Roses and Thorns

Roses and Thorns – Episode 16

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Joel got to the eatery and strutted inside like he owned it, it didn’t take him long before he sighted the detective at the extreme where he seated. He walked slowly to where he was and Sat down after saying his greetings.

“Detective, you said you have an update for me?” he said supporting his jaw with his hand.

“Yes captain, for the past few days after our meeting at the forensic department, i have been searching for the parents of the victims, that is the dead ladies before your ex fiance, but i only succeeded in finding one” he calmly explained.

“Okay, did they tell you anything that could help us nab the killer?” Joel asked impatiently.

“Well nothing much, the mother said before the death of their daughter, that she complained about a particular young man that was always showing up at her work place and other places she went to, but they didn’t take it serious because they thought it was nothing until she died” he shrugged.

“Sometimes we need to pay attention to the little things we see as nothing” Joel said shaking his head.

“And again, I met a young man, who told me that he has a suspect who he thinks is the killer, that he has a brother who is in an asylum. He said he worked for their father before the old man died” the detective said after a brief silence.

“Wait a minute, the killer’s brother is in an asylum? like he is mad?” Joel asked raising his brows in surprise.

“The young man said he started having mental problem some months ago according to what his brother told them”

“Let the young man take us to the killer then so that we can arrest him” Joel said almost immediately.

“Calm down captain, the young man is not even sure about what he told me, and moreover, you can’t arrest someone without an evidence” the detective said with a smile.

“That reminds me, the lady i mentioned the last time we met, she is with me now and she is fine” he said scratching his eye brows

“Yes, i wanted to ask about the lady too, who is she?”

“She is the killer’s next victim, i met her at the funeral and she told me about a stalker who had been following her” he said without stopping to take a breath.

“So how did you know she was the next victim?”

“She has the same physical attributes with the other dead ladies which attracts the killer” Joel shrugged.

“Well perfect then, we can use the lady as a bait to catch the killer, what do you think?” the detective said with a smile flashing across his face.

“No way, i won’t let any harm come to Melody, we are not using her as any bait” Joel shouted.

“That is the only option we have Captain” the detective sighed.

“We will surely find another way to catch the killer. there is no way am putting my Melody in a harm’s way” Joel said stumping out of the eatery.

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