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I Want A Home – Episode 98

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I Want A Home – Episode 98
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“Careful, take him upstairs while I go get aids for the bullets” Khora instructed the two men holding lord Nathaniel’s hands immediately they badge into the second floor of the three uncompleted facility.

He held unto his wounded shoulder as the men he instructed groin with Lord Nathaniel breathing profusely between them.

He turned back a moment after and head straight for the vehicle at the front of the building. He entered the driver side and zoomed off.

The two men holding Lord Nathaniel were also wounded, one was badly injured but he could still move while the other merely managed to move.

“huh..” lord Nathaniel mumbled out in pain as the men dropped him on a long rectangular table founded at the second floor of the building.


Lord Nathaniel men seemed good enough to handle surprises with retaliation after a handful of their men were shot dead.

The shooting continued fiercely and its turned out to real hell between both parties.

About three vehicles had exploded at the cause of the shooting and few more men had died during the explosion.

The gun battle continued for another 10 minutes after it began and lord Nathaniel men were obviously at disadvantage.

The drug lord himself had joined the battle as well as Lord Ruiz who kept on firing from his position.

As though its seems all odds were against Lord Nathaniel, most of his men were shot at a critical point that leaves them dead or totally down.

The car explosion had resulted mostly to their disadvantage and Lord Nathaniel’s men were shockingly going down one after the other till he was left with four men, including Khora who was shooting at a tight spot.

One of the four men were shot soon enough and was now left with Lord Nathaniel, Khora and two other men.

Lord Ruiz and the rest of his men marched forward immediately and surround all four of them in no time.

A bullet was fired into Khora’s shoulder when he tried his best to resist and two separate bullets pierced the two men trying to guide lord Nathaniel.

A bullet pierced Lord Nathaniel’s belly immediately and another went into his leg.

Different gunmen appeared from their position instantly with their guns pointed at Lord Nathaniel.

Lord Ruiz showed behind them a moment after and made a loud smirk before the whole gunshots settled.

Ruiz made another wicked but more loud smirk, he chuckled again and burst out a cruel laughter where Lord Nathaniel let out a regrettable scream behind the vehicle he took cover.

“See you huh.. Nathan Barnes” Ruiz mocked and stepped forward. Two of his men quickly rushed towards lord Nathaniel and grabbed his shoulder, they lift him from the floor as the drug lord let out another terrible scream in pain.

Ruiz fired another bullet to his other leg and he let out more louder yell, his leg failed him immediately but the two men holding his shoulder held him from falling.

“Nathaniel, the most powerful man, fierce like a lion, accurate as a Leopard and full of strength like a Tiger… ha ha” Ruiz mocked out again, this time with more laughter.

“Fu..ck you Ruiz” Lord Nathaniel cried out with blood gushing out of his body, he tried to say further but blood spilled out from his lips with more pain.

“You made yourself lots of enemy Nathaniel, this is for my brother” Ruiz countered almost immediately, he point the gun on lord Nathaniel’s head and held the trigger.

Khora who was watching the whole scenario tried to move from his position but he couldn’t do anything. He was already surrounded by two men and there was no way he could move without having himself dead.

“This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, to point a gun on your damn head and shot you dead” Lord Ruiz uttered in mockery. He made another smirk and frowned instantly as he held unto the gun without shooting.

On the contrary, it all happened suddenly and unexpected to Lord Nathaniel who doesn’t know if its was to be said defeated or not.

He looked around and realization struck him for a moment. He turned to Ruiz and let out a chuckle with mixed feelings.

“Shoot if you will motherfu..cker” he managed to spat out in pains

“Well. Bad luck for you”

Ruiz answered him with a chuckle and frowned, he stepped forward and was about to shoot when a bullet suddenly pierced his own skull.

Another bullet pierced the skull of the next man to him and another bullet entered the chest of the next almost all at a time.

There was an instant disarray immediately after the three people fall dead. All the men including Michael on seeing Lord Ruiz and too men fall tried to run immediately as the blood of Lord Ruiz spat out on Lord Nathaniel’s face but three more were shot before a successful move.

The rest of the men tried to take another direction but two more men fell and one more seconds later until Michael and one man were left, by then they had moved out of position and hide behind one of the vehicles. Worst of all, none of them knew the spot or wherever the gunfire were coming from or who suddenly raised fire on them.

“Who the hell is shooting?” Michael shouted on his breath. He tried to peep out behind the vehicle but a bullet pierced the bonnet, luckily missed him.

“What the heck, I can’t see him.. I can’t see” The last man who had rushed beside him shouted as different rain of bullets pierced each part of the car uncontrollably, fiercely and massively.

The shooting continued on like that few more minutes until Michael and the last man died, totally leaving no one on sight as flames of gunshots and explosion filled the entire area.

Present, 8:00 am.

Valentine was welcomed with different reporters immediately he came out from the IsVi private building with three suited men walking with him, two behind and the third ahead.

There were several flashes of camera lights and mic on him immediately the men began to make way admist the heavy question bombarding crowd.

“Mr Valentine, Is it true you really killed Douglas William and threatened to kill the step father?” one of the reporters asked as several lines of questions were directed to him.

