Roses and Thorns

Roses and Thorns – Episode 14

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By Jennifer Godwin

Joel got to Ebube’s apartment around 7pm, he knocked and Ebube answered the door almost immediately. Joel sighed heavily and went straight to sit on the sofa breathing hard.

“Yo man, what happened? you left in the morning and you are back by this time? i have been calling your phone” Ebube said all at a time.

“Chidiebube, if i tell you what i passed through today, you will pity me” Joel said with a sigh.

“What happened bro?” Ebube asked sitting down.

“I went to see Melody” Joel replied scratching his head.

“Who is Melody?” Ebube asked confused.

“The lady from the funeral, she is now with my parents”

“Wait, i don’t underground, you took her to your parents or what?” Ebube asked with his eyes opened wide.

“After my meeting with the detective, i found out that she is next in line to be killed by the killer, so i rushed down to her place, you know i don’t know her house, i had to hang around at the junction for some hours before she finally came out and bro? I spent almost 20 hours trying to convince her to go with me, she was so stubborn and adamant” he explained with a hiss accompanying his explaination.

“Oh my God, this killer is really biting more than he can chew” Ebube said shaking his head. “but wait a minute, what are you doing here then?” he asked all of a sudden.

“What do you mean by that?” Joel asked.

“Listen to me man, that killer is smart and am sure by now he knows that you have taken that lady, i suggest you move to your parents’ house for now, that lady needs protection from you and not your parents and moreover, you just endangered the lives of your parents too” Ebube said after thinking for a while.

“Oh yeah that’s true, i never thought of that” he said jumping unto his feet.

“Yes man, do everything you can to protect that lady, she alone can lead us to the killer, just go home first, we will talk about our plans tomorrow” Ebube said going to the room. “Come, i will help you pack” he added simultaneously.


The doctor’s phone rung, he picked up almost immediately, a baritone voice sounded from the other end, the doctor stood up, locked the door very well before going to sit down.

“Hello doctor, how is everything?” the person asked.

“Everything is fine sir” the doctor replied.

“what of Okenwa?”

“He is fine sir, i only feel nothing but pity each time he pleads with me to let him go, i feel so troubled keeping a sane man in a place like this” the doctor explained.

“We have no other option doctor, until his brother is being caught and prosecuted, there is nothing we can do other than to keep him (Okenwa) there, because once Okenwa leaves the psychiatric home, consider him dead.” the person at the other end said.

“I know very well, my life is also in danger because if I make any mistakes, am sure he won’t spare me too” the doctor said with a sigh.

“Just continue to make him believe that you are feeding Okenwa with harmful drugs while we wait for their father to wake up from coma” the person said calmly.

“No problem sir, i have heard you” the doctor replied hanging up.

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