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I Want A Home – Episode 99

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I Want A Home – Episode 99
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Michael Mill was known as one of those wealthy and influential business man in the world who lived a low key life.

Many believed he was an Asian man because of his Chinese method of doing things. He was tall, fair and mostly had the qualities that could not differentiate him as a Chinese Citizen.

He’s pattern of dressing also added to many believes as well as his phonetic. He was slower in speaking English but could speak Chinese language fluently. One More important details about him is he was once a member of the secret organization called Seth and he worked in several occasions for the organization.

He looked at the two men seating opposite him immediately they empty the cups, including Albert himself.

“Want more?” He asked them and carried the jug.

“No we don’t” Valentine answered and both dues drop the cups. The man nodded afterwards and gathered his brow before dropping the jug.

“Okay. Shall we do the introduction?” he remarked and relax on the small chair he sat on.

“There’s no need for Introduction Yu Si. We’ve waited patiently enough and we need to discuss what brought us all here” Minister Albert interjected him, calling he’s Chinese name.

“We have urgent issues at hand now”

“Oh..” the man exclaimed and smiled. He took up his own cup and drank, he relaxed seconds later and began to speak frankly.

“It took me 30 years to execute the extermination of all the Seths in the bid to have all of its assets as mine. I was not only called the survivor because I escaped the delema that fell on all the members but I was the delema itself. I murdered each member from the highest to the lowest until the whole organization crumbled.

However gentlemen, this primitive assets was carelessly handled and its now time to get all back on score. I want all witnesses, drug lords and everyone else who knows about this asset dead asap”

Derrick stood by the door and was about to knock but stopped immediately he heard voices, he pulled down his hands and placed his ear on the door to eavesdrop but the voices he heard were way too low to comprehend.

Jason and Jakoby were inside the room and Steve had beckon on him to call them few hours after they all returned from Maidenfrem University.

He wondered why he was still eavesdropping a minute after he got to the door even though he could hear almost nothing but he knew the ex soldiers were discussing inside.

He remained in that position for another minute but gave up when he couldn’t hear anything from the inside.

He knocked the door twice and pushed the knob, he opened the door and stepped in between the entrance. By then, Jason and Jakoby had stopped talking and turned to him.

Jason was seated on the only bed in the room while Jakoby halfway sat on the edge of a wooden table.

“Your attention is both needed” Derrick told them and nodded, making a few glance at their face and closed the door.

He shrugged and began to walk back to the room Steve and Margot were already seated. He was just about to get out of view at the hallway when the door to the room of the ex militant opened, Jakoby was the first to get out before Jason did and they head after Derrick immediately.

They got into the same room in no time and have their seats, Steve was seated on a stool with a laptop on his laps and Margot seated on a sofa, Derrick sat beside her while the ex soldiers sat together.

“I did an investigation on Xteria Willard and everything else we need to know about the tomb in Thailand” Steve began.

“The tomb was a burial ground for top powerful people of the Seth, its a kind of arrangements for ancestral leaders who died significantly while serving the organization and Xteria Willard was one of the leaders buried there. I want all of you to come over and see this diagram” Steve said and tap the laptop on his laps.

A diagram appeared on the laptop and they all stand from their position to see.

A full sketch of the tomb was displaying on a grid view along the picture of Xteria Willard, he was an American but the pattern of his beard made him look like an Indian.

Steve tapped the right arrow key of the laptop and another sketch of the tomb and Xteria Willard was also displayed. He tap again and again as different sketches swiped on the screen while everyone watched in silence for almost two minutes until the last sketch displayed.

“He had no children, no wife, no friends or close relatives and no one knows where he came from precisely, itwas only concluded to be an American. He was into high hard drugs, extremely difficult to find, no one could get to him except he wanted and he was the strongest member of the Seth as at that time” Steve announced as they watched, he minimized the sketch folder and maximize another folder.

“This is the secret image we got from the Drive retrieved at the library. Direction to the tomb of Xteria Willard including the assets are in there”
Steve added.

He waited for a moment while they all watch, he made few glances at their face if he had communicated before he close all the folders opened.

Margot stepped back and the Ex soldiers followed after Derrick walked back to sit down.

“Now what do we do?” Margot asked immediately she sat down. She made glances at all their faces and turned to Steve.

“We still need more information” Steve answered her.

“What about the information we already have?” Jason asked.

“These are just mere information we could have find out if we wanted, we still need more information in order to counter surprises. I’m sure we’d have to face some tasks and we need to go fully prepared”

Steve answered and closed the laptop, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and he pulled it out after putting the laptop away.

“We need to know why the assets were kept in his tomb” he was saying while checking the phone. He clicked on the new received message that opt the vibration and read out the eight sentences to himself. “Kindly call if you are not busy sir” from a saved contact as Head Chef.

“And how do we proceed on getting them?” Jakoby asked this time.

“We’d need individual investigation, let’s try to see if we could gather a few more things” Steve answered and stand up. He dialed the contact that sent the message and stepped back.

“In the mean time, this Drive will be with me” He added and excuse himself from the gathering with an hand gesture telling them he had to make a call.

“Good day Sir” a shady masculine voice sounded on the phone immediately the call was answered.

“Good day. How are you and everyone?”
“Fine sir”

“Cyrus said he had something important to inform you and I had to find out first if you had the time”

“Something Important” Steve rephrased.

“Yes sir, he’s here with me. Shall I pass the phone?”

“Yes you can”

“Okay” the head chef said and another voice sounded three seconds later.

“What is it you want to tell me” Steve asked immediately he heard Cyrus voice.

“Have you heard Lord Ruiz is dead?”

“What !! Steve exclaimed with shock, he had partly forgotten about the drug lord since they returned from the trip few hours ago. He had took his time to investigate Xteria Willard even though the internet had almost nothing about him but he was still able to get what he found with the help of the Drive they got at Queens Library. He remembered the drug lord sent him text that lord Nathaniel had been trapped.

“What the heck”

“I found out Lord Nathaniel was assisted by some unknown men”

“What? How do you hear about it?” Steve asked.

Few Hours Later, same Day.

Khora made a groin immediately he stood up, the bullet in his shoulder had been taken out and the point treated and strapped.

He hold unto a pistol with his right hand and he walked towards the doctor attending to Lord Nathaniel after a glance at the woman also attending to the two men with them.

“You should rest, the substance I inject to you would only sustain you for four hours. Using your energy now is a bad disadvantage” the doctor told Khora immediately he stepped beside the table the drug lord was placed.

“We can’t stay around here for long, the police are parading this entire area and their scouts are everywhere. We need to get him up and get out of here” Khora voiced out his frustration.

“I understand but..”

“Can’t you inject him the same substance and get him up?”

“No I can’t, he has to be conscious if I’m going to inject him or he’ll get more weak and die”

“So what Do I do? This place is inappropriate and definitely dangerous. We need to move out of here, do something quick”

To be continued…

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