The Sacred Psycho

The Sacred Pyscho

More than just abnormality

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The sacred psycho

{More than just abnormality}

Bunmi B. Gabriel


Jeon Yong-Sun, the wealthiest man in the music industry. His industry which had branches allover Asia was number one. Bringing up young people and making them stars; making them idols.

A man of few words but with a very big heart

Being powerful and respected by all was nothing to him, the only thing in his life neither him or his ex wife dared played with was their priceless and beautiful abnormal daughter, Jeon Eun-Kyung. A crazy and over optimistic girl living in a world of cupcakes and rainbows, a girl whose face no one had ever seen but knew she was Snow, the priceless daughter of Director J as they call him

Something changed when her mother who she spent all her life with went mysteriously missing, no one could tell what happened but Snow had to go live somewhere else, so her father chose to let her stay in the house of his favourite idols, a set of five handsome boys. (Fifth Alphas)

What does life hold for her?

Why will her father choose for her to stay in the midst of FIVE BOYS?!

Who are the Fifth Alphas?

What happened to her mother?

Is she just abnormal or abnormal? 😉


Those are the questions to be asked. Find the answers to them in the exciting adventure of the crazy teenage psycho

Some characters might appear later because I’m not sure. I’m writing the story from my head as it goes but this cast will surely be there


Note I will use their English name instead to avoid confusion

1. Jeon Eun-Kyung. (Snowflake)

2. Lyon Lynn (Min-Jun)

3. Kim Dong-Jung (Kai)

4. Jesse Mac

5. Gu Chung-Hee (Tye)

6. Cena Kang

7. Lee Suzy

8. Blair Choi

9. Jeon Yong-Sun (Director J) and Pearl Sheing. (Snow’s parents)

10. Bitna. (Lyon’s sister)

11. Rena Yoo

12. Choi Bae, Rachel Kim, Ria Ling and Mia Byeon. (Rena’s friends and teammates)

13. Kim A-Yeong. (Jade)

14. Beryl Ki

15. Topaz Lee

16. Hana


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