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Unconditional Love – Episode 17

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A story by Jochrine Kunda




Olivia woke up with a dull feeling one morning so she woke up and said a prayer and managed to drag herself to the bathroom where she did her hygiene process and wore grey formal pants, a pink, loose shirt that exposed her cleavage and 10 inch formal heels then tied her weave in a messy bun and grabbed her peach bag and jacket. She went to the dining room where breakfast was already prepared by Tamara and she ate with Aaron who asked Tamara to join them, he drove her to her shop and promised to pick her up when he knocked off because work would be tough that day then he perked her cheek and she went out watching him drive away. She got in the building and all her employees greeted her and she responded then went to her office…she dropped her bag on the table and put on her jacket along with her spectacles then got busy with paper work but couldn’t concentrate because of the dull feeling she had and found herself starring at nothing in particular when she was disturbed by a knock on the door and it was her employee

Lady: Ma’am can I come in?

Olivia: you’re already in but first bring me a cup of coffee coz I don’t think I’ll be able to work

She dropped the papers she had in her hands on the table and left to get Olivia a cup of coffee… she returned after some time and gave it to her then was signalled to take her seat which she did

Olivia: please be quick

Lady: Ma’am, the track that imported our goods from South Africa has been involved in an accident

Olivia: ac…accident…. What…. accident?

Lady: we haven’t exactly been told what happened but it’s been burnt to ashes and the police are still trying to gather information from eye witnesses. The customer who needed the dresses was here earlier asking when they’d arrive but I couldn’t tell her and we’ve run out of stock


Lady: I’m sorry madam

Olivia: LEAVE

The employee left and she sank to the floor dropping her cup on the floor and cried then she took out her phone and called Aaron to pick her up but his phone rang unanswered for a couple of times then she told one of her employees to get her a taxi because what she needed was to get home and weep over her loss. The taxi arrived shortly and she took her belongings then was drove home…she kept thinking of her loss all the way and tears were streaming down her face until the driver told her that she’d reached her destination, she paid him and left entering her yard. Her heart was almost beating out of it’s ribcage which she didn’t understand, she found Aaron’s car parked and she thought her mind was playing tricks with her then she got in the house and was welcomed by a burning pot of meat and tried shouting Tamara’s name but couldn’t as she found her mouth open. She went to her bedroom and when she was about to pull the door knob down, she heard voices

Tamara: that was so sweet, I wonder why that village chicken Mumba would run away from something this sweet

Aaron: that’s why she paid for rejecting me because that bruised my ego

Tamara: how did you do the recording part?

He explained everything that happened that night and Olivia walked in ready to kill, Tamara who was only covered in sheets held on tight to Aaron then Olivia walked straight to Tamara and roughly pulled her off the bed and her naked body was exposed, she dragged her out of the bedroom and locked the door leaving Aaron who was trying to get dressed inside then she angrily turned to Tamara who was pleading to her

Olivia: tell me what I didn’t do for you to go after my husband?

Tamara: I’m sorry madam, I don’t know what came over me

Olivia: you made me turn my back on my precious nice, do you know what she meant to me you Devil?

Tamara: I’m so…..

She was interrupted by a punch hitting her lower lip which got cut

Olivia: I’ll no longer pay for your sick mother’s hospital bills and pay for your sister’s studies, you’re leaving my house just the way you are

She gasped

Olivia: I’m burning all the clothes I got you, hope you still have those rags you used to wear

Olivia dragged her out of the house still naked but she managed to escape her grip and grab a wrapper that was on the line, Olivia chased after her until she ran out of the yard and locked the gate then set her clothes on fire. She went to the bedroom where Aaron was banging the door and shouted for her to open which she did and went to the wardrobe where she started packing Aaron’s clothes

Aaron: what’re you doing?

Olivia: you’re leaving this house or should I say I’m divorcing you and if you give me any problems I’m reporting you for what you wanted to do to my niece, I never knew I was married to a jerk and know that you’re losing your job as well

Aaron just watched her defeated as she packed his clothes in a suitcase….






Olivia was sitting in her bedroom crying over what had happened to her as she the memories of how she sent Mumba out of her house played in her mind, guilt washed all over her and she blamed herself for everything that happened then she got up frustrated and gathered everything that was left of Aaron and disposed of it. She went to shower hoping she would calm down and dressed in a white, maxi shirt and black adidas leggings leaving her hair a mess because of the banging headache she had, she got a book where she had stored all of the important numbers she needed and she was lucky to find Mumba’s there since she had deleted it from her contacts. She prayed for the eighth time hoping she’d forgive her as she entered her digits keeping her fingers crossed….she was disappointed when her call couldn’t get through and she tried using different lines but it was the same which got her frustrated and started breaking things in the house


She was interrupted by a knock on her door and she slowly got up from the floor dragging herself to the door, she was surprised to see her brother and his wife at her door step

Olivia: what do you want?

She asked as she wiped the tears that fell from her eyes

Mr K: can we come in?

She looked at them for some time then made way for them to enter and closed the door behind them indicating for them to take their seats

Olivia: would you like anything?

Mrs K: No, we’re fine

Olivia took her seat as well and her brother kept looking at her then he exhaled loudly

Mr K: is my brother in law in? he can join u……….

Olivia: he doesn’t live here anymore

He looked at her surprised

Mr K: Olivia, what’s wrong?

