Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love – Episode 9

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A story by Jochrine Kunda



We stayed indoors most of the day and a girl at the age of 16 walked in and Amos he introduced her as his sister, she had a heart warming smile on and she lived in the double storey house with her parents, she was bubbly and kept asking me lots of questions then concluded that she admired me “don’t admire someone like me,” I said behind my smile then she asked me to help her out with her homework which I did and she left thanking me. Amos then sat next to me and asked what happened and I only explained the Bertha issue and his eyes were popped out when I was done

Amos: so she took my clothes when she asked for my key yet I accused the house help, she’s dead meat and she’s not even pregnant

***He said looking angry***

Me: you sound so sure

Amos: yeah I am, she had abortions each time she conceived and the last time she tried to keep one she miscarried and the gynaecologist said she couldn’t conceive anymore, she refused to accept it so we tried out two more gynaecologists who confirmed the same thing. She was so depressed that she was almost losing my mind and her mother together with Stacey my stepmother helped her with the healing process

Me: so she faked the pregnancy just so she could get to my husband and ruin our marriage?

Amos: something like that but don’t worry it’s now in the past so you’ll focus on your studies and show that loser that you can do without him and leave Bertha to me to deal with

Me: it’s painful (crying)

Amos: don’t worry I’ve got you

I cried on his shoulders till I was only left with hiccups

Me: I’m hungry

Amos: what would you like?

Me: boiled potatoes and beef

Amos: alright, let me get to it

Me: but then I’ll start with rice for starters, let me warm it

Amos: No, no, no I’ll do it

I lived with Amos for a week who treated me like a baby and always insisted that we went shopping for my clothes each time we came from classes, I hadn’t seen Bertha at school so I thought she decided to play “house wife” in my home. Amos and I were at home watching an action movie when aunt called and I ignored it

Amos: aren’t you going to pick up?

Me: I’m scared, what if her husband has told her a different story? I’m not ready to face her

Amos: listen here, you’re the one with the upper hand here. That man’s freedom lies in your hands and I’m still not in support of you not reporting him so let him try anything funny, face your aunt soon and tell her the truth

It was like aunt knew what we were talking about coz she immediately called

Me: he…..hello

Olivia: look at this one, what’s the use of a handset if you can’t pick up?

Me: sorry

Olivia: awwww don’t cry sweetheart you know I was only joking, I’m on my way from Nakonde and I’ll be home in the next few hours so make sure you come and pick up the dresses I’ve bought you

Me: o….okay

Olivia: hey, are you crying? WHAT HAS JEREMIAH DONE THIS TIME?

I dropped the call and indeed I was crying for a reason I didn’t know, Amos gave me a handkerchief and held me tight rocking me back and forth


I got up roughly pushing Amos away from me and went to the kitchen where I picked a knife, I went to the living room opened the door and went out with Amos right behind me

Amos: Mumba, what’re you doing?

Me: I’m going to send that loser to hell by chopping him into pieces so that I’m rest assured that he’s not having peace

Amos: please just let him be he’s not worth it, he’ll pay the consequences of hurting you so dearly believe me

He led me back to the house and I laid on the couch

Me: Amos, I’ve been thinking

Amos: should I be worried?

Me: No, I have to move out it’s not appropriate to live with you especially after what happened. I thought of doing job hunting at least having a job will help me take care of myself

Amos: and school?….




I had never thought of the question that Amos asked me and I gave it a quick thought

Me: I’ll only work when I return from classes

Amos: it’s not like I’m complaining, you can stay here for as long as you want

Me: No Amos I……

Amos: what should I prepare you?

Me: just make me corn flakes in that big bowl of yours

Amos: I got it

He went to the kitchen and I sat debating whether to see aunt or not and what Aaron might have told her, I was so lost in thoughts that I hadn’t realized that Amos was back

Amos: a penny for your thoughts?

**He came closer to me and sat next to me handing me the bowl of flakes**

Me: thanks, they look delicious

Amos: sit up straight

As I sat up the remote control that was on my legs fell on the floor and we both tried taking it at the same time, our eyes locked and everything seemed to stand still, it was like nothing existed around us, we were in our little bubble and could only feel our hearts beating and they spoke thousands of words. I quickly composed myself and cleared my throat then he took the remote control and sat on a different couch, the room was filled with an awkward silence until I decided to speak

Me: I think I should see aunt because I can’t keep running away from her

Amos: you sure you want to go?

