His Property

His Property- Episode 32

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{My One Night Stand}
Written By Author Bella

©️ Youngicee Stories

I didn’t just blurt out an answer straight away. I thought hard about it before opening my mouth to speak.

What if I say no and I need to have feelings for him to understand what’s going.

What if I say yes and I needs to be emotionless to get his situation.

I racked my brain for a few seconds and Ethan just sat there staring.

“So are you?”

He repeated when I didn’t answer the first time.

I drifted off earlier but my mind is suddenly taken back to the question of the day.

Enough thinking, I’ll just say the first thing that comes to mind.

“He’s keep me captive. I’m trying to think hard on how you can still think I get to be in love.”

My response was straight forward. It’s partially the truth. How can I ever fall in love with someone like that. It just isn’t possible.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry I asked that kind of question in the first place.”

“It’s okay. But it’ll be the best if you can answer my questions ”

He sighed, staring at me with no response.

“Are you sure you want to go here Lina. No going back. This is literally the last chance you have to turn back.”

“Tell me who they are.”

I demand and he nodded.

“Make your choice.”

Once again, I’m in deep thoughts unsure of what to do. My original plan seemed good but I just can’t get my mind off that woman.

Maybe I could ask Stefan who she was. Meanwhile, Ethan can explain who the other woman is. A win-win.

“The one in the pictures. He keeps a little photo of her in his room.”

Ethan sighed and nodded his head in recognition.

“So… Who is she?”

“She was everything to Stefan. They met in highschool, attended the same college and after two years, that woman in that picture became Mrs Pierce.”

He dropped a bombshell making me freeze. My gaze was locked on his. His words ringing in my ears and my brain automatically deriving meaning.

“Stefan was married before?”

I groan out and he nodded.

“Well what happened? Where is she now? Is she here or did she leave? Why aren’t they together anymore.”

I shot at him. He opened his mouth to answer about he same time the door opened.

He closed up immediately like someone who’s been caught.

“Let’s go Lina.”

Stefan was back to being commanding.

“We’re not done.”

I mouthed to Ethan and stood up to follow Stefan.

I gave him a look as I passed the door. Couldn’t decide if I should ask him or just let it go.

Some much mystery already surrounded him as it were. I thought I knew him a little but if someone took me Stefan Pierce was married, I would blankly dent that accusation and now this.

I’m not sure about anything but the only sure thing is that I’m not done here.

I’m tired of frying my brain with thinking about what could’ve been, what was and what still in.

I think it’s time I did some research of my own, find out the truth once and for all.

There’s no need asking Stefan about anything, he wouldn’t tell me the truth anyways.

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