She started crying as she thought of everything that happened and Mrs Kunda consoled her, she explained everything when she was calm and they both felt sorry for her

Mr K: we’re also here concerning Mumba

Olivia: huh?

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing

Mr K: we want to make things right with her, she’s our daughter and we can’t keep hurting her like this

Olivia: I’m glad you’ve both come to your senses

Mrs K: do you know where we can find her?

Olivia: I was trying her numbers earlier but couldn’t get through, she used to live with a certain guy at his house but I doubt if his father would let us see her

Mr K: he would, do you where it’s located

Olivia: yes I know the place

Mrs K: let’s go then

Olivia: let me get changed

Olivia changed into a navy dress and black gladiator sandals then they left and tied her hair in a messy bun…The drive to the Kabaso’s residence was a long one but they finally arrived and were welcomed by Amogelang who was chatting with James outside

Amo: good morning, how may I help you?

Mr K: is your father around?

Amo: yes he is, who should I say is looking for him?

Mr K: just tell him that he’s got some visitors waiting outside

Amogelang looked at them questioningly but delivered the message to her father who went out with her, he welcomed them in and they all took their seats

Mr Kunda: we’re looking for a certain young lady by the name of Mumba, does she live here?

Mr Kabaso: No, she doesn’t

He said plainly

Olivia: she lives here with your son

Mr Kabaso: they don’t live here

Olivia: he’s lying, this is the place

Mr Kabaso: excuse me

Mr Kunda: sorry about that… ummm…. we’re actually her parents and there’s something important we need her for

Mr Kabaso: like I said, she’s not here

Olivia was losing it

Mrs Kunda: where can we find her?

They’ll only be here after three months

Mrs Kunda: three months is a lot of time, where can we find them apart from here?

Mr Kabaso: in Alabama

Mrs K & Olivia: WHAT!!!

Mr Kabaso: exactly so you can come back then

They all tried digesting what he said

Olivia: what is she doing there?

Mr Kabaso: that’s where she lives

Mr Kunda: alright, we’ll come back then

Mrs Kunda: can we at least have her digits so we can talk and her?

Mr Kabaso: I’m sorry I can’t give them to you

Mr Kunda: or you can have ours so that you contact us when she’s here

Mr Kabaso: sounds reasonable

They exchanged their contacts and they stood up and left, the drive was quiet and Olivia first dropped her brother and wife at their house then drove home as she thought of their visit to the Kabaso’s residence. She got home and found someone sitted near her door step but couldn’t figure out who it was so she parked her car and walked closer then saw that it was Jeremiah’s mother with Sekela who was excited to see her, she welcomed her in and she was also looking for Mumba but Olivia told her told her that she was away, she pleaded with Olivia to see her saying that what she needed her for was important then Olivia promised to inform her when she was back. She thanked her and left as Sekela cried to remain with Olivia…….




Amos was planning to open his own construction firm which he wanted to call EMA CONSTRUCTIONS which would consist of Endurance, Mumba and him and there were so many successful business people who wanted to work with him so he organized a party to celebrate it and his employees from the hospital, the business associates and other well known people were invited, the venue was an exquisite place and the event was wall planned. Mumba was so nervous that she spent a month trying to look for the perfect dress to wear and at one point she decided not to attended in fear of how she would look considering that Amos was the host but he wouldn’t allow it.

She did a 360° turn in the mirror and was satisfied with her red, long dress that hugged her in the right places, it exposed her cleavage and was mostly lacy and her hair was tied in loose curls, her silver purse and jewellery matched her 10 inch nude heels and was drove to the venue. Amos had already left as he had to associate with most guest, she called him when she arrived and he went to fetch her he couldn’t believe that she was his when he saw how beautiful she looked then he found himself smiling like a retard. He walked towards her and perked her lips then took her hand and walked her in as he complimented her looks, they got in and most of the attention was shifted to them since most people saw him alone earlier and the singles thought they’d try their luck on him.

The party started and Amos first began by introducing the main topic which was his firm, it’s importance and how it wouldn’t benefit the city and the country at large then everyone was amused and give him a round of applause then he got a bit nervous and cleared his throat

Amos: I had always dreamed of opening such kind of a firm and many other dreams but I almost got all that shuttered at a certain point when I got involved in wrong acts but someone brought me back to life and showed me it’s worth encouraging me to dream big, I came back to life thanks to this beautiful soul and I hope to achieve more, this whole thing is dedicated to my first born daughter Endurance,

A picture of her was shown on a screen and everyone admired her beauty

Amos: my woman, Mumba please step forward

The guests cheered as she walked to were Amos was

Amos: and myself so that’s where EMA is coming from. This is the beautiful soul I’m referring to, she showed me what love is and transformed me to who I am today, she made me a father and she’s the reason we’re all here

He turned to face her

Amos: and for that I want to say “thank you” so please make me the happiest man on earth

He got on one knee and everyone gasped then opened a box which consisted of a ring with a huge rock on it

Amos: Mumba Kunda, will you marry me?

She stood there not believing what was happening and she got emotional

Mumba: y…yes…Amos… I’ll marry you….


To be continued…


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  1. Kudos to the writer, what an interesting story! At last, God paved way for Mumba. When are we going to get the next one, please?

  2. am so happy for you mumba
    see now they are all searching for her
    for forgiveness
    amos you are a live saver

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