I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 109

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I Want A Home – Episode 109
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He picked up his gun and navigated through the window, he released two quick shots at the vehicle.

“goddammit” Lord Margot cursed and frowned when the back glass dispatched. She turned backwards immediately as well as the two men at the front seats.

She opt close to the door and bend low as Joel fired more shots on them.

The man seated at the passenger side picked up his gun immediately to retaliate. He opt out through the window and began to shoot.

He fired three quick shots and opt in again when Joel fired at him.

He focused on the car tyre and released two quick shots but he missed on the run.

Joel waited no time to stop shooting. He fired and fired as well as they fired at him.

People were running up and down the entirely place and many was seen trying to get away from the crazy moving cars.

They were now getting towards the end of the road that leads to another intersection. The buildings from each sides of the roads were few and there was no way pass through any of them hence they were heading straight on.

It was to a total disadvantage for Margot and the men as Joel fired behind them.

He had a quick and sharp shot that would kill anyone instantly and some damages would have happened if the man driving wasn’t good enough.

They were now fast approaching the end of the route that leads to the main road as terrific gun battle emerged.

“We are heading towards the end of the road. I’m going on my right” the driver announced loudly as bullets from Joel pierced every piece of the vehicle. He waited for no authorization from Margot who was trying to prevent the open fire on them and turned sharply to the right side of the road without taking measures of possible vehicles passing the route.

Unfortunately, a car was speeding upfront the road on its own. No vehicle was expected to take such route hence vehicles passing through the route moves with extreme speed.

Both vehicle collided as the driver made the sharp turn thereby resulted to a terrific accident.

The vehicle lord Margot was seated inside rolled and turned down massively as Joel drove out from the intersection.

Almost immediately two separate cars collided with them, causing more terrible harm and more accidents for the cars behind them.

A vehicle blocked Joel during the collision and the whole road blocked just in ten seconds.

Joel rushed out from the car on seeing the unexpected vital incident, people around the road had gathered but was watching afar. No one could near or step close to the points because of the sudden disasters and gunshots heard, hence everyone stayed back as some watched from their cars afar.

He rushed across the police vehicle and head straight to the fourth car which was the one Margot was inside. The car was up face flat and halfway destroyed. He stepped close and recocked his gun, he squat immediately to check on the three inside the vehicle as he heard painful sounds from them.

The driver of the vehicle was dead, an iron rod had pieced his belly but Margot and the other man was injured.

He looked at Margot face as she let out a painful sound and made a very deep breath as Margot looked at his face.

“Jeez !! Hand it over and let’s make this easy” He told Margot and point the gun on her.

He waited for some seconds for response but Margot gave him none, she stared at him instead as her legs had stuck tightly between the crushed part of the vehicle.

“Hand it over now” He repeated and fired at the man seated at the passenger side, seeing he was trying to shoot him.

Soon, police vehicles were fast approaching and some of the people watching from afar had picked to a race on hearing the quick gunshot and siren.

3 hours later.

Michael Mill looked at his phone for the uptenth time waiting for the expected phone call he ought to receive. He looked at the time displayed on the screen and returned the device into his jacket.

The day was getting dark already and he seemed to be curious and impatient. He bit his lower lips and heaved a deep breath as he felt cold suddenly.

He was Standing by the seashore with two guards standing behind him. He picked out the phone immediately again and unlocked it, he navigated to the dial pad and dialed the last contact.

“Albert, what the hell have you found out? I’m getting impatient and I need answers now” he said into the phone immediately the receiver answered from the other end.

“I’m sorry, We had to torture George before he gave me the answers, what you are looking for is in Thailand, Kaew temple. I’m sending you the details already” the receiver answered in low tones, one that relates tiredness.

“Good, assemble the men, we leave immediately”

“Yes sir” the receiver commended and the call went off.

“You’d be a waste Harrison, look around you huh, you’ve been in my custody for six days and none of your so called brothers came for your rescue. They’d left you to die alone, can’t you see?” Lord Nathaniel asked in a persuasive manner.

He was seated on a steeled rectangular table with Khora and three other men standing beside him when Harrison Williams was on his knees. There were different bruise on his face as a result of different punches and some on his arm, he looked entirely different and had become lean just in six days of abduction.

“I’ve given you all you need Nathaniel, what else do you want from me?” he asked.

“How do I found Michael Mill and where exactly is the flash?” lord Nathaniel asked him gently.

“You can’t find Michael Mill man, he can only found you himself and I have no idea where what you looking for is, no one does, even Michael himself”

“Harrison, you can’t be too…”

“That’s all I know Nathaniel” Harrison interrupt him sharply.

“Okay.” the Drug lord said after a long seconds of silence, he stared at Harrison as if to believe what the man just said and nodded.

“No man is hard to find Harrison, I’d find him soon”

Three hours later.

It was a bit difficult for Steve and the others to have escaped the cops and the local securities three hours ago.

They all had to move differently and converged at Seux hotel after two hours. The incident about the gunshots were up in every channel of the news and high top security officials had began to appear in broadcast stations to calm the people as rumors had spread out quick that a state in Thailand was invaded by terrorists.

Steve lowered the volume of the tv as Derrick helped him out with his wound. He was seated on the bed while Derrick sat on a stool. Joel was standing by the window and Margot was tied up with a chair as she looked extremely angered, her face had swollen badly as Joel had battered her with punches when he helped her out from the car and when they were trying to escape the cops and she was giving him problems by trying to escape from him.

Steve looked at her and their gaze met, he turned back to the Tv and watched until Derrick helped out with the wound totally. He covered his cloth as Derrick returned some tools into the first aid box placed on the bed.

“We need to move out from here, Jason knows where we at and the police could be here anytime” Steve said out loud, breaking the long silence. He turned back to Margot just immediately Joel suddenly stepped away from the window with extreme anger towards Margot.

“I’m not gonna ask you again bitc..h, where is the flash?”

“I’ll rather die than tell you motherfuc..kers”

Joel waited no seconds again and stepped close to her, he began to punch her face real hard and bad, impatiently.

He stepped away and kicked her off the ground as she fell over with the chair before Derrick could quickly rush forward to stop him from killing her.

“You’d kill her man” Derrick shouted and pushed him away.

“We need to move guys” Steve said calmly on the bed. He seemed not to be bugle at all.

“We aren’t moving until she tells us where she kept the flash” Joel shouted back at Steve, he stepped forward aggressively again but Derrick stopped him from punching Margot and pushed him back.

“We can’t be moving around with her man, she’ll be a problem” Joel shouted out in anger. .

“I know how to get her to talk Joel, get yourself up and don’t kill her” Steve responded as Lord Margot made an audible laughter.

She bit her lips and frowned, “Nothing in the world could make me give you the flash, its long gone. The best thing you can do is to kill me and I die along the flash”

To be continued…






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