I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 97

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I Want A Home – Episode 97
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The three security officers at the border entrance stared at Margot and Jason who was standing beside her.

The two of them doesn’t look like a student and neither could they be any of the university staffs like they appear because their attire and manner of position were suspicious.

“Where’s your Id?” One of the security asked Margot who spoke up first and stepped forward to have a closer look at Margot and Jason.

“Exactly what I’ve just said, I forgot my back bag at the ICT block and the Id’s are inside” Margot repeated as Jason glanced at her after a sharp chuckle. That wasn’t part of their plans but he loved the way she answered the security questions immediately they were sighted.

“At this time of the day? What are you both up to?” Another security officer asked behind, he had came out from the placement likewise and was now approaching the gate.

“Officers we were on an official assignment today and we had a lot to carry out now, would you please let us have our pass now”

“who says rather huh? We have rules here ma’am, rules that do not require any movement of persons at this hour so whatever it is you want or have to do in this premises would have to be shifted till dawn”

“And except you have your Id’s with you, no one is expected into the premises unless we have an official order” The first security officer added after the second officer. He looked at Jason who hadn’t spoke at all suspiciously and back at Margot.

“You would have to bear the consequences of your actions if our assignment failed gentlemen” Jason spoke up as the officer looked away and back to him.

“huh !! What did you just say?” the officer asked. Leaning more closer to the gate.

“Kindly come forward to hear correctly” Jason said in an annoying tone and stepped forward.

He turned to Margot immediately and mumbled out words to her, barely could Margot hear what he says but she heard his last three words.

The two officers were still looking at them when Jason grabbed the first security guard and Margot grabbed the second officer.

Jason pulled the guard hands across the line gate and smashed his rib on the edge of the gate, making the man shout painfully. Margot did the same thing and both officers landed on the floor unconsciously.

The third security officer on seeing what transpired rose instantly from the placement he was seated. He quickly grabbed the hand phone on the desk different computers were placed inside the placement, he was about to make a straight call when Margot pointed a gun on him through the window.

“Drop that right now or I blow your head off” Margot shouted at him and he quietly obeyed.

“Come open the gate” Jason ordered from his position.

Steve exhale and entered after the border gate was opened. Derrick followed after him and kicked the last security guard on his face.

About five security men were down on the gate and Steve had took down four when Derrick handled the last officer just about time a call came through Steve phone.

“we are in” Jason voice sounded on the call.

The doors of all four alighted vehicles were now opened except the third vehicle where lord Nathaniel was seated.

The drug lord brought out his phone and was busy with it when few of his men including Khora had dropped down from their vehicles to survey the whole place.

“Khora, we shouldn’t have to wait all day.. Where the hell are they?” Lord Nathaniel spoke on his chip two more minutes he turned away from the phone.

“We have them on sight now my lord, four vehicles are approaching” Khora answered from the bonnet of the first vehicle where he was standing.

Four different vehicles were fast approaching as well.

Queens Library.

The library was a big building with both outside and inside decorated with expensive items. Steve and the rest were now inside the building after getting easy access into the building through the main door.

The library were designed and decorated in three major sections with alphabetical note differentiating each sections.

Books and different items were placed at the first sections, different ancient items were kept at the second section while the third section contains history books, especially one looking so old to vivid explain its longetivity.

However, there was a section entirely different from all three sections, it was formed in a different way from all the sections and anyone could deduce from its shape that its was for the staffs that works at the library.

The labeled note clearly show direction on each section and whatever it comprises.

After a quick look around the whole library, Steve headed for the staff section immediately Derrick followed him.

He opened the small locker at the entrance and get inside before Lord Margot and Jason followed suit.

He headed for the third section immediately and began to check each roll instantly before they all joined him.

“we are looking for Box ADy2370. It would not be kept in any of these books because of its pass code, it would be huh” Steve was still saying while checking around when a beep sounded beside Jason. Two different sounds followed immediately and another sound came from one of the long shelf.

The shelf split at once and a rectangle shaped box draw out in different sizes with labels differentiating each one.

Steve walked to Derrick immediately while Jason and Margot step closer.

He stepped back for Steve who wanted to have a clear look as Steve located a particular lock with 041 labeled as it name.

He pulled out the box and different dashes of light appeared at the tip instantly before some alphabetical digits appeared below it with Enter security code at the left corner.

Steve looked at the digit and studied the number, he glanced backwards and begun to punch in some digit on the screen.

“Xtra7.8x.4x” he mumbled out as he input each figure when a diagram displayed on the screen with few scribed words below the diagram.

“Where is your boss?” Khora asked. Two men were standing behind him with big bag placed beside them.

Two men were also standing before him and they were the other parties. They were also with three different briefcases.

Both men made a glance at themselves and looked backwards before they turned back to Khora.

“There is no boss here man, we finalized the deal and go our separate ways” one of the men answered Khora question.

“These are plenty of dope we can’t associate without knowing who we dealing, its either we see him now or we all go back alongside your men with no deal” Khora countered instantly.

He remained calm and watch the men look at themselves again. There were four vehicles in sight and he had calculated more than 12 men, their vehicles weren’t parked the same as theirs while some of them had dropped from the vehicle when some were seated inside.

“Alright” Michael said and nodded in agreement, he dropped his chin and turned back immediately while the other man stayed opposite Khora who also nodded and signaled to one of the men behind him to call Lord Nathaniel onward.

“He’s demanding to see you lord Ruiz” Michael announced to Lord Ruiz who was seated at the back seat of one of the vehicle immediately the tinted glass were wined down.

“Demanding to see me for what?”
“I think they want to know who could have demanded that much, they don’t see you, they make no deal”

“Is Nathaniel himself in the vehicle?”
“Yes, I think he gave the order”

“Bullsh..it, go along with the plan and face them off” Ruiz ordered.

Over fire boys surrounded lord Nathaniel immediately he dropped down from the vehicle. Each of the men were with guns as well as the rest of them.

Lord Nathaniel began to walk alongside Khora and they soon got to the intermediary between both parties.

“Where the heck is he?” Lord Nathaniel asked immediately they stopped at the bonnet of the first car while they watch the movements of the other party.

“He would be here soon” The other man who had stayed back with two men replied. He looked at Lord Nathaniel who were at the middle of the armed men and stylishly made a glance backwards.

He was about to turn back when Khora noticed something suspicious, he frowned and was about to speak when gunshots sounded.

The first two men ahead Lord Nathaniel got hit, the third man got it and the man next to Khora got fired before they quickly ran back.

The men standing opposite them shot three more men down before Lord Nathaniel and his men could take proper cover.

Then a heavy gun battle began.

“Get me the motherfuc..ker alive or dead” lord Ruiz shouted from his position as his men troop out to shoot sporadically. They were able to take first hand advantage and have accurate shots in seconds before Lord Nathaniel and any of his men could take cover.

Michael moved forward immediately, he stepped behind one of the cars and joined the men who had started the shooting while lord Ruiz took cover himself.

By then, Lord Nathaniel’s men had began to shoot back.

“One of us has to die today Nathaniel” Lord Ruiz mumbled out from his position, he brought out a pistol and shouted out Michael’s name.

“Get the briefcases”

To be continued…

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