked towards the officer in no time as well as other seated officers quickly gather around the young officer.

A red pointed dot was displayed on his computer and the large screen on the wall changes to what was displayed on his screen. Giving everybody in the room the chance to watch appropriately.

“Gather our best troops, we move immediately” the chief ordered one of the agents.

“The police found them sir” Abu inform Valentine immediately he dropped his call.

Minister Albert who was listening instantly turned again to inform Michael Mill as Frank watched him out of sight.

But before the Minister could reached the jeep, all the men surrounding the jeep rushed immediately and head for their respective vehicles in a swift.

Valentine and frank as well as the men standing behind them hurried towards their own vehicle on sighting the situation as Albert entered the jeep.

The whole vehicle moved in a swift instantly and they all head south.

Upon Steve likely persuasion, lord Margot wasn’t ready to oblige or give him what he wanted. She was really tend and ready to accept whatever awaits her regardless of anything.

She kept mute and stared blankly at Steve without answering any of his questions till he covered her lips with the tape again.

He stepped backwards and heaved a deep sigh with frustration clinching on his soul.

He picked out a gun behind him and pointed it on her.

“This is your last chance” He threatened in a gruff voice.
“I’m gonna pull this trigger into your chest and you dead” he added.

He waited for a moment reluctantly as if to consider firing, two minutes passed and he was still on his feet pointing the gun as Margot wondered what was hindering him from pulling the trigger already.

She was still staring at him thinking he couldn’t shoot when a bullet pierced her right shoulder. Another bullet pierced her left laps before she could realize fully.

Derrick and Joel on hearing the gunshots hurried back into the warehouse and by then Steve was about to pull the last and final bullet into her skull as she mumble in extreme pain.

“Bye bye bit..ch” Joel whispered out as they watch her in pains. He stepped close to Steve and told him to pull the trigger when Derrick shouted out from his position instantly.

Police siren were heard at the entrance of the warehouse and movements already round the whole place.

In the twinkle of an eye, a serious gunfire emerged.

Joel ran for cover as Derrick had already taken cover before Steve hurried behind one of the brick pillars.

The police began to shoot at them as they shoot back real quick.

Different bullets were heard and the whole place became bloody just in few seconds.

“Listen men. These guys are pros and intelligent. I need four men at the north, three at the south while the rest follow on my lead. We all curb them at once and create no space for an escape. Let’s move” Abu said into his chips as the five jeeps halted orderly.

All the men dropped down from the jeeps and quickly gather round him prior to the instruction.

He was holding two separate short guns and straps of bullets were rolled under his shirt.

He scrutinize everyone of them to check if they were ready for action as they heard loud and terrible bang of gunshots ahead the road.

“Let’s move” he added and they all separated as directed.

They all moved but the lords were seated in the jeeps, surrounded each by one armed guard.

“We need to move now” Joel shouted from his position as he open fire randomly. The gun battle was just getting fierce and terrible he had to quickly switched positions as more police officers barged into the warehouse.

Unlike Steve and Derrick were in a perfect position, opening fire at the officers and having more hands.

“We have more incoming, we get to move now” Joel shouted as he change position, firing more shots in a swift.

“Jeez !! They found us too quick. How is that possible?” Derrick voiced out with frustration as he got two officers down. By then, the fire had cease and the rest of the officers had to back down their attempt of getting into the warehouse completely. About 10 of them had been shot too quick as the rest head out from the entrance of the warehouse instantly to take cover.

“Let’s get out of here” Steve intercepted as he stared at the entrance. He released two quick shots to stop one officer from getting or peeping inside where they had taken cover likewise.

Derrick moved out instantly and he joined as Joel head behind immediately.

He followed after Derrick as he released more shots like Joel to prevent the officers from getting inside.

They were fast approaching the car they came with when two different smoke Grenades were thrown inside by the police.

An immediate smoke gathered around instantly and more shooting occured.

Derrick entered the back seat immediately and Joel got into the driver side when Steve shoot at the officers. He was able to stop them only a moment as the Grenade already filled out.

Joel kicked the engine to life and joined Steve to shoot at the police as well as Derrick. Allowing him to levied up his walking space.

On the other hand, Lord Margot was mumbling in pains from where she was tied. She tried to shake herself as if to see any means to untie but she could do nothing.

She mumbled out as the gunshots filled the entire place and the smoke getting more fierce. The police were getting inside and Steve was leaving.

In that moment, fear struck her heart and a reconsidering thought struck her mind.

She tried as much as possible to make a sound but she couldn’t with the tape on her lips.

Fortunately, Steve looked at her direction that same moments. He caught her eye as he had to take cover with the effect of the smoke when he was getting close to the vehicle already.

He rushed back in a swift and head towards the drug lord who was wincing in pains.

He removed the tape in her lips just about the same moment he heard Derrick calling him from the car while Joel held the police backwards even though three of them had got inside quick.

“Help me” Margot cried out to him as he also shoot at the police trying to fire at him.

“I’ve got the flash in my pant” She added.

“What !! Steve exclaimed and turned to her.

“I’ve got the flash in my pant” she repeated slowly.

“Another ploy to get yourself rescued or you has it?” Steve thought to himself and asked.

To be continued..

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  1. You are a great writer ma'am. But that last statement got me all smiles.
    I knew that The Flash was on Her body. I had even thought they would strip her naked sef.

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