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High School On Love – Episode 31

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Looking them makes me smile.

“So what are you still doing here ex queen”Smith said.

“hmm….am sorry I will go”i said as I turn to leave.

“Wait”that was Andra voice.

“Don’t leave,have said it earlier that have forgiven you”she said.

“So just stay”micheal said.

“But she almost kill andra”Smith said.

“Smith let admit her as our friend”chris said.

“And who knows what she will plot again”smith said.

“Smith we both know she is sorry”micheal said as he use his hand to write some words in the air and smith nod.

“Thanks for forgiving me”i said.


Now am cool Ellie have been forgiven.I feel like am not a betrayal again.


I know what Micheal is talking about I have read ellie mind and she did not have any evil just that I want her to realize her mistake small but now I just have to forgive her too so I will not be like am the wicked one here.


I could not contribute to what they are saying but just watch Andra she forgives ellie even after what she did.Am bless she get a soft mind.



Everything has been going smoothly even when ellie is with us.

“Guess who will win this”that was Cara voice as she sat down beside me. I and Cara have been along and I most say I like beening with her all the time she is cool,thou she is not always happy especially when she remember how her mum die.According to her,her best friend push them into the pool because of jealousy but so sad her mom die but she survived it.

“Andra of course since ellie did not contest”I said.

“Even if I contest Andra will win me”i turn to see Ellie. She always realize her mistake all the time and she is really trying to cover it up and be a cool friend.She most have learn her lesson by now because she loose the position in school and have been topic for all student even till now.

“Wish she win too”cara said.

“What if I tell her not to win”i said.

“I will cut your head off”cara said as she hit my shoulder.

“That is killing”i said.

“And you don’t want her to win what is that called?”she said as she face me like she want to beat a kid.

“Why the face did you want to beg me”i said as I move closer to her too.

“Just get me a cane and watch if I will not”she said as she lick a bottom lips.


I watch as Cara and Chris continue there tete-a-tete that how they always do looks like things are going out between this twos.

“And what is going on here did you guys want to kiss”that was smith as he bend doing at chris and Cara face.

“What if we want to”chris said.

‘Then I could help do a video”Smith said.

“Hmmmm…. We are not kissing case closed”cara said as she shift back from chris.

“Well we can see the feelings”Smith said as he sit beside me.

“Don’t start again”cara said almost shouting.


I and leya sit beside each other holding hands as the competition want to kick off.Since the last one fails another one was organized to choose the queen of swimming.


“You can do it babe”I said as I shake Andra checks like a baby.

“I know,let me go now everybody is out already.

“Good luck”i said as she want to go but I drag her back.

“What again”she said as her kiss her.

“Now you can go”i said with a smile.

“Silly boy”she said as she hit me on my leg and quickly run out..

“Am not going to forgive you for that it hurts”i said.

This not the first time Andra is in this cloth but she look more hot maybe she add some mature they said ladies grow everything everyday right.

“She is mine”i said as I smile and get out of the dressing room to watch the competition.I look around and sport leya and Michael Leya was putting her head on Micheal shoulder,let me not spoil the romantic moment I taught as I look around then to see smith and other sitting in one place as I walk to them.

“What did I loose”i said as I sit down beside chris.

“You loose where Chris and Cara almost kiss”ellie said..

“What!!!”I shout.

“Smith am I wrong”ellie said.

“You are right if not for me they might have kiss”Smith said.

“Kelly it a lie don’t mind them”cara said as I turn to see Chris but he have a smiling face.Don’t tell me is what am thinking.


THE competition kick off round one is done and Andra was chosen with two girls now they are going for round two.


👦andra go on!!!!

👧You can do this andra

👦Andra we want you.

Almost all the students want Andra.

“Andra be fast”i shout as I stand up from my sit.

“Winner!!!!!!!!”I shout.Andra win this.


“Am pound of you Andra sister”i said as Andra run to hug me.

“I love you Andra”chris shouted as they all run to us.

“Congratulations”cara said.

“They have not announced it yet”andra said.

“But we know you are the queen”ellie said.

“Ladies and gentlemen let clap our hands as the king of the school announced his queen.all the student start clapping as Kelly come forward he collect a paper from the master.

“My queen this year is my queen of my body,mind and soul”He said with a smile.



“Even if she is not the queen of this school she is still my queen”he countinue.

“The queen of lil Hight school now is ANDRA SMITH”he said.All student Start shouting and clapping as Andra walk to him and give him a hug the shouting increase………




Since yesterday I have been treated like a queen with the fact that everybody now knows am dating Kelly too.

“Just imagine I don’t win the competition”i said as I drop my ice cream.

“Then you are still a queen”Kelky said and I smile.

“Am happy for you”Ellie said.

“I can’t express my feelings now”chris said.

“Uhnnn…. To Cara right”smith said.

“Hey,who said is for me he is talking about Andra becoming the queen”cara said almost shouting.

“And I said is for you”smith said as Cara stand up to hit her but she fall down.

We all laugh out loud.


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  1. I was a ghost reader. But, when i read this particular story, i fell in love. Kudos to the writer. I feel like reading this story a million times over again….

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