I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 103

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I Want A Home – Episode 103
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Its with gladness Vivian spoke with her aunt husband.

She looked at the head chef who collected the phone few minutes after speaking with Mr. Stephen and stand up when the man stepped a bit away from her position on the bed.

“Do you need anything else aside your meal?” the chef asked Vivian immediately he too exchanged few words with Mr. Stephen on the phone before the call went off.

Vivian shrugged immediately and smiled. She took a glance at the table the food was placed and turned to the chef.

” I won’t be needing anything but I wish to walk around the mansion today”

“Oh that’s pleasant. Just call on the maids whenever you want to” the chef remarked and faked a smile. He nodded afterwards and took a glance round the room.

“Okay. Please make yourself comfortable” he added while Vivian smiled and he turned to leave the room.

Vivian picked out the phone under the pillow immediately she saw him closed the door. She heaved a deep breath and navigated back to the main menu. She dropped the phone on the bed and stared at it for a moment.

Tears formed in her eyelid and soon dropped. Obviously that moment that seems complicated, she could not laugh rather cry but the tears dropped painfully from her heart.

Remembering her aunt’s husband words, she picked up the phone again and switched it off. She wipe the tears off her face and head for the bathroom gently.

Valentine looked at the two men standing before him while he listened to his caller. He made an hand gesture to Frank who was seated beside him and turned back to the men when he saw Frank expression.

“I’ll have to call you later man. I’m quite busy now” he said into the phone and kept it on the chair after exchanging few more words with his caller.

He turned back to Frank and made an apology face before he turned to the men again, urging them to speak on.

“We traced the location as directed and we found the most visited locations for two weeks alongside visitors or whoever goes in and out of the mansion.

We scrutinized everyone and whoever passes through the area consequently within those two weeks and we found out two strange men visited the mansion prior to that time”

“Who were they?” Frank asked.

“We couldn’t find out their identities but we found who they work for” the second man answered this time around. He glance at Frank and back to Val.

“A drug lord called Nathaniel”

“Oh damn.. I know that bast..ard was up to something. Have you found their operation base?” Valentine squinted and asked them.

“We located their operation base but we found nothing when we looked into it”

“Nathaniel has tons of places around the world. It would take long to check each base, you need to be specific on your investigation and try to find out the locations he has been recently or the past weeks” Frank ushered.

He heaved a sigh and glance at Valentine who was just few inch away.

The door of the room they were inside opened just as he was about to speak and Abu stepped inside.

He walked up to the men and bowed respectively to show his regards even though he made an awkward face.

“There was a duel exchange few hours ago at a drug deal territory, a report reached me that the cops found traces of ecstasy and drops of opium at the crime scene so I had my men looked into it and we found out no drug lord or local territory has overs of such substance except a drug lord called Nathaniel. I had to check and I think we might have found him” Abu announced immediately, reviving one sense of relief to Val and Frank.

“Really?” Frank asked enthusiastically.

“Yes. After the gun duel, the cops surrounded the entire vicinity and no movement was allowed whatsoever but…”

“Who were the other party?” Val asked in interruption.

“It was a drug lord called Ruiz, he’s body was found dead at the scene by the police”

“Interesting !!” Val remarked and let out a chuckle. He made a funny smirk and maintain his gaze at Abu after he and Frank exchanged a glance.

“Not just that, we surf through Joel Reagan’s phone and tried to access his call logs and browser history. We found some contacts he had been reaching and most of which could locate us to him and the people that rescued him”

“Good” Frank said delightedly, he nodded and join his fingers before he adjust his seating position.

“I hope you’ve killed Kim and his fu..ck son?” Valentine asked gently.

“No, they had a security system that prompt an alert on our trial for deactivation so our men had to back down. The mansion is fully guarded not just with armed men but sophisticated security systems”

“I need all this be done quick Abu. Ensure there is no failure in this and make sure Kim’s death is arranged as an accident” Val ordered.. He relax on the sofa and turned to Frank.

Location : Thailand.

Steve got out from the plane with lord Margot beside him as well as people coming out.

He was carrying a brown leather box and was suited, Margot was carrying the same coloured box but its shape was quite different to the one Steve held. She was also suited and looking elegant as she and Steve walked towards the taxi waiting for them ahead.

Steve got into the right back seat with the box and Margot took the left back side. They settled quick and the taxi driver kicked the engine.

“Welcome to Thailand. Where would you like to go sir/ma?” the young taxi driver asked them, looking at the rear mirror to have a look at his passengers faces.

Steve kept his hands into his side pocket immediately and brought out a hand note instead of answering, he handed it over to the driver who managed to turn to him and read the words.

“Is there any hotel close to this address?” Steve asked him while showing the hand note.

“Oh yes.. There is Suex Hotel… Its one of the best hotel in Thailand”

“Can you take us there?”

“Yes but that wasn’t the address ordered for, you’d have to pay more charges”

“Take us to the hotel, we’d pay more” Steve instructed and leaned back.

30 minutes later.
Location : Suex Hotel, Thailand.

Steve and Margot were just settling at the same room. Steve sat on the bed, a laptop was booting beside him and he seemed busy with his phone.

“We are settled. We move exactly 11 o’clock” he typed into his message box and sent to Derrick.

He kept the phone into his pocket and carried the laptop on his laps after a glance at Margot.

“I want to use the restroom” he heard Margot said and watch her leave for the restroom.

He tapped the space bar of the laptop and an image displayed on its screen after an awkward feeling surge through him watching Margot head for the rest room.

Four men were seated along Khora who was sitting at their center some distance away from the door. The room was quite hazy but relays one that explains not a jovial mood, Khora had called four of the men together for a brief meeting in a separate room.

“If indeed Lord Vladimir helped us, it only means he took away all the dope and the money” One of the men poured out after Khora spoke.

“Yeah. Its could be no one except him. I overheard him talking to Lord Vladimir on the phone few hours before the deal” Another man enjoined thoughtfully while the men glance at him and turned to Khora who was talking before the interruption.

“We have to be precise it was definitely Lord Vladimir” Khora announced gently.

“We have confirmation that he visited the location before and after the deal. What more chances do we have?” one of the men countered as an immediate silence emerged.

Khora sat up straight and saw their gazes on him. They are all going down and his decision would determine their fall or rise again. Lord Nathaniel was only set to wake less than two hours as the doctor prescibed but alot could happen within the hours.

“Get Harrison William in here” he ordered after a short silence and two men stands with immediate effect to carry out the order.

Two minutes later, Harrison was made to be on his knees forcefully after a short hurdle with the men. He looked around and heard Khora called his name.

To be continued…

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    Most people have forgotten the story line….
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    Kiddos to the author 👍👍👍

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