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Rachel steps out of the shopping mall struggling with two bags filled with clothes and other things she will be needing for her husband’s party. Standing outside allowing the gusty wind caress her face, she walks down to her car crushed by the weight of the two shopping bags. She curses and hiss under her breath. She drops the bags on the backseat and proceeds to check her WhatsApp messages to see if Angela, her friend would be around. She needed to see Angela for some girls time before going back home. The thought of home made her pale and sick as her stomach churns. It scares the daylight out of her. One would wonder why a woman is scared of going to her own house. Her own husband. She quickly waves the thoughts off her mind, checks her time and decides it’s time to go. Getting into the car, s
there’s a car in her way.
“What the hell is wrong with some people?” She said as she furiously open her car door, stomping her legs on the ground as she makes her way to the counter
“Hey, who’s the fool who parked his godforsaken piece of sh*t without thinking” she glares at the girl at the counter
“Madam, please what’s wrong?” the girl at the counter, Maria asked
“What’s wrong? You are asking me that stupid question instead of you to ask which of your customers or staff parked some piece of can near my car. f**k it. This piece of can is blocking my car” she shouts.
Maria pacifies her and follows her to the parking lot, writes out the plate number of the car and dashed back inside. Few minutes later, a man strolls out with his shopping bags to the “piece of sh*t”, looks up at Rachel and smirk at her.
“What the hell!. Did you actually pass your driving test Dude?. I doubt it.” She yells at him
Dude looks up to her without a word opens his car, hops into it and makes to drive away.
This irks her.
Dude drives out of her way, whines down his glass, “this piece of sh*t is an Audi, not your Beetle” he yells at her.
“You are mad Dude. f****ng mad”
“And you are just some mf. A bitter estranged b***h”. This he said as he drove on.
Rachel glares as the guy disappears out of her sights. “sh*t”! She curse as she checks her watch, enters her car, and speeds of like some mad woman. Hell yeah!. She’s mad.

“Where the hell have you been woman” he roars at her as she steps into the living area with the shopping bags. She stills herself for his next words but is shocked at his calmness.
“I don’t want you to ruin my party. No. I don’t want people asking questions and raising suspicion. You know me and what I am capable of doing to you for defiling me. I told you to come home straight from the mall and you are coming just now”? He thunders.
Knowing her husband, she keeps quiet, while he kept on talking and reeling words at her, insults and all what he could have done to her that evening but for the party. She allowed the tears stream down her face, as the sting of his slap hit her. More tears as he drags her to the bedroom,instructing her to freshen up and get ready for the party.
“You don’t need to make sure if everything is set for the party. I have made sure of that. After all it’s my own party. I only need you there because the party will be in this house”!.
She let her tears flow as she scrambles to her feet to the bathroom to take a shower willing the water to wash away her anguish. She thought of everything. “Where had it gone wrong”? She asks herself repeatedly.
Raymond, her husband, was the most gentle being she had ever met. And easy going. She could have thought he couldn’t hurt a fly, not to talk of laying his hands on her. She had met him at her parents firm. Her parents Joe and Rose are both lawyers by profession and own one of the big law firms, The Gavel, in Ikeja. The Williams love story of meeting at the Nigerian Law School, Abuja campus is an interesting one, the highlight being both graduating with first class honors. Being a third year student of business administration at the University of Lagos and her parents involved in corporate practice, she goes to the firm during the holidays to understand the world of corporate practice – business and law. He just graduated from law school with second class upper honors. A LL.B degree from University of Lagos and a B.L degree. He is an alumni. A fantastic combo. Raymond Ajayi is also good looking, dark skinned, well chiselled face, great dentition, and hun, great legs too. He must have been an athlete. She doesn’t have a penchant for heavily built men, and was therefore grateful that he wasn’t. Just fit. He had been employed  into the litigation department of the firm. With roughly 300 lawyers working at The Gavel in various departments, litigation, real estate, corporate practice, property etc, you can be well assured of a successful legal career. He was also hardworking and knew the ‘law’. A very intelligent man and a great asset to the firm. It was therefore not a problem for her parents to pronounce her blessings on their relationship and eventual marriage. Since she won’t study law, having a lawyer has a son in law is not a bad idea.

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