“I’d let that question be directed to the cops gentleman and women of the press. Its the police job to find out if I had an involvement in the accusations or there is a problem that needs to be sorted out to clear my name off the mess”

“Sir, Mr Harrison William confessed in the video that you were involve in drug trafficking and deals with Ahlam Khalifa, the most wanted terrorist in the world. How will you defend yourself of the accusation with all the stated details?” Another reporter asked immediately he stopped to answer the first question.

“If I am involved and I am found guilty of these accusations, then I am in the hands of the Law but if the latter is reversed at the end of the day then I am free as a citizen of this country”

“Mr. Harrison William had been a friend of yours and business associates in years. Why do you think he had publicly accused you of killing his son and after his own life?”

“I have no idea gentlemen but whatever Harrison had said in that video are false, there is absolutely no truth in it but I want our police force to make their investigations to clear my name because I believe Harrison Williams might be under one pressure or stronghold”

“Mr. Valentine, do you think your business competitors are also behind this like your previous cases?”

“I don’t know gentleman but whoever are behind this will definitely face the wrath of the law, I meant whoever. Thank you”

“Sir.. Sir.. One more question… Sir.. Sir..” an heavy chorus came from the reporters immediately Valentine began to walk away while the three men quickly paved way for him into the parked vehicle very close.

He got into the vehicle and the door was locked immediately, preventing the reporters from trying to hold unto the vehicle or Valentine himself. He neither answered any of the further questions as the driver who was already seated ignite the car and drove off as they all watched.

“Do you have it?” He asked the driver immediately the car moved successfully out of the whole IsVi compound.

“Yeah” the driver answered instantly and opened the dashboard of the vehicle. He brought out an android phone and hand it over to Valentine who collected it from the back seat after bringing out his own phone from his pocket.

He unlocked the security code on the phone from his pocket and navigated to the dial pad, he swiped the second phone likewise and navigated to the dial pad.

He located Frank Kennedy contact instantly and began to punch in the contact into the phone given by the driver and dialed.

“Hey Frank, meet in 20 minutes” he said into the phone immediately the call was received from the other end.

It was the usual bright morning, workers and different people were heading to their places of work like the usual process.

The only absurd thing for Margaret about the morning as she entered the company where she works were the total absence of Vivian Kruger,
the only thing that reminds her of Vivian when they both work at the same office.

The usual individual morning greetings were going on everywhere and the normal day activist were about to start even though it was just some minutes past 8am.

Margaret soon joined the brief greetings and everyone returned to their positions to start the day work.

She settled in her office few moments after attending to some documents before she switched to the real work of the day.

10 minutes after she sat quietly checking out the schedule for the day, a call came through her phone. It was an unsaved contact as she took the phone to check and answered it.

“Hey Maggie” A masculine voice came through the phone. She made a face when she heard the voice as she tried to comprehend the familiarity.

“Hey Uh.. Who is speaking?” she asked.

“It’s Charles”
“Charles !!” She exclaimed immediately she correspond the voice to the speculated name.

“Charles, where the hell have you been? You disappeared all this moment and all of sudden I’m here hearing your voice” Margaret added with a chuckle, she relaxed on the office chair she sat and drop the pen she held on the documents she was checking.

“Yeah I traveled Maggie”
“You traveled !! To where?”

“Korea, I had to stay off after I resigned from the company”

“Oh.. !! But you back or something..?”

“Yes Maggie, I came back three days ago. How you doing?”

“I’m fine Charles”

“Oh that’s great !! How about Vivian? How she do too?”

“Vivian !!” Margaret call out with a sober tone. She made a deep breath and stand up.

“Vivian is missing Charles, we don’t know whether she’s dead or alive”

“What !! What the hell happened?” Charles exclaimed with shock from the other end. He looked at Sunny who was standing before him and widened his face when Sunny made a sign for him to lower his voice.

“Its been months Charles, the police are saying she’s dead”

Valentine and Frank were seated beside another, Minister Albert and Michael Mill were seated beside another likewise. Both dues opposite one another and a small Chinese table was between them, one same table that could contain only four small alike Chinese cup and Jug.

The jug contains Baijiu, a Chinese distilled alcohol made from green leaf and it was inside the four cups. Most of the items in the room were Chinese product and that’s gives an illustration that everything around the place has Chinese settings.

There was a long silence after Michael Mill poured the distilled drink into the cups. One of which was an act of the Chinese tradition.

He was an aged man in his late 60’s, way much older than any of them. They all settled their attention on him and expect him to speak first after waiting for what seem like a long moment.

The man faced Valentine and Frank who almost looked impatient with his Chinese acts even though they were seeing him for the very first time, he stretched his hands to the drinks and smiled.

“Please drink” he offered them and turned to Minister Albert too.

“Please drink Albert” he offered as well and turned to Val and Frank.

“We are seeing for the very first time right Gentlemen?” He asked, referring to Val and Frank who was about to carry the cups offered.

They nodded in affirmation and Valentine answered Yes to the question.

“Then I believe we need to do proper Introduction but have your drinks first”

To be continued…

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  1. Nice one,but I am confused oooo,I don't even know who is who again,the update is too slow,have even forgotten most of those Lord,pls increase the update days

  2. Wow!
    thankfully maggie has no current info on viv.
    that battle was crazy. I suspect the helper there was steve and his gang.

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