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Not To Help

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Man’s greatest “sel~fish~ness”
The hindrance to heeding the call to help.
The great care of self
Even when the masses suffer.

The calling of the poor lazy
Even when we have “never extended our hands to help.”

“Treating of those below us like trash”

The passing over of those suffering
Just because “we have better use of our precious time.”

The “throwing of food into rubbish bins”
“When our neighbours had nothing to eat last night.”

The “not feeling of our neighbour’s pains”

The ” not doing unto others
As we would wish them do unto us”

The ” not loving one another”

The ” not being our brother’s keeper”

So sunk the ” Titanic ”
On it’s first voyage
Thousands of meters deep in the ocean
With hundreds of lives aboard
Because some men thought it “WISE NOT TO HELP.”

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