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There was a time
when the world flourished with beauty, peace and happiness
the leaves were green
and the environment clean
it’s inhabitants wealthy
and the trees were healthy.

the soil fertile
and their efforts were not futile
when they dress the land.
the rivers flew with water
the land was Golden
and two people lived in Eden
the garden of the LORD in the east
a land of beauty and healthy

change came
leaves began to wither
and rivers began to dry up
wars and chaos entered
pure happiness and peace were lost
hunger and misery entered
the world became diseased
and death found its way among men
all the beauties and glories of eden and the then world began to fade
until all beauty was lost
and the world became corrupt

things ought not be so
something went wrong along the way
when our first parents
in the glories and beauty of eden
in the abundance of food
failed to tame their apetite
and ate of that which was forbidden
of the tree in the garden
and so eden was lost………


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