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(You will love me back)
©️Author Bella
Chapter Twelve
Taylor’s Pov
Mason’s gonna be so heartbroken!
I don’t get am utterly confused, I think that should be the theme for today, why would Shawn make out with Sasha in the first place locker room, I thought he was with Mitch and mason loves her, they’re suppose to the friends yet he’s making out with her when he probably knows that mason has a crush I mean they even dated, how could he!.

Come to think of it I’m really so stupid,how can I think of competing with Mitch, I mean she’s Fricking gorgeous and now there’s Sasha whom everyone one of the TIMS loves.
Things are really so complicated today I don’t even know where to go from now.

“Hey, Taylor… Mason said as i froze on the spot.

“Oh… Hey… Mason… I raid giggling nervously.

“Are you okay!.. I haven’t seen you all day I was worried.. He said as I smiled.

“Stop smiling you idiot, he was with Sasha remember… My subconscious added as I frowned immediately.

“Umn I’ve been around… I said dryly folding my arms.

“Well common let’s go have lunch.

“Umm I’m having lunch with someone else.

“Very funny Taylor, you said it yourself you’re not interested in being friends with anyone.

“That was before, I’ve changed my mind… I said simply.

“Well I don’t believe you, I would like to see this friend of yours.

“Well okay then, common… I said walking ahead as he followed me behind.

“Here she is …i said pointing at Jennette as she glared at him while he smirked.

“What are you doing here… They said simultaneously.

“I asked first.. They added glaring hard at each other.

“The rule was to stay away from me mason… She said gritting her teeth.

“Umm I’m confused… I said blankly.

“You’re having lunch with my cousin… Nice… He said as I gasped.


“Yeah she’s my annoying cousin… He said chuckling.

“But you said you hate the TIMS.

“Yeah I hate all of them including this Dush bag here, they’re so full of themselves.

“Aren’t we all… Mason said grinning.

“Anyways I guess I can have lunch here…Mason said trying to take a sit.

“Definitely not… We chorused folding our hands.

“What, I really don’t wanna have lunch at that table especially now that Taylor isn’t there… He said as I stared at him in shock.

“Sasha back and Mitch is there two they’re both gonna Put me in the middle of their fight for Shawn… He said dramatically as I Blinked my eyes to be certain I wasn’t dreaming.

“Sasha back, this should be good… Jennette said as I stayed speechless.

“What do you mean fight for Shawn… I said taking a sit confused as always.

“Umm Jennette don’t you have to go grab a napkin or something.


“Just goo… He said exclaiming as she stood up glaring.

“I’ll be back in ten minutes tops!… She said before walking away.

“I’m confused… I said simply.

“Remember when I said I and Sasha dated and But then we broke up

“Yeah and you still love her… I completed the sentence for him.

“Well we broke up because she fell in love wiry Shawn… He said as I gasped.

“Yeah they were dating behind my back and when I found out she was in love with him and I guess he felt same, it didn’t matter because her family moved away weeks later.

“But you have no beef with Shawn.

“Yeah I’m kinda used to girls I like Loving Shawn.

“What she did wasn’t fair in any way how can you too Still be friends, You still love her after everything.

“Yeah just like you cant stop loving Shawn… He said as My eye widen.

“I saw them making out in the locker room

“Make out, sex… He said as I grimaced.

“Please tell me she isn’t here to stay.

“Her dad was transferred so she is… He said as I frowned.

“That makes our work two times harder, Mitch and Sasha are gonna be fighting for Shawn’s attention while we make him fall for you… He said simply.

“And I help you get Sasha back… I added grinning.

“Nahh she loves Shawn I don’t wanna force it.

“But if she does come back you will accept her, you’re helping me I wanna do something in return… I said giggling.

“Alright then,lets eat… He said as I smiled while he snatched my tacos.

“Hey those are mine… I said trying to take it back.

“Finders… keepers… He said taking a bite out of it.

“Yay love birds… Jennette said sarcastically.

“Back so soon… Mason said as she glared at him.

“Please leave.


“Arg I hate Mondays…

“Drama Queen.

“This is exactly why I don’t want anyone to knows we’re related, I really don’t want girls flocking at me like they do with Taylor.

“I haven’t told anyone not even the Guys… He said grinning.


“I have no friends to tell any was.

“Can’t you two be friends.

“Nope… I said staring at her.

“We’re better off as just partners… She added as I nodded my head.

“If you say so but you two are perfect for each other.

“Nahh…We chorused at the same time.

I looked forward to their table noticing Shawn was sited with Sasha and Mitch who looked like they were ready to tear each other apart.

“This is gonna be harder than I thought… I said slapping Mason’s hand off as he tried to grab my Taco again.


Thankfully lunch was finally over and at least we had recess today after history which would give time to Reflect on what happened today as well as rest a little before the final bell is rung.
I walked besides Jennette heading to my locker since they were close to each other as a girl approached me.

“Umm hi I’m Rachel… She says stretching her hand.

“Here we go again… I Said blankly not caring if she heard.

“Umn hi I’m Jennette can’t you see she’s already with someone so beat it… She said grinning as Rachel glared at her before storming off.


“I didn’t do it for you her voice sounded like A broken instrument… She said as we both laughed.

“You’re crazy you know that… I said as we reached her locker.

“I know right, I love it.. She said smirking as she closed her locker.

“Remind you of anyone… My subconscious said giggling as I stared at her retreating figure.

“Reminds me of myself… I said out loud.

“Maybe we can be friends… I thought heading to my locker Before getting into class.

“Holy sh*t mason is in this class.. I thought As I suddenly remember last week.

