The Undercover P.A

The Undercover P.A

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Authoress Foh Lah Keh

Kabir Dalvetti walked into the boardroom galantly,there were mumbles between the shareholders of the company. He knew they were talking about him and the company.

For the past three months now DAL’S COOPERATION has been getting bankrupt.He couldn’t do anything but sit to watch.His father hadn’t taught him much about the company. But his father suddenly fell sick and couldn’t go on in managing the company again. His father’s P.A had come to him a day before that day and told him about how the company was going bankrupt and the shareholders wanted to meet him.He hadn’t wanted to go but his mother had persuaded him to go save the company because of his bed ridden father. He had sat down in front of the bord and they were still mumbling.

“The chairman’s son is here”Mr Moon his father’s P.A announced to the board of shareholders. Then everywhere went silent.Some shareholders started clearing thier throats.It was obvious they didn’t like him.He saw that this was the right time to talk so he started his speech. “I want to use this medium to apologize to you all for not coming to the company so far. As you all know the chairman is very sick” Kabir started.

“So you’re the nurse taking care of him?” A shareholder bellowed.
“What of the chairwoman?Can’t she take care of him?” Another shareholder said.

There was sound of laughter in the boardroom.

“Please everyone should keep quiet and let’s hear what the chairman’s son has to say”Mr Moon said frankly and there was another round of silence. “Mr Moon here has told me about how the company has been facing bankrupcy. And i promise to bring it back to the way it was” Kabir concluded not knowing what else to say.
“What do you want to do to bring it back to the way it was?”A shareholder asked.
“That AYSH group or whatsoever it is called has bought almost all our shares and you are in your father’s house doing what we don’t care to know”Another shareholder said.

“And the person who is going to be the owner of that company is a woman. An heiress for goodness sake”

“That company bought almost all our shares and we are going to be left with nothing” Kabir was still trying to get himself when he started feeling people throwing files at him.When he looked up,he knew that the shareholders were angry.He felt like crying but the tears wouldn’t come. And he couldn’t move. He felt as if his legs were stucked to where he was standing.What he felt next was Mr Moon taking him out of the boardroom and he followed sooth.Indeed Mr Moon was a nice man in his late thirties and as been working with his father for a longtime. He was fumbling with his tie when he entered his office.He went over to sit on his seat,he was sweating profusely and was very angry.”I feel like firing all those shareholders,they can’t just talk to me anyhow they like” Kabir said fuming.

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to sack theh,the company will close down.”Mr Moon said. “I know that’s why i’m even more afraid,they are desperate” Kabir said. He was going over what happened in the boardroom when he remembered they were saying something about one AYSH GROUP. “That AYSH GROUP,do you know anything about it?” Kabir said facing Mr Moon.

