Forks And Knives – Episode 24


A story by Kennedy C Katongo



His intuition was on, her switching her phone off meant she was with the same guy that she took off with the time he took her out.

When he got at Tandiwe’s work place, he walked up direct to the first person he saw. “Excuse me…” He said.

“Yes please…” Jeff answered warmly. He knew everything about baby daddy except how he looked. Tandiwe had always refused to show him his picture because she believed it was of no importance.

“Am looking for someone who works here, her name is Tandiwe. Do you know if she’s around?” He asked as he spoke. Immediately that question went through, Jeff was now interested to know what he wanted from her.

Since they were blocking the way, he asked if they could move outside to avoid questions from the manage. Once outside, he then spoke out, “Why are you looking for her – has something happened?” He asked sounding a bit worried.

“No! Not at all. Why would you think that?”He asked him.

“Well, for starters Tandiwe never allows people to visit her during work hours.” Jeff said strongly.

“Oh – my bad. I was supposed to get something from her. Just that her phone is off. That’s why I decided to come and check if she’s around.” He said nervously. He didn’t like the whole thing of having to be questioned.

“I see. She’s not around. She knocked off around 13hrs.” Jeff said as he walked away leaving the guy star struck.




“Am really sorry. But I have to go…” Tandiwe said as she looked at her watch.

“Oh! Okay. No problem. Let me just pay so that I can give you a lift then.” Mambwe said as he got the piece of paper that had been flipped upside down on the table.

“Let me pay!” Exclaimed Tandiwe with a smile. When Mambwe heard that, he smiled and told her it was okay… He was going to take care of the bill. However, she insisted that she would pay for the meal.

“Okay then. I will do the honours of letting you pay. After all, it’s important to empower women.” Mambwe commented.

Tandiwe got the bill from h, she gave it a quick look and got her card… Walked up the counter and paid for the meal. It wasn’t that much, Just K350.

When Mambwe saw this, he couldn’t believe she had actually paid for the meal. ‘Lord, if only we had 50 ladies like her… The country would be a better place.’ He thought to himself.

“Where is home? Maybe I can just drop you there.” Mambwe said. Like a power couple, they walked side by side as they headed to were his car was packed.

“I don’t think that’s necessary. Besides, am sure you have a lot of work to do – bosses.” She giggled.

“Ah! So you making fun of me now – okay. So where can I drop you then?” He asked.

“I will just just get on a car from Kulima Tower.” She said. Mambwe went on to insist – he enjoyed spending time with her and couldn’t just let her go.

“So when do I get to see you again?”

“Am not sure. There are a few things I want to work on… I don’t think I will have time. But I will keep you posted.” Tandiwe said.

“That’s fine with me. Text me when you get home.” Mambwe said. He stood a few steps from where she was as he spoke to her. She was in a hurry to get on the bus, once he noticed that he just waved her and left.

She quickly switched on her phone as she waited for him to be out of view. She got off the bus, within a split second texts began dropping like bombs. They where all from Baby Daddy and things weren’t looking so good.

BABY D: �Where the hell have you been?’

TANDIWE: ‘You better mind your language. I’ve been busy. Why calling and texting like this? I told you I don’t want such and if you going to continue… Better just stop calling.’

BABBY D: ‘Am sorry. I just got worried that your phone was off suddenly. I didn’t mean to send all those.’

TANDIWE: ‘In fact just send the money via my Airtel line. I don’t want to meet up with you when you acting crazy.’

She hang up on him and got back on the bus. She knew how far he would go and how violent he became once he was upset and all worked up.




With a dazzling smile, Mambwe sat in his call going through how he had just spent his day. It wasn’t every day that such a smile covered his face. In that moment, there was a knock on the window. It was Jane, ZANACO’s Managing director and Ex-girlfriend.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” She asked him happily.

“Nothing. Was just in town. How have you been?” He asked her.

“I’ve been okay, I can’t complain.” She said warmly.

Mambwe sat tight in his car and had no intention of coming out. She strolled around as they did some small talk hoping he would come out so that they could talk but he did. After a few minutes she said her goodbyes and left.

Before he could start off, his phone rang and it was his sister asking of they could meet up at Manda Hill.

?���� ?����?����?

“Where are you coming from?” April asked as she stood up to hug him.

“I was in town, met up with a friend.” Mambwe responded sharply as he took his seat.

“How have you been?” He asked her.

“Why do you ask that?” She questioned him.

“What! Is it wrong for your brother to ask how you doing?” He laughed.

Mambwe liked picking on his sister, “Okay – on a serious note, how are you?” He asked her.

“I’ve been okay. School has been good, a bit weird but just fine. My business is up and running.” She said excitedly. “What about you, what you been up too acting all fishy lately?”

“What! Me! Acting fishy? Nah.” He denied with a smile.

“That look right there says you hiding something. Spit it out.” April told him.

Mambwe knew very well she wasn’t going to stop making remarks about what his been up to until he told her everything. So he went on to tell his little sister everything he knew about Tandiwe except the part of her having a child.

“You know she’s not going to date you right?” April asked him.

“What you mean? What makes you say that?” He asked her.

“Well, she’s a Witness and you not.” She said calmly, “It means you can only marry her if you become a witness as well. They don’t date from other churches. Bro – that’s something that every guy knows.” She shook her head.

“Am not every guy. Besides it’s just religion. It’s not like we have a different Jesus nor God.” Mambwe commented.

“Well it’s about that. It’s about preserving there beliefs and avoiding confusing in marriage due to different beliefs. You don’t need to understand it…” April said as she tried to educate him on the matter.

“Love conquers all things.” Mambwe jumped in. The two of them began laughing.

April knew just how stubborn her brother was, she went on to tell him that if he still want to pursue her… He was to make sure his emotions were in check to avoid him having a melt down because from the look of things, he had already fallen deep for her.

“What! Am not attached. I just like her.” He justified himself.

“Am not saying anything. After all, it starts from just liking her and then you talk every day and then you get attached.” April commented.

“Wait, did you call me here to attack me?” Mambwe asked her. He now felt opposed.

“Not at all, I want us to eat from Hungry Lion. So I wanted you to keep me company. And I want some advise on something.” April said as she stood up, “what you waiting for? Let’s go!”

‘What did I do to deserve such a pushy sister like her?’ he thought to himself.

“Why have you made an order for 3?” Mambwe asked.

“Malumbo will be here, his with one of his friends at East Pack.” She said.

“You guys really need to stop setting up these come together meetings without asking me.” Mambwe nagged.

“Stop nagging bro. Besides it’s not like you even busy today.” She said.

“What makes you say that?”

“I checked with your secretary before calling you. She’s the one that told me that you actually left early for lunch.” April giggled.

“Stop stalking me!” Mambwe exclaimed.


To be continued.

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