Roses and Thorns

Roses And Thorns – Episode 12

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Joel drove on a high speed with his heart beating fast, he prayed and hoped he wasn’t too late to save the innocent lady, he got close to okponam Nnebuisi road and met with a heavy gridlock, he groaned in frustration. He decided to get down from his car and continue the journey on foot but then what if the gridlock started clearing out how would they get his car out of the way

“Jesus please, i hope three days is not too late for her rescue? I can’t bear anymore deaths, just take the wheel from my hands because i can’t do this on my own” he prayed slowly with a heavy heart. Almost immediately, the gridlock started clearing, he turned on the ignition and got ready to move.

He diverted to the untarred road and drove slowly because of how the road was. He got to the junction where the lady insisted they dropped her off on Friday and that was when it him.

“I don’t even know her name, jeez, what was i thinking?” he asked hitting the steering.

Nonetheless, he got down from the vehicle and paced around impatiently, he decided to wait even if it would take the whole day, he didn’t mind. Just few hours after, he saw her coming out from the ghetto, was that where she lived? he wondered but put the thought aside almost immediately.


Melody sang in a whisper as she walked to the junction, ever since her encounter with the stalker, she decided to be extra careful and vigilant.

“Thank you, thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you Lord for everything you have done” she continued singing in whisper, she looked up at the entrance of their street and her heart skipped a bit, she wondered what else he had come to do, she got to where he stood, with questions in her eyes, she greeted him.

“Good afternoon sir, this one you came around our side?” she asked.

“Listen to me Lady, you are in danger right now and you have to follow me out of here” Joel said with his heart almost exploding out of too much Joy for her life.

“Sir but i told you that i will be fine, my money is almost complete for a better apartment and i will soon leave this place” she said folding her hands against her chest.

“This one is different lady, the stalker is very dangerous and deadly, you need to follow me so that i can keep you safe.” Joel said with a sigh, they needed to leave there immediately.

“Don’t worry sir, i can take care of myself, i have been staying in this ghetto since after my NYSC so i know how to handle stalkers” She said placing her hand on her waist.

“Oh ye stubborn woman” Joel shouted in frustration. “just listen to me carefully, you know my dead ex? they one you attended her funeral last week Friday? she was raped and killed by this stalker and also four other dead ladies, you are his next target and am trying to protect you, i can’t even bear it if anything happens to you, please listen to me am begging you” he whispered almost trying to cry.

“But how did you know that am his next target?” Melody asked again.

“We need to leave this place first, i will explain everything to you when we get to a safe place” Joel replied with assurance.

“You will have to wait then let me go and get few clothes from my house” she said trying to get back into her street.

“Listen to me Lady, forget about the clothes, i will get you as many clothes as you want, just get into the car” Joel replied irritated, she was giving him stress.

“Melody” Melody said getting in the car.

“What did you say back there?” Joel asked after joining her in the car.

“You keep on calling me lady, my name is Melody and not lady” she replied with a smile.

“Alright then” he said turning on the ignition.

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  1. Melody I see ur life change and I see u both falling in love really soon. I just pray the captain can teach u some self defense moves

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