His Property

His Property – Episode 25

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{My One Night Stand}
Written By Author Bella

©Youngicee Stories

Fear engulfed me. Fear for Tovia because he might just deduce she told me about it. He’s a smart man and won’t take it as purely coincidental that we were talking about a door less than an hour ago. And right now, I’m in front of his mystery one which apparently no one is allowed to go close to.

And finally, fear for myself. He talks about me as his property. The one he owns and in that sense he can do whatever he wants with me.

I didn’t think Stefan would be capable of hitting a woman but the anger in his eyes makes me believe in this moment, he’s capable of just about anything.

The only thing present in the room was the sound of our breathing. Both haggard and shallow.

Sooner or later, i will have just not right now. I’m too scared to utter a word, too frightened to move. Help me Jesus.

“Umm Sir. Miss Grant suggested we take a tour of the house and I told her to wait for me there so I could go prepare dinner.”

Tovia says emerging from another side of the house. The anger dissolved almost immediately and he bit his lips.

“Alright. I’m not hungry though, goodnight.”

He spunned around, went upstairs probably towards his room.

I heaved a large sigh of relief finally able to catch my breath.

“Thank you.” I say in gratitude.

“Trust me ma’am, I didn’t do it for you. You all are the same and I know you would rat me out the second you were caught. I can’t lose the job, my mom would be thrown out so ma’am… I didn’t do it for you. Goodnight.”

She walked away making me hurt. Did she really think that of me?

I dragged my feets up the stairs and into the room laying face down on my bed. I felt a little bit hot but too lazy and tired to get into the bathroom. I simply dozed off into dream land.


The sun rays illuminated past my window landing on my face. I seemed to have turned since I faced the ceilings.

I opened my eyes and shut them back still feeling sleepy. I did again and again until I could stand properly to take a cold shower.

After I was done, I stepped out and held the towel tightly to myself. I was just about to take them off and get dressed when….

“I seem to be in the wrong room but most definately at the right time..” An unfamiliar Male voice says.

I turn around slowly and gulp at the man in front of me extremely aware that I nearly got naked in front of him.

“W-Who are you…” I stuttered grabbing a robe putting it on and letting the towel loose.

“I was just about to ask you the same question. I didn’t know Stefan takes his sluts home. You’re a fine piece of ass though.” He states and licks his lower lip.

“So, how much for a quickie. Right now.”

I move back slowly as he approaches me.

“I-i’m not….”

“Oh, I’m rich. I can pay well just name your price…”

He trails off trying to touch me. I push him over as hard as I can.

“What’s wrong with you? Don’t you want to make a few bucks.”

“But I’m not….”

I tried to say and the door bursts open. Stefan walks in and switches his gaze between us both making me freeze.

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