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Unconditional Love – Episode 1

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A story by Jochrine Kunda


My parents weren’t in support of the wedding because they wanted me to be an exemplary leader to my young siblings so it took a lot of convincing by other family members because Jeremiah said he’d sponsor for my studies, no one knew what I went through in my relationship except my aunt who was my best friend. I wore a white boob tube dress with openings on the sides, it showed some skin on the back and it touched the ground, my veil had a crown of white, fresh Lilly flowers and their scent was amazing, my glittery silver stilettos fitted me just perfectly and felt like a goddess when I walked, my Peruvian weave was on point including the jewellery and my light flawless skin lightened up everything. I did a 360° turn in the mirror and I couldn’t believe how beautiful I looked with my lips as red as roses, I hadn’t noticed that my father was in the bedroom and was watching me all along

Dad: you look breathtakingly beautiful

Me: thank you dad

Dad: Mumba, are you sure you want to do this? you had big dreams that I always supported you with and you can’t throw all that in the air just for a man

Me: i know I’ve disappointed you in the biggest way but this is what I want

Dad: remember the discussion we had, once you say “I DO” forget about my existence, forget about us your family, so you’ve still got a little time to make your decision wisely

Me: I’ve made my decision, I’m getting married

Dad: okay (he felt defeated) let me walk you down the aisle and leave this place

Me: where’s mom?

Dad: she didn’t attend, let’s go

I had never felt as nervous as I did, I was given a bunch of flowers and dad held my hand taking me to Jeremiah who stood at the other end clad in a white, 3 piece suit and matching shoes. I was so nervous that I felt like I was learning to walk in heels though I was a fan of them, I got to where Jeremiah was and dad walked away then we turned to the priest and did the preaching then said our wedding vows like poets, getting the audience emotional. When we were done he whispered in my ear with his minty breath making the butterflies in my stomach awaken

Jeremiah: finally Mrs Me

Me: really (blushing)

Jeremiah: yes Mrs Jeremiah Jere

He held my hand and squeezed it then we went away, I could smell my “sweet” Jeremiah coming back,the rest of the ceremony went well and we went to our new home which was a 4 bedroomed house with two bathrooms, a lounge, dining room, kitchen and study.

We lived together and I continued going to school, he was an engineer at a certain firm and I tried my best to be the perfect wife and maintain good results at school. I was in the kitchen preparing his favourite meal roasted T-bone, beans and nshima while singing along to George Benson’s “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” when I felt arms snaked around my waist and I didn’t need to turn because his cologne gave him away. I turned around and he perked my lips

Jeremiah: babe, the aroma in here is seriously killing me

Me: really?

I had my eyebrows raised and arms folded

Me: so tell me, is it true that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

Jeremiah: yes, yes, yes it’s 100% true because with this aroma you’re dancing “funkutu” in my heart right now

Me: (laughing) come on stop being silly, I’ve prepared you a hot bath so go freshen up and you’ll find the food served

Jeremiah: okay I’ll be back within a blink of an eye Mrs Jere (I blushed) and she blushes (chuckling)

Me: Jeremiah, go already (he left)

I thought of how right it felt being called Mrs Jere and brushed the thought off, I served dinner and he walked in wearing grey sweatpants and a white vest and didn’t notice I was drooling

Jeremiah: starring is B.A.D

Me: ummmm…….I wasn’t starring

Jeremiah: you’ll always deny stuff even if you’re caught red handed

Me: duh (I made a funny face)

Jeremiah: No, wear off that face I’m still waiting for my compliment

Me: there isn’t any, let’s eat the food is getting cold

Jeremiah: I’m waiting

Me: alright, you look incredibly hot Mr Husband

Jeremiah: yes Mrs me (clapping his hands laughing) that’s more like it

He took his seat and said grace then we dug in with him complimenting my cooking……



Jeremiah was the loving husband I always prayed for, for a year my marriage life was like a bed of roses and I finally concluded that he had changed from his old ways. I was doing my third year at school and we wrote our exams hoping to make it to final year coz Jeremiah had been of great help and supported me through it all.

I was in the lounge one afternoon watching the Video Music Awards at MTV and Jeremiah was in the bedroom preparing himself to go and meet his friends when his phone rang on the couch I was seated on and a picture of a slim, light skinned girl appeared on the screen so I took a deep breath and built my confidence then answered

Girl: babe naimwe you’re taking long, we’ll find the tickets fully booked and the girls are running out of patience

I felt my heart beat faster than usual and tears streamed down my face

Girl: babe?

I dropped the call still starring at the phone then I wiped my tears and went to the bedroom with it

Me: Jeremiah, where are you going to?

Jeremiah: (exhaling loudly) I am going to hang out with the guys

Me: the guys or the girls?

Jeremiah: I’m kind of lost there

Me: we’ve only been married for a year and this is what you start

Jeremiah: Mumba, stop nagging it’s really not cute

Me: oh! I’m nagging? a girl called saying…….

He put out his hand

Jeremiah: my phone

I gave it to him and he grabbed his car keys rushing out, I sank to the floor and drowned in my sorrows I asked myself where I went wrong but couldn’t find an answer. ”

Maybe I’m being too hard on him and overreacted, ” I thought to myself, Jeremiah used to beat and say some bad words to me before we got married but I never found any evidence to prove that he was cheating, I had free access to his phone and still never found anything of that sort despite him constantly texting when we were together. “Maybe she’s just a friend,” I said as I got up going to the lounge because friends of the opposite sex called each other such names in this generation. I started preparing supper in the evening and tried calling Jeremiah to find out what time he’d be back but his phone rang unanswered for so many times so I let him be, when I was done I ate alone watching TV while waiting for him to return. I must have fallen asleep on the couch because when I woke up and checked the time it was 3 in the morning and Jeremiah still hadn’t returned so I called him praying he’d pick up and he did

Girl: we couldn’t have a peaceful night thanks to you

I was rather disappointed that she picked up than angry

Me: I want to speak to my husband

Girl: (she mimicked my voice) he’s sleeping probably tired because I rode him all night

Me: I’m not playing games here

Girl: who is? the fact that he dumped me for you doesn’t mean that you’ll have him peacefully so I’ll advice you to find someone your age, someone your class because I can tell that you’re just a little gold digging toddler who needs a nappy change. Listen here little girl just a little while longer and I’ll be in YOUR matrimonial home riding him on YOUR bed and you’ll probably be a beggar on the streets (she hang up)

I got so angry that I went to the kitchen and started breaking things then locked the doors and went to the bedroom and cried myself to sleep. I woke up early the following morning to clean up the mess I had made and did the rest of the chores then stayed in bed, Jeremiah walked in at 10 and I decided to sulk because he had a lot of explaining to do but he changed into a towel and took a shower then got dressed without saying anything and went to the lounge so I followed him

Me: Jeremiah, what happened?

Jeremiah: to?

Me: to you spending the night out

Jeremiah: alcohol happened (focusing his attention on the TV)

Me: just like that?

Jeremiah: what else?

Me: Jeremiah, you spent a night with a slut and you want to pretend like nothing happened

Jeremiah: oh! that one is Alicia and not “slut”

Me: what’s wrong with you? what did I do to you?

Jeremiah: WHAT!!! babe this guy is such a loser, he had the ball to himself and the goalkeeper isn’t even in the post but be still fails to score (he ignored my question)

I felt my anger brewing and left him alone then went back to the bedroom and when I left to get started with lunch I found him face timing with the Alicia girl…..

To be continued…


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