“I overheard those shareholders talking about it before the meeting so i did some researches on the company”He replied.
“Let’s see” Kabir said as they moved over to the cushion in the office.He already pulled his suit and was only putting on his shirt. Mr Moon brought his laptop along with him and placed it on the table before switching it on,then a man in his late fifties face showed up on the screen. “This is Ford Sherman.He is the founder of AYSH GROUP,he’s in his late fifties.He’s a very strict businessman.Uder AYSH GROUP there’s AYSH jewelries,AYSH cooking wares,AYSH clothing’s etc. I can’t mention all” Mr Moon explained. He moved to another picture on the laptop and a woman face showed up. “This is Betty Sherman.She’s FOrd’s wife.She lives on her husband money and spends lavishly.She also has a lot of friends and doesn’t care much about he family”Mr Moon continued.
“This is getting interesting” Kabir said.
“Then moving to the heiress”Mr Moon said then clicked on another picture,the picture of a beautiful lady with long black hair showed on the scrreen.She was smiling in the picture showing her one sided dimple,she also had beautiful eyes.”This is Ayesha Sherman. The heiress to AYSH GROUP,through the name you will know her father named the company after her.She’s 23,a workhaholic,strict businesswoman.Her father just handed the company over to her 2 months ago and she has been managing it well.”Mr Moon said.
“I see. So is that all about the family?”Kabir asked.
“No,the last and the least family member is Pluto” Mr Moon said clicking on another picture. “What?!!!!This is a dog” Kabir exclaimed.
“Yes but don’t downgrade it because it’s an animal.It’s name is Pluto Sherman,it’s the most precious member of the family especially Aysh,she loves the dog so much,it’s her bestie”Mr Moon explained.
“Bestie?”Kabir asked surprised.
“What are you going to do now?”Mr Moon asked.
“Like seriously,i don’t know.You just have to make sure those shareholders doesn’t talk about the bankruptcy outside the company. It should remain our secrets.”kabir said.
“Okay sir” Mr Moon replied.Kabir stood up and started putting on his suit jacket”I have to go home and check on dad”He said as he left the office.
Mason Dalvetti was on his bed in his master bedroom watching all what happened in the boardroom on his laptop_how the shareholders were throwing files at his son_he knew it wasn’t going to be easy for Kabir to take care of the company and shareholders. “Why did you ask Kabir to go to the company?” Mason asked his wife as he was closing the laptop.
“There were calls from the shareholders,they wanted to see either you or Kabir .And i know you can’t go there in this your condition that was why i asked him to go” Dora Dalvetti answered.
“I’m afraid it’s not going to be easy for Kabir to take care of the company.The shareholders are annoyed with me but they are transferring their aggressions to Kabir.
“Which is not meant to be so.” Dora added. Kabir was their only child,and they couldn’t bear anything happening to him. Javier thier butler entered into the room,he has been working for them for 30 years now so he knows all about the family and was close with the family.”Javier i have warned you times without number to knock before you enter this room” Dora said with annoyance.
“Honey,it’s okay. What is it Javier?”Mason asked.
“Kabir is here to see you”
“Send him in” Mason said as he handed hid laptop over to his wife while Javier went to call Kabir in.
Kabir entered into the room,his chest button was opened revealing hid abs,and he wore a tired look.He walked over to the side of his father’s bed and pecked Dora. “Mum,how are you?”he asked.
“I’m fine son” Dora said as she dragged a chair for him to sit.
“So dad,hope you’ve been taking your pills?”He asked his father.
“Sure son,and i’m feeling a little bit better” Mason replied.
“That’s good to hear dad” Kabir said taking off his suit jacket.
“So how was your day at work?”Dora asked
“It was cool mom.I had a nice day there.The shareholders were really nice to me,they even said they would teach me more about the company” Kabir said smiling.
“Really?”Mason said knowingly.
“Yes,Mr Moon was also of great help”Kabir said.
“I never knew the shareholders were that nice” Dora said knowing fully well Kabir was lying.
“I will like to take my leave now.I need to shower.”Kabir said standing up and taking his suit jacket. He walked out of the room.
“I didn’t know Kabir could lie so well”Dora said,surprised.
“I think he doesn’t want me to know about what happened at the company. Thanks to Moon for sending the video over.” Mason said. As Kabir was walking over to his room,he met Javier on his way. “Kabir thank goodness you’re here.I wanted to talk to you.” Javier said
“What is it?”Kabir asked.
“I met with the family doctor today and he told me master has high blood pressure and it could lead to another thing entirely” Then he paused expecting Kabir to say something but when he saw that he didn’t, he continued “I know master is worried about the company but he doesn’t talk about it” he took Kabir’s hand in his “You are the only one that can save the company and master, please i want you to try your best for this houdehold” Javier concluded.
“I am going to do everything in my power to make DAL’S COOPERATION come back to the way it was.I promise.”Kabir said as he released his hands and walked over to his room.
Javier just sighed,he knew Kabir could do it.


What do you guys think about Kabir? He should not do something stupid because of Company oo. All this shareholders self🙄.
Comment your thoughts, and please let’s refrain from ‘next please’ comments. It’s totally annoying.
Love you guys💕❤

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