Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love – Episode 14

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A story by Jochrine Kunda



I had just finished packing the bags since we were leaving early the following day and I was nervous, Amos went out with his dad so I was home alone watching my favourite series and Endurance had fallen asleep in my arms so I went to put her to bed then I sat there think of how my parents would be proud of me if they knew what was coming ahead and a tear escaped my eye which I quickly wiped off and went to back to the living room because I didn’t want to think of my past but when I got there I froze, Bertha was comfortably seated changing channels with her feet rested on the table and I blinked a couple of times making sure I was wasn’t imagining things

Me: wh….what are you doing here?

Bertha: that’s a silly question, I belong here

Me: I thought you were told never to step foot in this yard

***She laughed sarcastically***

Bertha: you think my father in law meant what he said?

Me: of course he means every word he says

Bertha: then you don’t know him

Me: huh?

Bertha: I think you are very much behind so let me bring the truth to you

Me: what truth?

Bertha: I’m sure you know Amos friends right?

Me: yes I do

Bertha: Amos has been too good to be true to you and I’m sure you’ve noticed it, he took you in when you had nowhere to go, he manipulated his dad to take care of you and your baby, he accepted your bas***d child and other sweet things you never expected but how do I know all this?

***I was asking myself the same question***

Me: from Stacey of course

Bertha: so dull for a graduate like you but here’s the truth and it will sting a little bit, Amos, his friends and I work together

Me: meaning?

Bertha: simple, I’m sure you noticed Amos was every girl’s dream at school and that’s because him and friends placed bets to win over every girl they dreamed of so the more difficult the girl was, the higher the bet so Amos said he’d come for you and since everyone knew you as a “hard to get” girl they placed the highest bet that’s why he always stalked you and looked for ways to talk to you but didn’t get the chance until the day you crushed your useless self on the ground and he came for you then took you to clean yourself at his friend’s room and what did you find when you left the room?

***I was torn into pieces as I tried to digest what she was saying***

Bertha: you found him with his friends and they were discussing you and he got his money afterwards which he used to take you out for lunch, I wasn’t in school that day so how do I know all this?

She chuckled

Bertha: his friends couldn’t believe you had fallen for him so they placed another bet to see how long he’d keep you so he got me involved to destroy to your marriage so he could have you closer to him and take advantage of your vulnerability

Me: N….no…..that’s not true

I said while shaking

Bertha: exactly the truth and it’s sad that you couldn’t connect the dots and he is still getting the money he receives from his friends to shower me with what I need while you relax here and think he loves you, I feel bad for you coz Amos and his dad are at my dad’s house as we speak preparing our wedding and you’re invited as well

She waved her hand which had a ring on my face

Bertha: and you’re excited that you’re leaving the country when you’ll be dumped outside the province

Her phone rang and she showed me the line which belonged to Amos and she had saved it as her future husband then she answered and said all sorts of sweet things then hang up and walked towards me

Bertha: I just wanted you to know what’s happening around you because I can’t stand you being around my man any longer

She walked out and I sank to the floor feeling betrayed and angry at myself, I blamed myself for my failed marriage and I looked at a knife that laid on the kitchen counter then I went to get it and was ready to stab myself but I thought of how Endurance would survive in this big ugly world and I put it down then tried to calm down. When I was a bit calm, I took out a piece of paper and pen and wrote a note which read:

Dear Amos

I thank you for everything you’ve done for me and may the good Lord bless you even though it wasn’t done wholeheartedly, I hope you enjoyed every single dime you earned because of playing me I thought it was an unconditional love but it was based on bets and playing with my feelings. I wish you and Bertha the very best in your marriage but I’m also hurt that I had to fall victim of your stupid act and lose my marriage in the end but I guess it’s how my life was meant to be

Enjoy your life as I’ll find my happy destiny someday.


I went to the bedroom and put my baby on my back then wheeled on my already packed bags and left the note on the table in the living room and went towards the gate when the boy stopped me

Me: what can I do for you James?

James: where are you going to? I thought you’re leaving tomorrow

Me: excuse me

James: but…..

I looked at him and he kept quiet then loomed at me as I left. “Where will I go?” I asked myself and had no answer so I let my feet lead me as I believed that God would show me the way





Bertha went to Stacey’s bedroom which was upstairs and they sat wait for Mumba to leave while thinking of ways to solve Stacey’s problem, Stacey called Bertha to go to the window where she was standing and they watched Mumba leave making them both excited

Stacey: but what is she telling James?

Bertha: let’s find out

Stacey: I’ll have him called, let’s go to the lounge

Bertha: I think he can have info of where she’s going and I’ll have people finish her off since I can’t be exposed

She said as they headed to the lounge

Stacey: I really love your way of thinking

Bertha: it’s either Amos is mine or nobody else’s

They sat in the lounge as they waited for James who walked in minutes later

James: you called for me madam?

Bertha: yes I did

He gave her a disgusted look

Bertha: what did Mumba tell you

James: nothing

Stacey: tell us the truth, where did she tell you she was going?

James: I didn’t see her

Bertha: sometimes I forget that this guy isn’t mentally stable

She took out some money and gave it to him and he gladly accepted

Bertha: so, where did she say she was going?

James: I don’t know


James: you told me to tell you the truth and I’m doing exactly that

Stacey: what did she tell you?

James: to leave her alone

Bertha: alright, if Amos or his father ask you anything about her tell them that you didn’t see her, don’t mention her leaving and don’t mention my name

She gave him some money again and he left then she grabbed her belongings too and left promising Stacey that they’d keep in touch then she called some thug who owed her a favour and sent him Mumba’s picture asking him to kill her then told her of the possible places she would be




Hours passed and Mr Kabaso and Amos drove in the yard then James who was watering the flowers ran to block their way and indicated for them to make a turn going back and Mr Kabaso who was exhausted got angry and kept shouting for him to move out of the way but he plainly refused so Amos got out of the car

Amos: James, what is it now?

James: as we are talking tell the boss to turn his car

Amos: why?

James: Mumba is gone and…….


James:she took the baby and bag……

Everything went in slow motion for Amos who wasn’t listening to James anymore and be felt his legs fail him….


To be continued…


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