His Property

His Property – Episode 35

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{My One Night Stand}
Written By Author Bella

©️ Youngicee Stories

I made a mental note not to think about what happened too much.

When Stefan comes back, I’ll tell him everything that happened. I shook my head moments later disagreeing with my decision.

If I tell him what I saw, I’ll want to know who she is. He won’t tell me and I’ll get hurt. I don’t want to cry this evening.

I took out my phone realising it’s been a while since I spoke to Sharon. She drifted away from my mind and I just remembered her now.

Her line rang for a shirt whole and she answered.

📞 Hello….

Her joyous voice said.

📞 Hi Sharon, it’s Lina.

📞 Lina!

She exclaimed in surprise.

📞 It’s been quiet a long time. I hope Stefan’s treating you well, I’m still working on how to get you out. So far I haven’t been able to think of anything.

📞 Actually Sharon. Stop looking. I’ll be fine, once I pay off my debt, he’ll let me leave.

📞 I can’t do that. You aren’t anyone’s prisoner Lina. You stole from him, he doesn’t want to send you to jail instead he’s keeping you like a prize. You deserve better.

I sigh at her words seeing a little truth to them.

📞 I don’t want you to be at risk. I’ll be fine.

📞 Since when have I been unable to take care of myself?

📞 I know you can but I’ll never be able to forgive myself if anything happens to you as a result of my mistakes.

📞 They weren’t your mistake, I made you sleep with him for starters.

📞 You didn’t make me do anything. I could’ve said no but I didn’t. It’s all on me.

📞 What if Stefan decides for you two to have sex again. Then, you decline and he forced himself on huh?

📞 What are you saying Sharon. Stefan is nothing like that.

I blurted out instinctively without thought.

📞 Did you just defend the guy who’s currently holding you captive, what’s wrong with you Lina? Is he threatening you?

📞 Stefan isn’t threatening me. He’s not like that. I live with him and I’m getting to know him so I know…

📞 I’m beginning to have doubts about you Lina. Two things are happening right now. It’s either he’s threatening you to utter all these rubbish or you’re falling for him. For both our sakes, I pray to the almighty it’s the first one.

📞 It’s neither.

I clenched my fists.

📞 It can’t be neither Lina.

📞 You know what Sharon? I missed my friend. I wanted to talk to someone not to get judged and scolded. I think I’ll go back to being alone. Bye

I hung up on her without another word resting properly in the car.

Tovia said the same thing only in a different way and now Sharon. I can’t be into Stefan. It’s just not possible so I’m not even going to consider the thought at all…..


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