Forks And Knives – Episode 20


A story by Kennedy C Katongo


It had been a busy day for Malumbo, since he had reported for work, he was on the move from one office meeting to another. And once he was done, he decided to go to Mambwe’s work place.

“Ain’t you supposed to be at work?” Mambwe asked him.

“Am done for the day. Am only human and am tired.” He responded.

“You have always been lazy.” Mambwe commented.

“Since it’s been a busy day, I won’t let you block my shine. I will rise brother!” Malumbo said in a dramatic voice.

“So what you want here?”

“Nothing. Just thought of visiting you.” He smiled.

“Visiting huh… Didn’t you see me when having breakfast in the morning?” Mambwe asked him.

This lead Malumbo to complain bitterly. His elder brother then went on to ask him to be silent as he was still working and a lot of things to cover. To which Malumbo was happy to comply. It wasn’t always like him to comply easy but he did it anyway.

“Has dad asked you anything?” Mambwe asked his brother.

“Nope. Not at all. Why?”

“Nothing really.” He shook his head. “By the way, that day. Jane texted you. I read the text and deleted it.”

“You were going through my phone? Like seriously, what did we agree about going through each others phones?” Mambwe asked him with a frown.

“Your phone is constantly buzzing. Who wouldn’t be curious enough to check who texts you like it’s Christmas.” Malumbo said.

After a moment of silence, Malumbo focused on his phone as he waited for his brother to finish with his work.

After swiping and swiping on Facebook, he began to laughing in the most annoying way.

“What’s the problem this time around?” Mambwe asked him.

“Nothing, it’s just this girl am chatting with.” He said as he continued to laugh.

“What about her?”

“Can you imagine – I ask her the qualities she looks for in a man and goes like ‘he shouldn’t be stingy’ as if she was there when he was hustling for his money. So I reciprocated the same answer ( she shouldn’t be stingy) and then she gets all defensive all of a sudden.” Malumbo said.

“Well, mostly when a lady says she doesn’t like stingy men – it means she asks a lot for money. If a man loves you, giving stuff becomes easy, there is no need of even asking.” Mambwe said as he continued responding to the last mails he had.

Two days had gone by since his drinking incident. Their mom knew about it even though she hadn’t confronted him about the same.

“Did you talk to mum in the morning?” Malumbo asked him.

“Yes I did. Seems she knew about my moment of glory. She didn’t say it but you know how she acts.” Mambwe said as he closed his laptop, “You haven’t even told me why you here.”

“I finished my work early and decided to come and hang out in your office.” He smiled as he put his phone down.

“Don’t worry. Am not gonna get drunk. I just wanted to ki*ll the pain I felt.” Mambwe said with a smile.




As the brothers were trying to get it together, April was having a hard time shaking of Goodson.

“My God, No he didn’t!” April explained as she got up from her bed to show her friend something on the phone.

“Look at this, his gone and commented on all past photos that I uploaded. Ati ‘the only one for me’ this guy is crazy.” She exclaimed.

“I think he just loves you.” Her friend commented.

“This isn’t love, his obsessed with me. You should listen to the voice notes he sent me – talking as if he owns me. Like it’s his destiny to have me. Total trash.”

“If it’s that bad. You should tell your brother’s about it.” Her friend suggested.

“No way. Those two are mad men. They going to beat him up.” April said as she shook her head.

“Mambwe doesn’t seem like the type to do that. I mean his all handsome, manly and…” She was cut short.

“You shouldn’t be talking about my brother like that. It’s creepy.” She commented.

“I like him. He’s hot.” She giggled.

“I wouldn’t let him date you.”

“And why wouldn’t you do that? Am I not good enough for your brother?” She questioned April.

“First of all, I know you. And I know my brother. Why are we even talking about my brother?” She giggled shyly as it was obvious that she had cut a nerve and her friend was offended.

April went back to her bed, her Facebook account was filled with photos of her and Goodson; Yes, it was that like of relationship – the one of posting each other every day on all social media platforms. However, once they broke up… It never crossed her mind to remove the photos from her account. So, one by one she began to delete them.

“You can just block his crazy butt!” Her friend said passively.

“I wish that was easy. I don’t want to be enemies with him.” April said as she stopped tapping her phone, “Goodson is a great guy, his funny, Charming and the like. His every girls dream. The only problem is that his weak – he gets blown away by every skirt he sees. I can’t be with a man who can’t exercise self control. I just can’t.” April said said with a smirk on her face.

“The point is you still love him. Just give him time – after all, what’s yours will always be yours no matter what.” He Friend encouraged her.

“Awe ba boi. It’s just to much, what kind of a guy is friends with every single feel – how come him his close with every girl. You can’t even leave the nigga alone at the cashier’s desk, you will find him flirting and giggling with her. I can’t be with such a man. Yes I admit it, I still have feelings for him and that ends there.” April said as she now lay down.

As all this was happening, Goodson had just received a call from his girlfriend. She was alarming him to the situation of there relationship ending following the comments he had made on April’s photos.

“You told me you were over her. What was that nonsense you were commenting?” She had asked him.

In her eyes, Goodson seemed to like girls what came from well to do families. His girlfriend – who had now turned to be the ex found out of another lady that was doing Law at Cavendish University. ‘You know how girls can investigate’ and once she confronted the young lady, her excuse was that they were just mare friends and that was all.

“Am sorry but I love her.” Goodson had responded on the phone after she confronted him of his behaviour.

She went on to tell him she could not be with a man who couldn’t let go of his past. She’s told you a million times she doesn’t want to be with you but you there acting foolishly to get her attention.




“Oh!” “About that girl at Society Mall. I remembered were I saw her. She was at the Hospital with Jeff the time we went to see Roderick.” Malumbo said.

“And who is Jeff?” He asked.

“From what Roderick has told me, his her best friend. They work together at Levy’s PEP store.” He said.


“And what?” Malumbo asked.

“I know you asked more questions about her. So spit it out. I want to know everything you know about her. ” With that said Mambwe closed his laptop.

“B-u-t, I thought you working…” Malumbo said slowly.

“Well am done with work. So tell me, what did you find out?” He asked interestedly.

Even though he was the one that started the conversation, he didn’t want to be the one to drop the bombs on her.

“Okay, do you love the girl?” Malumbo asked his brother.

“I can’t say I love her, that’s way to strong. I do like her a lot though.” He responded thoughtfully.

“Well if that’s the case then just get to know her yourself. That’s not something bad at all. You know what I mean.” Malumbo said nervously.

“Okay. You definitely hiding something so what is it? Tell me.” He demanded. His young brother hesitated a bit until he dropped the knees that Tandiwe had a 3year old son.

Mambwe had never been for the idea of dating a single mother. His brother knew it and didn’t want to tell him in fear of him changing his mind about her.

To be continued.


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