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 Episode 16

A story by Kennedy C Katongo


“Well, I know Tandiwe. She just doesn’t snap for no reason. You must have done something. Am sure you will find out what it is sooner or later.” She said as Jeff took leave to patrol the store and make sure everything was in order.




A good hour had gone by without the two of them talking to each other. Since Jeff had no idea what he had done, he gathered the last ounce of courage he had to confront Tandiwe on what was really going on.

“Hey! Talk to me. What’s going on, why you acting funny all of a sudden?” He asked her. Tandiwe had her back against the wall with Jeff’s hand crossing her shoulder.

“Don’t stand close to me.” She responded.

“At least tell me what I’ve done that has gotten you so upset!” He demanded.

“You want to know what you have done Jeff? How about every single time I try to consider giving us a chance then one of your thousand girlfriends have to pop up. You say you changed and you want to be serious with me. Well sorry to bust your bubble – you still far away from being serious with life.”she said while pushing him off. Since Jeff had no idea that she had been through his messages, he tried his best to defend himself by playing the victim.

“Here we go again. I know you. So don’t try and pretend like you being thinking about us. How long has it been – am always making moves on you and what do I get? Excuse after excuse.” Jeff said as he went against her wish by moving when closer to her.

“Jeff!” She called out.

“I know am not perfect. But don’t I try to be there for you, to be there for Peter? If you don’t want me it’s better you just say so rather than trying to act like I do something that makes you change your mind every day. So if you going to be ignoring me, at least tell me what I’ve done wrong.” Jeff demanded.

“You want to know what you have done wrong? Okay fine. Your so called Brown Skin Girl was texting. Move out of my way and leave me alone.” Tandiwe said as she walked away heading to the counter to talk to her friends.

The moment she got there, her friend had something to say about them, “Do you know that the whole store could here your little battle back there?”

“I don’t care. They should mind to learn their own business.” Tandiwe responded.

“How can they do that when you two are shouting your privates lives out in the open. I’ve always told you Jeff isn’t there guy for.” She whispered, “I know he likes you and everything. But like seriously Tandiwe we both know the kind of guy he is… Unless you want to be one of his conquests by the end of the day.” She added.

“Awe boi, conquest nabanani! I have no time to be dating men who still want to play around and just water other people’s lives.” Tandiwe said as she handed a plastic bag to one of the customers at the counter.

“Take your time. Otherwise you might just end up hurting yourself.” Her friend said.

That day dragged on with the two of them not talking. Jeff walked around like a headless Chicken – it was a walk of Shame.




This wasn’t the only drama that was going on. Roderick, Jeff and Malumbo’s friend was also in a bow of hot soup. From being beaten down to the worst news of his life hitting him.

Roderick had received a phone call from his baby mama that she really needed to talk to him. This happened like three days ago, for some reason he always found that there was no time on his hand.

“Now that you done with her you have decided to come here?” She asked him. Roderick stood at the door with his checked shirt that matched the color of the trousers he was putting on.

“Am really sorry…” He said in his most tired voice.

“You don’t need to be sorry. Am sure you knew pretty well what you were doing.” She said as she walked inside leaving the door open for him.

Roderick wasted no time and followed her, he knew she would think he had been spending time at Cherry’s place. But that wasn’t even the case. Roderick had been up and down for the passed three days explaining himself to Cherry’s relatives on why he did such a thing to her.

For all the pain and hurt he had inflicted on her, he saw it as the right thing to do – apologizing to everyone.

“How are you doing?” He asked her as she sat down. “B.M!” He called out. Those letters stood for Baby Mama.

“Don’t call me that.” “So where have you been?” She asked him.

“I was just busy with work.” Roderick responded, “You don’t look okay did something happen?” He asked.

“I was at the Hospital when I called you… But you decided not to pick up, am sure you thought I want to ask for something from you.” She sighed.

“Come on naiwe it’s not like that.” He objected.

She went on to explain to Roderick why she kept calling him, for some reason she was bleeding when she woke up and decided to go to the hospital after she got tired of calling him. Once at the hospital she was immediately attended to, but nothing could be done as she had lost a lot of blood.

The Doctor concluded that she had been stressed for the last past days and that was one of the main causes that induced the abortion. She had to stay the night at the hospital; even then, when Roderick was called he didn’t answer his phone.

She cried as she narrated everything that had happened to her.

“I bloody needed you Roderick and you were not there for me!” She shouted. He moved in close and held her tight as he began to drop tears himself. He was really looking forward to being a father, he was excited about having a child.

“Am sorry love. Am sorry I let you go through such trauma alone.” Roderick said as she kept crying.

“Why did you leave me… Why?” She asked while tears just flowed.

It was then that Roderick notices that the house looked odd. It seemed like she hadn’t been outside since she returned from the hospital.

He got up and removed his shoes, then he lifted her and took her to the bedroom.

“Don’t leave me alone.” She said to him as he was about to walk out.

“Am not leaving you. Let me make you something to eat love.” Roderick said. For all that it was worth, her second fear was that since she wasn’t pregnant anymore he would leave.

But that wasn’t the case, Roderick went to her kitchen, picked a few things and made her a sandwich with juice.

Once he gave her, he began cleaning the house for her. His decision to leave Cherry for her wasn’t just because of the pregnancy, he was drawn to her and wanted to be there for her.

“Did you take your medicine?” Roderick asked her as she stood at the bedroom door watching him clean.

“I don’t like them, I feel like vomiting when I take those.” She said as she moved her shoulders to show she hadn’t taken them.

“You need those drugs. Otherwise, you will start passing out.” He told her as he stood in front of her.

“And when did you become a doctor?” She smiled.

“Girl, for you I can be Jesus.” He said with a small kiss on the forehead, ” Let’s go you take you medicine.”




After closing the store, Jeff took off to meet the Brown Skin Girl from Evelyn Hone. After all, he had nothing to lose, Tandiwe had already shut him off and stopped talking to him.

While she was waiting for her friend to come back from the private room, she got her phone and dialed Baby Dadys number.

“Hey Tandiwe…” He answered joyously.

“Where are you? I think I will take you up on your offer.” She said.

“Okay that’s nice. Am actually driving into town right now. Will let you know where we can meet.” He said.

“Okay. But I hate waiting…”

“I know that. Don’t worry am going to be on time.” He smiled as he responded.

“Okay, we can go now.” He workmate said as she arrived.

“Oh I’ve changed my direction. Will be heading to town for something. We will just meet tomorrow.” She beamed her teeth.

“Are you meeting someone?” Her friend asked.

“Stop being nosey. Am not doing anything me.” She giggled.

“Am going to report you to your crush.” She said jokingly.

“My crush is a hot shot.” She responded as they laughed. In the reference, Mambwe is the man she spoke off.

To be continued.

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