The Dragon's Mate

Chapter 1-The dragon’s mate

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Emerald’s p.o.v

My name is Emerald Walter, I am 17years old. I am 6ft 8 tall, I have green eyes, red lips, ebony hair, porcelain skin, and a wrestlers body.

Today is the choosing day, when all the girls that has turned 18 will be chosen by the dragon lord that feels they are their mate or to be a bedroom slave. Most become bedroom slaves because the dragons are ridiculously picky when it comes to their mate.

I am a special case as I look like a dragon lord myself expect they’re a little bigger than me. But I have no thought of being a bedroom slave and they should be prepared for hell as they guarded against running away by six werewolves.

We are ordered to wait at the large hall where we are to be chosen by a dragon lord. I will likely be chosen as a warrior as I am not a human. But what am I? I don’t know.

NB: A little something for today comment please. Have a happy Sunday.

PS: ignore my picture.


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