“Nothing changes right…i said reassuring Myself as I twisted the knob taking my usual sit close to the window.

“How I wanted to rile you up by sitting there today… He said right behind me as I gulped down.

“Not funny… I said turning to glare at him.

“Keep the Romance for the bedroom.. Justine said as I blushed while some whistled loudly.

“You dumb ass see what you’ve done… I said facing the board as I heard a deep chuckle behind me.

“It’s not funny moron… I added as he laughed lightly.

“Yet I find myself unable to stop laughing.

“You’re crazy.

“Says the girl who wakes her family up everyday in her own crazy way.

“What the… How did you know that… I said as he stopped chuckling .

“Umm I guessed… He said simply as I furrowed my brows at him not convinced one bit.

“Good afternoon class… The teacher started as Jennette walked in smiling taking a sit close to the door.

“Maybe we can be friends… I thought Once more paying close attention to the teacher.


Recess finally I really can’t wait to settle down get some rest even for a little while after this not so straight but extremely confusing Monday.
I walked out of class leaving Jennette behind but noticing mason was following me for some strange reason.

“Why are you following me.

“Am bored..

“Yayy… I said my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“No seriously am really bored.

“What am I suppose to do about it you have less than an hour to get Un bored or something.

“Where are you going.. He Said ignoring my suggestion.

“To get some rest in the library

“Seriously you’re gonna use recess to Rest.

“Yes, obviously now would you leave me alone… I said trying to walk away as he held my hand.

“Ugh… What…

“Let’s do something fun.

“Sleeping is fun.

“It’s not common am bored… He says groaning.

“What do you have in Mind.

“Two words… Swimming..

“That’s one word moron.


“The swimming pool isn’t for use by anyone you know that, it’s for tournaments and competitions.

“Ugh, dont you have one rule breaking bone in there

“I already have detention today, don’t blame me if I don’t wanna add to it.

“Detention how..

“Ask your cousin… I said lowly.

“Just come we won’t swim for long just a couple of minutes that’s all.

“I don’t know how to Swim.

“I’ll teach you, just come

“Thanks mason but I’ll pass.

“Wow is She scared.

“Reverse phycology doesn’t work on me.

“So you’re chicken… He said grinning.

“Nope I don’t wanna add to my detention.

“Chi… Ken… He said grinning.

“I am not.





“too too too you’re too chicken…You think you’re not prove it…

“Alright I will… I said storming off to the pool arena.


The pool was totally off limits to everyone except when the school had a tournament or a competition with another school, anyone caught in here would have serious detention time which is why I didn’t wanna get in trouble But mason just had to come alone didn’t he.

“Wow She’s bolder than I thought…He said smirking as I creaked the door open.

“So how many minutes are we talking here one, two…. I said turning around only for me to notice he was taking his shirt off.

“What the actual f**k… I exclaimed turning around Covering my eyes.

“What you don’t expect me to swim in my clothes do you..

“Well.. No. But you could at Least give me a warning you know.

“I know right… He said his breath fanning my face as he used his hands to remove mine From my face.

“Three minutes tops… He said as I stared at him,my eyes glued to his face, I wasn’t bold enough to look anywhere else.

“Scared you might drool… My subconscious muttered.

“Yes… I said out loud.

“Yes?… He asked confused.

“I mean yes three minutes sounds great… I said chuckling nervously.

“Okay… He said grinning Before using a back flip to enter the water.

He was swimming for quite a long time now, thankfully his three minutes would almost be over and we can finally get out Of here.

“Mason… I said when he didn’t swim up for air.

“Mason you okay… I said trying to see where he was inside the water.

“Mason…. I screamed as he pulled me into the pool.

“You Fricking moron… I screamed swimming up for air.

“Thought you said you couldn’t swim.

“That was so not funny… I said frowning.

“It was kinda funny… He said grinning as I splashed water on him, he did the same and he seconds we were playing with the water giggling and laughing.

“Okay we seriously need to go… I said swimming out of the pool as he followed me.

“My clothes… I screamed as he chuckled.

“That’s not funny… I said hitting his Chest.

“It kinda is… He says chuckling as I tried to hit him harder.

“You moron… I shouted hitting him.

“You hit so weakly… He said huskily raising Both hands up.

“Let go if me…my clothes are wet because of you… I screamed in his face water dripping from my hair just like his .

“Your face is just so… He said as I dared myself looking down at his abs.

“Eyes up here pretty… He said as I blushed,he called me pretty… again.

“Umm, we should get going… I said still staring At him as he Held my bands.

“Yeah…He said absentmindedly.

“Detention… We heard a loud voice as he dropped my bands while I stared at the door.

“Mr tom I can explain… I tried to say as mason wore his shirt.

“You can explain in detention two days… He said as I smirked.

“Today and tomorrow right… I said cheerily.

“Yeah… why are you so Happy… He said as I grieved.

“Me Happy of course not… I said smiling inwardly.

“At least he didn’t add more to it than I already had… I thought smiling.

“The both Of you after school… He added.

“Out now… He said as we both walked out, I was soaked for sure.

“This is all your fault moron… I said as he rolled his eyes.

“Duh that was the plan… He said simply.

“What do you mean.

“At first I wanted us to get detention together but then you already had it,you really thought I was gonna let you go through it alone… He said as I gasped.

“Two hours to annoy you and Jennette I wouldn’t miss it for the world… He said as I gasped loudly.

“I’ll kill you I swear it you better start running… I said as he chuckled deeply sticking his tongue out at me.

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  1. Mason is using tactics so he could win her love maybe Taylor has not noticed yet bt she is falling for it small small…..kudos Bella

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