Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love – Episode 8

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A story by Jochrine Kunda



After supper I washed the dishes and I heard the rain pouring outside heavily then went to bed and left uncle watching soccer highlights in the living room, I said a prayer then drowned in my sorrows until I fell asleep. I dreamt that I had stomach cramps and I kept on tossing and turning and a dark, old man kept approaching me in a deep forest, I woke up screaming but someone held my mouth and I turned only to find uncle Aaron in his briefs

Aaron: shhhhh!! it’s me

Me: uncle, what do you want?

Aaron: you know that you’re a very attractive girl and your aunt isn’t around so wouldn’t it be nice of you to help out an uncle in need?

I instantly felt numb and couldn’t hear anything apart from the rain that was heavily pouring outside and thunder rumbling which was until he climbed the bed coming closer to me, I attempted to get up but he held my hand squeezing it tightly and the pain was unbearable

Me: Uncle, you’re hurting me I can’t do this with you

Aaron: save that for someone who cares

He pulled me to the bed holding me by my neck and pressing his knees on my stomach, I kept screaming and crying as he fought me then I finally stopped as the pain was too much

Me: Aaron sweetie, let’s do this like adults I know Olivia sucks in bed and I can give it to you anyhow you want it so get off me and let’s get to business but we’ll keep this our little secret

He shook his head countless times and got up, I left the bed and he followed me then pinned me against the wall caressing my body as he took off my gown I gently placed my right leg between his legs pretending to moan in pleasure then when he was relaxed I kicked his groin area and he groaned in pain. I grabbed him and threw him to the floor with every strength I had in me then took my gown rushing out, he kept swearing at me and vowed to kill me I rushed to the living room and opened the door then I saw him come from the kitchen with a knife in his hands and the look on his face showed he’d really kill me. I looked outside and the rain wasn’t showing me any mercy but I told myself that I’d rather die than commit a sinful act so I rushed for the gate as uncle kept chasing after me, I opened it and the roads were flooded but I managed to dive in and I was wet as I went to ‘God knows where’. He kept chasing after me until I reached a few houses from his and he swore at me then returned, I decided to go to my parents’ house which was 7km from aunt’s and I was dripping wet making my silky robe do me no justice I kept tripping and falling in the flooded water and I obtained a deep cut on my left leg but I kept on going until I got to my parents’ house, I was lucky that the gate wasn’t locked so I got in and knocked on the door then dad came out…



I got to my parents’ house luckily the gate was open so I got in and knocked at the door then dad came out

Dad: yes?

Me: daddy, can I come in?

He made way for me and I went in then he closed the door following me behind and he asked me to take a seat which I did

Me: dad, I’m sorry

Dad: for?

Me: going against you

Dad: what happened?

I explained everything to him while crying

Dad: Mumba, by now you should know that I’m a man who sticks to his word. I remember very well asking you to choose between getting married or staying with us and complete your studies but you were a hard nut to crack and went ahead to live your life with that foolish boy and I remember very well when you agreed to only death doing you part so go back to your husband right this instant because I’m not letting this be the first time I back down on my words. There’s the door you may leave, I have a family to attend to

My jaw dropped open leaving my mouth hanging because I couldn’t believe the words I’d heard which was until I felt cold air hit my wet skin and dad held the door open signalling for me to leave, I dragged myself to the door with tears in my eyes hoping he’d change his mind but he gave me a straight look. I went out and heard him bang the door as the large drops of rain hit my skin, I kept on going to “God knows where” and I stumbled falling again in the flooded water and cried

Me: God please help me, Father God you said in your word that I shall not be afraid for the terror by night nor for the arrow that flies by day nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness nor for the destruction that wastes at noon day because you God have set your love on me and because you know my name I shall call on you and you will answer me, you will be with me in trouble, you will deliver and honour me. You said a thousand shall fall on my left side and ten thousand at my right hand side but it shall not come near me, you promised that you will never forsake me, you said your ear is not far from hearing my cries….Father I know I came more than a conqueror but I can’t do this on my own, I need you God.

I was seated in the water all along and continued crying then I started walking and something led me to church which was monitored 24/7 and the people I found there were from another section so they had difficulties letting me in but after looking at the state I was in they finally did.

I woke up with a need to throw up the following morning and rushed to the toilets where I let it all out, I rinsed my mouth with water and washed my face then one of the gents gave me a coat since it was cold and the rain looked like it would soon start. They had their breakfast and offered me two slices of bread and a mixture of cold water and sugar which I ate like my life depended on it, I thanked them and thought I had to go to school and explain why I would miss classes so I headed to aunt’s shop to change my clothes. When I got there I found Aaron at the reception and I don’t know what came over me but I quickly rushed out and started running with last night’s incident playing in my mind, I came back to my senses when I heard car screeches and closed my eyes and ears screaming awaiting the worst when I heard someone speak

Voice: beautiful soul

I opened my eyes and there was Amos, I ran into his arms letting it all out then he took me to his car and made a turn driving off, the drive was silent with Calum Scott’s you’re the reason playing. We got to this beautiful double storey house and a few metres away was another house smaller than it, he parked the car in the garage and led me to the smaller one which was a 3 bedroomed house, with a living room and kitchen in it and each bedroom had a bathroom in it, it was fully furnished

Amos: welcome to my humble home

Me: thank you

He led me to a bathroom and asked me to shower then he left the house, I took a long shower scrubbing myself as Aaron’s scent just wouldn’t leave my nostrils and I finally got out after what seemed like eternity then found a plastic bag from Woolworths containing clothes and 3 pairs of shoes. I opted for blue tracksuits and grey kicks then dried my weave and tied it in a ponytail, I went to the living room where Amos dressed the wound I’d obtained on my left leg then went to the kitchen and returned with breakfast from Wimpy and I ate with him watching me, when I was halfway I quickly ran to the bathroom where I let it all out until I felt my insides turning then rinsed my mouth with a mouth wash wiping a tear from my face, Amos was watching me then pulled me in for a hug when I was done…..


To be continued…



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  1. Its obvious this Amos guy really loves you I wish you had a miscarriage so that you can be with the man who loved you.

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