Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love – Episode 3

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A story by Jochrine Kunda


***Being a gangster in a white collar job isn’t easy especially if you’ve found that one person who makes your heart complete and melts your cold heart because you have to protect them with everything in you even if it means fighting till your last drop of blood since our rivals take advantage of their defenselessness to get to us and being a gangster is something I hid from Veronica and would only tell her when the time was right.

Rumor had it that Carla was tirelessly searching for the new woman in my life “her replacement” as she called it and she swore to take her life once she found her and it got me alert so I had to keep away from Veronica for her safety till I put Carla in her place and it would be for good this time since I didn’t want her pausing any threats. Thomas and I had to come up with a plan so we got one of her men to be disloyal to her by tipping us on her moves and we’d pay him twice the amount she gave him and he accepted without even thinking twice, I played my cards well and hunted Leah who was Carla’s personal assistant.




We watched Leah from a distance coming from a club one night and she seemed wasted so I told my guys to attack her and I’d appear as her saviour which they did and got her bag and handset, I appeared shortly and ordered them to leave with a threatening tone and she cried in my arms, I drove her to her apartment and consoled her then she started asking about me and I gave her false information then she fell asleep and I searched through her laptop and other things to find what they’d being plotting against me but there was nothing only information about the drugs they exported outside the country and it was of no use that time so I closed the laptop and left her apartment. I got home and looked at Veronica’s pictures which made me feel bad since I hadn’t seen her for time and avoided her calls for her own safety and I was glad that Blessings didn’t tell her anything since I asked her not to.

I asked Leah out the following day just to get Carla angry, confused and insecure and she didn’t give it a second thought as she gladly accepted and it made me wonder how powerful Carla was with such kind of people surrounding her.

I was notified on when Carla would strike so Thomas and I carried out our plan, I told Leah I’d take her out for lunch and have her meet my little sister and I could tell that she was all excited. I saw her walk in and I notified Thomas and our men to brace themselves then I approached her and led her to our table and I introduced Blessings as my little sister, we ordered and the waitress later came in with our food. Leah was flirting with me all time and I found it uncomfortable but had to play it cool, Blessings and I talked of the parents we never had who lived in Australia and some ranches we never owned there including other things and the girl was over the moon. We got her drunk and she spilled Carla’s darkest secrets while she was all over me then I looked at Blessings and her eyes were fixed on something so I followed them and saw Veronica looking at me with hurt written all over her face and it made me feel less of a man but I had to stay focused on the mission at hand and find a way to make her leave the restaurant because we were soon expecting the worst to happen. Leah asked who Veronica was and I so much wanted to tell her what she meant to me though it would be risky but Blessings was quick to it, her so called husband appeared from nowhere leading her away and I so much wanted to squeeze the living daylights out of him. They sat on a table from far from ours and I’d steal glances at her, I could tell she was on the verge of shedding tears as she played with her food. Thomas informed me that Carla was on her way to the place and I knew I had to get Veronica out of her because she couldn’t witness what was going to happen especially if something happened to me coz it would definitely expose her so I sent her a text asking her to leave but she didn’t pay attention to her phone so I had no other option than to do what she couldn’t stand seeing, I kissed Leah right in front of Veronica and the plan worked coz she stood up leaving the place

“Why don’t you fetch my wallet in the car?”

I told Blessings and she knew what that meant so she quickly got up and left followed by the excuse of Veronica’s husband

“It’s time”

Thomas told me so I took Leah and led her to the restaurant’s kitchen then the staff there asked us to leave but I pulled out my gun which silenced them all, we heard gunshots being fired and I began kissing Leah though she tried fighting it to ask questions until the door swung open and Carla stood there with her bottom lip trembling but that was instantly replaced with rage and I saw it coming so I placed Leah ahead of me pushing her to Carla’s direction and she shot her on the head and I didn’t waste anytime as I did the same and it was the end if Carla, my worst nightmare. Thomas came in breathing heavily with his bottom lip bleeding from the cut he’d obtained from a fight

“It’s clear, let’s leave this place”

“It’s time to make things right with my woman”

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I said to myself as I wiped the drop of sweat falling from my forehead….

To be continued...

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