***I nodded***

Amos: alright then finish up

I finished eating and went to change into maroon adidas tracksuits and white kicks since it was cold then put on light make up and tied my hair in a ponytail, I left my bedroom and found Amos in the living room waiting and his jaw dropped upon seeing me

Me: I wish I could send a fly right into your mouth

Amos: babe, you look amazing

Me: thanks

We left and he drove playing Chris Brown’s I love you and when we got to Olivia’s place my heart kept beating fast but tried pretending in front of Amos, he dropped me off and asked me to call him once I was done. I opened the gate and went in then suddenly had a strange feeling which I fought. When I got in the living room I found Olivia and her husband seated then their eyes shifted to me and Aaron looked at me like a lion that was ready to attack it’s prey, I greeted them and took my seat with my mind busy telling me that aunt knew what happened that night and I regretted seeing her in the first place. Her lips curved into a smile and I smiled back taking a sigh of relief, she talked about her trip and how much she enjoyed it while Aaron pretended to read a newspaper and our eyes bumped into each other making him scared that I’d speak then he cleared his throat and put the newspaper down

Aaron: you little rascal got guts huh?

Olivia: Aaron, who’re you calling a rascal or are you talking on the phone?

Aaron: I’m talking to this devil over here

***He pointed at me***

Aaron: she’s a devil that deceives people with her innocent looks, no wonder your husband threw you out you whore


***She was angry***

Aaron: honey, she’s a whore


Aaron: I should shut up for being man enough to resist temptation, right?

Olivia: TEMPTATION MY FOOT……..wait!!!! what temptation are you talking about?

***She asked curiously***

Aaron: you went out there when your so called niece came to my house to seduce me

Olivia: No, you’re kidding

Aaron: I’m actually adulting and not kidding, Tamara come here

I was tongue tied all along and she came in running with a Chitenge and an oversize T-shirt on then she got on her knees, my palms were sweating as I couldn’t believe that the tables had turned against me in my presence so I had to deny the whole thing since explaining would help with Aaron poisoning everything

Tamara: Sir, you called for me

Aaron: Tamara, what happened the day this girl came here?

Tamara: you asked me to spend a night because you didn’t trust her and as I was sleeping I heard you shouting for her to leave your house then I rushed to the living room only to find her naked and you threw her gown at her telling her to leave

Me: Tamara, you weren’t……

Olivia: ENOUGH!!! Firstly did you come here in my absence?

Me: No, I didn’t

She looked at Aaron and he huffed then smiled triumphantly when she looked away then he stood up and left, Olivia kept looking Tamara in the eyes and she started fidgeting and was saved by Aaron who walked back ninja walking with my suitcase I felt defeated and had completely forgotten about it when she asked me if I had gone to her house in her absence

Aaron: sweetheart, your precious niece never came here so I want you to search this bag

She opened my bag and all my belongings were there then she approached me and slapped me twice, the last one was a punch on my nose and I started bleeding

Olivia: you disgust me you ungrateful b***h, no wonder my brother wants nothing to do with you

Me: aunt, I didn’t………

***She slapped me hard again***

Olivia: return everything I’ve given you, go and burn this suitcase, Tamara

The money I wanted to use in renting an apartment when I moved out from Amos’ house was in my savings account and she was the one who had given it to me

Me: please aunt listen to me


Me: Uncle Aaron was the one who tried to force himself on me and I……..

Aaron: you’re so evil to even have guts to accuse me of nonsense, all of you should listen to this

He took out his phone and played a recording, my voice was heard clearly “Aaron sweetie, let’s do this like adults I know Olivia sucks in bed and I can give it to you anyhow you want it so get off me and let’s get to business but we’ll keep this our little secret” and the recording ended. I could see Olivia hurt to the core and it broke my heart

Me: the recording isn’t finished

She grabbed my phone and transferred all the money in her account then threw my sim cards at me and smashed my phone since she got it for me as my wedding present

Olivia: you cease being my nice, you’re cursed and will never find peace. Pray to the Almighty that you deliver that thing you’re carrying in there safely, LEAVE THIS HOUSE NOW

Me: don’t be surprised when you find that your husband sleeps with your maid

She punched my bottom lip and obtained a cut

Olivia: she’s not a whore like you are

She threw me outside were I was welcomed by a blazing fire of my burning suitcase, I left their house and started walking crying. I then remembered that I had my sim cards with me so I asked a certain girl for a phone and she gave it to me. I dialled Amos’ numbers and he picked up on the first ring

Amos: why did you switch off your phone? do you know worried sick I am about you? are you crying? baby what’s wrong?

Me: co…….c…come….and….p….pick….me

Amos: where are you?

Me: I don’t know

***I looked around***

Me: the market

Amos: alright, stay put I’ll be there soon

The girl gave me a seat near the table she was selling tomatoes and I hugged my knees crying, I later received a call from Jeremiah and got happy for some reason, I thought he’d come back to his senses…….


To be continued…


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  1. Babe please don't pick that call. I can feel your pain I don't wish you have a miscarriage so that baby will just go

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