His Property

His Property

My One Night Stand

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{My One Night Stand}

By Crystal Oduwa (Authoress Bella)


I have no home.

I belong to whomever has enough money to buy me,like a commodity I’m sold from person to person.

I’m a maid for some,a whore ,a cook,I’m whatever they want me to be just as long as I can survive.


His Property

I slept with him for just one night, that was it. No strings attached or so I thought.

Like a property,I was sold to him.

He became my new owner and I exist only to serve him.

I’m his property and I belong only to him .

He has rules,I follow.

He has needs,I provide.

No one should be treated like this but I like it,he’s my owner yet I desire and want him.

Our relationship is toxic yet I don’t want it to end.

I had one taste and I’m craving for more.


Billionaire, CEO of a fortune 500 company, Stefan Pierce had just one night with a mysterious lady. After that, he was determined to find her no matter what and make her his.

Lina Grant, a desperate lady, who would do anything to make ends meet. She had no other option but to sleep with Stefan Pierce, she just had to. She imagined it would be a one time thing and put it behind her. Little did she know, he wanted her.

As always, he got her and claimed her determined to make her his for as long as possible.


Why did Lina sleep with Stefan in the first place.

Watch how their hate-love relationship works out.

Is Lina just a prize to him or is she something more?

What happens next?

Find out in this suspense filled story.


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