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I Want A Home – Episode 106

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I Want A Home – Episode 106
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Steve shouted out for Margot again and again but she waited no long to hurry out. He had located the beamer and was trying to inform her but she didn’t wait to listen.

He was now trapped within the laser alone and Margot had left him to die.

He heaved a deep breath and brought out a talkon quickly from his pocket.

“She betrayed me like I predicted” he said into the chip immediately it was turned on as he heard a loud distinct bang from the tunnel.

“What exactly are we dealing with?” Joel’s voice sounded immediately from the chip.

“Its an electronic flash and she’s getting away with it”

“Amigo !! I told you that bit..ch would betray us” Derrick gruff voice sounded too.

“Yeah, I know she will and she’s getting away” Steve added too, staring at the laser beamer he had founded.

“She’s getting away? What you mean she’s getting away?”

“I’m trapped in a laser and she’s heading out of the tunnel”

“Shi..t !! Why the hell do you get yourself trapped in a laser man?”

“I’d get out, you just protect the flash” Steve said and dropped the chip. He kept it into his pocket and stepped towards the direction of the beamer he had located.

He heaved a deep breath and squatted. He remembered few techniques of turning off a laser technically and that memories made him remembered Lord Nathaniel again. He remained at the point for a moment and finally decided to use of the techniques to turn of the laser while trapped by it. Its looked almost impossible but its possible.

Margot was almost getting out of the tunnel after successfully engaging few more traps at the last three metres when she began to hear rapid gunshots right at the entrance of the tunnel.

She looked backwards and raised her pistol. She attempted to take a step forward but withdraw as a thought ran through her.

She brought out a phone from her pocket instantly and unlocked the device, she navigated quick to the dial pad and dialed one of the saved contact at the call list.

The call went through and a broad masculine voice sounded. “I can hear gun fire and I’m almost out of the tunnel” She told the receiver and glanced backwards again. She put off her headlight immediately and stepped forward.

“The Monks alerted local police and they have the whole place surrounded already. They are currently on a fire exchange with some men”

“What men?”

“I can’t seem to identify them, they are masked and engaging the cops in a serious fire”

“I need you to help me out, I’m almost out of the tunnel and that bast..ard must have alerted them”

“We have you covered. Wait but step out in 60 minutes” the voice came through and the call went off immediately.

Margot glanced backwards again and returned the phone into her pocket. She held the gun firmly and heaved a deep breath.

As the fierce gun battle filled the entire place, people around the temple and afar the graveyard had gathered in fear.

No one would literally understand what was going on if one of the monks had not seen the secret tunnel behind the Buddhist statue as many questions lingered on the people who were already at every side of the temple.

About 9 local cops were shooting at some unidentified men that just appeared immediately they got to the temple and it has all looked confusing in every part.

Nobody was down yet but the gun exchange was so fierce and loud.

“Guys what the hell is happening down there?” Margot said into the chip as she await her receiver.

“We are in a serious contact with the local police, you should be out by now” Jason said into his chip as he and Jakoby tried to take cover from their positions.

There was no response to him at first but he heard Margot response few seconds later.

“I’m right at the entrance, the gun fire is too fierce, I need you to level up”

“What about Steve?” Jakoby asked loud.

“Steve is trapped at the end of the tunnel, I don’t think he’d get out. This tunnel is gonna collapse in few seconds”

“What about the flash?” Jason asked instantly.

“Its here with me”

“Okay. Head out, I’ll be at your six and Jakoby would help you from behind” Jason instructed and looked at Jakoby. They nodded to themselves and came out of cover to shoot simultaneously.

Their first rounds of shots took down two of the officers immediately and Jason hurray out from cover to help Margot out.

Seated in a vehicle were Joel at the passenger side and Derrick at the driver side. A laptop was placed on Joel’s lap and two equal revolvers placed at the dashboard of the vehicle.

Joel closed the laptop immediately and brought out two pistols while Derrick took the guns at the dashboard and opened the door after Joel.

The vehicle was locked and both dues began to head out separately from the other side of the road.

“Steve, we have some unidentified men at the temple and we sighted some men heading to the place. I think we got more complicated company” Joel said into his second chip directly connecting himself with Steve and Derrick.

There was no response but a rumbled noise, sounding as if the place was collapsing.

“Steve you there?” Derrick asked as he walked.

“Steve !!” Joel called out afterwards but there was no response except the rumbling sounds. They waited for some seconds but still didn’t hear any response except the rumbled sounds.

In less than a minute, all the cops shooting from the temple were down. The gun fire reduced but the unidentified men were shooting randomly at Jason who had to take cover immediately.

He looked towards the extension of the temple and sighted Margot close to the entrance but he couldn’t move. He made a signal to her and began to shoot again.

“I’ll hold them off while you get out. Are you sure Steve is still in there?” He said into his chip as the heavy bang reduced.

“Yes. He’s in there but who are those men?” Margot asked as a bullet luckily missed her at the entrance when she attempted to get out.

She stepped back inside and Jason had to hide too behind a pillar for cover.

“There’s a fuc..king mix up, I have no idea who the hell they are. Just get out from there now” Jason replied her loudly and stepped out from cover to shoot. By then, Jakoby assisted and Margot was able to get out from the temple while the strange men fired at them.

She ran towards a different pillar as well and hide behind it, now standing about some distance away to the entrance.

“Derrick, Joel. We might need some help here now man” Jakoby shouted into his chip from his position.

He moved out immediately and fired as Jason took cover for him. He ran quickly ahead and also stood behind the pillar.

“Where is the flash?” Jason asked Margot as he breath profusely.

“I have it safe with me” Margot answered him and joined the shooting.

“Okay. I need you to pass it around, Jakoby would stay back to fire before Derrick and Joel gets here” Jason suggested as the shooting continued randomly hitting every poles.

“Who the hell are these men shooting at us”

“They are afiars, a group of local security monks. They raised fire immediately the intrusion started” Jason was still saying when Jakoby interrupt him.

“Shi..t we need to get out of here. Pass the flash and let’s move” he told Margot and widened his face. The men shooting at them were nine in numbers and each of them seemed to be highly trained with their methods of shooting.

He looked at Margot who acted like she couldn’t hear him and he glanced at Jason immediately. The men were really closing up on them and it was obliterate they move out immediately.

Just immediately Jason was about to speak, Margot stepped out from cover and began to shoot.

“Its safe with me, let’s move” she added and stepped out from cover.

To be continued…

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