Roses and Thorns

Roses And Thorns – Episode 13

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By Jennifer Godwin

Joel honked loudly when they got to his parents house, he didn’t want to take her to Ebube’s house because of privacy and moreover, he believed his parents house would be more secured for her. The gate flung open and he drove inside. he got down from the car and waved at the gate man, he had really added a lot of flesh.

“Wow, you live here?” Melody asked as she gawked at the beautiful duplex with a colourful painting.

“No, i don’t, my parents live here, come with me” Joel said walking into the house with Melody following behind.

They entered the sitting room, Joel’s father was watching television, Joel looked at the screen and shook his head, he didn’t know what connection his father had with CNN, the man shifted his gaze from the TV when he noticed the entrance of someone.

“Chineke mu ooo, nwam alotago ooo (My God, my son is back)” he screamed rushing to embrace Joel.

“Good evening dad” he greeted holding tight unto the old man, he had really missed him.

“Evening my son, so you decided to finally visit us eeehn? i don’t know Chidiebube’s house i would have visited you” he exclaimed with joy.

“Well it’s a good thing you don’t know his house” Joel smiled. “Where is mama?” he added almost immediately.

“She is in the kitchen” he said but then turned towards the direction of the kitchen “bia nwanyim oma nwa anyi alotago ooo (come my beautiful wife, our son is back)” he screamed. Joel shook his head and then shrugged. His mother came out from the kitchen and shouted too.

“Onye Kam na ahu ihe aa, nnam kedu ka imere? (Who am i seeing? my son, how are you doing?)” she asked hugging Joel with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Mama, am fine” he replied tiredly, he needed to sit down.

“Okpokwa obia were lota (he even came back with a guest” his mother said after noticing Melody’s presence for the first time.

“My son, who did you come home with?” his father asked.

“Let us all sit down, i have something important to say” Joel said sitting down. Melody smiled, glad that they wouldn’t be speaking a language she wouldn’t be understanding, what if they were planning to kill her? she shook her head at the negative thought.

“Mom? Dad?, this is Melody, her life is in danger, the person that killed Mercy wants to kill her too, so she will be staying here till i find the killer” he explained checking the facial expressions on their faces.

“God forbid bad thing, he cannot kill another person this time around. nwam iwukwa onye igbo? (my child are you igbo?)” the woman asked Melody. Melody looked at her as confusion graced her face.

“She is asking if you are Igbo” Joel told her in English.

“No ma, am Yoruba” she replied with a smile.

“Oh, no problem at all, we are all one Nigeria, you are welcome to our house” Joel’s father said with a smile.


The stalker gritted his teeth as he parked in front of the duplex, he hit his steering, growled and scratched his cheek in anguish.

“How dare you take her away soldier man? who do you think you are?” he shouted in anger. earlier that day, in a bid to calm himself down after his episode concerning their father’s documents, he had decided to go and see her, he wanted to calm down just by looking at her bright face from afar, but the soldier man had gotten to her before him.

“I will destroy you soldier man, you are acting all heroic, you will die like a chicken in my hand” he yelled.

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