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I Want A Home – Episode 100

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I Want A Home – Episode 100
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Detective Cougar looked at the two standing security officers immediately they explained what transpired two days ago.

Prosecutor Colan was seated beside him and they were both opposite the Director of the university ICT.

“We found no such footages in our CCTV yet they claim of an attack” the director told the detective and the prosecutor.

“What about finger prints, did you check? There should be thumbprints at the library” Detective Cougar suggested.

“We already checked but we found none. The CCTV ought to caption a feed at least”

“Your footages can be erased if your systems are hacked Director but at least you should be able to get thumbprint or anything that’ll proof the securities words”

“Look here gentlemen, I would not have you decrease the reputation of this institution at all. All Items not excluding a pin has a set of codes before any placement and nothing would be placed or kept at the library without full permission of the director or the school Administrator. I would not have you terminate our image with unnecessary claims that an item belonging to a secret organization was kept in our library”

“Excuse me Director, we had our confirmation of these items at the Library and can we check out the footages ourselves?” Detective Cougar slammed, seeing the nonchalant and stubborn attitude of the director.

“Yeah if you insist but you aren’t going to find anything as such”

The ICT director said and grabbed the land phone on his desk with frustration.

“Meet me in my office now and make immediate arrangements for the footages captured last night” he said into the phone immediately the call was answered. He kept it back and relax on the office chair while the two investigators watched.

Agent Mary was standing akimbo with seven other officers in the room, waiting for Inspector Kelvin who was expected to join them for a brief meeting some minutes ago.

The room wasn’t a big one, it was painted all black and no chairs was in it. No designs or any literary art on any part of the wall only a white painted board attached at the middle of the room.

The inspector finally walked into the office after a moment and every usual mumbling or side talks from the officers deduced.

He walked to the middle of the room as all attention settled on him. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

“Its seems we need to restructure our plans and strategies going forth. All efforts to seize down these popular crimes seems impossible which is why I’ve called for this meeting.

I spoke with the Chief and it was decided that we need more hands, especially for our tech team. We are lacking in our investigation but its high time we get up on phase.

As from now on, individuals of you should report directly to me, the tech team will watch every cons and inns covered with security cameras and our other teams will locally watch the filed areas without cams. We must be on the look out for suspicious activities on the streets or suspicious individuals. We need to work together and gather every necessary information we can as fast as possible. I’m sure everyone here knows what to do? With that, you can all dismiss”

Inspector Kelvin said briefly and an awkward feeling evolve around the officers, no one move few seconds after the inspector stopped until one of the officer turned and began to walk away before everyone else turned.

“Agent Mary, Can I see you for a sec?” the agent in question heard him say and she turned back when everyone made to leave the room.

She walked closer to him and stayed right in front of the inspector.

“Is there a problem inspector?”

“No agent, you and I are going some place. I need to find Steve and get him arrested” the inspector said frankly.

“I thought I told you to relax” Steve voice sounded from the door immediately Joel stand on the bed. He walked into the room and Derrick followed 30 seconds after.

“I gotta stay on my feet motherfu..cker, I am stronger than you think” Joel phrased jokingly immediately they stepped closer. He managed to stay on his feet but still use the bed as support.

“You’re not totally healthy man, you still have to stay on point and follow instructions” Steve voiced out again as he and Derrick stand together. He was holding a cup of coffee and he hand it over to Joel who collected.

They watched him drink a moment till he empty the cup and kept it on the bed.

“Where are we?” he asked and look around as they watched.

“We are at someplace safe” Derrick answered him and made a face. He glance around the bed and heaved a sigh.

“Give me a briefing on what’s going on?”

“We located a drive at Maidenfrem University that is leading us to Thailand” Steve answered him.

“Yeah. Xteria Willard tomb in Thailand”

“And who is Xteria Willard?”
“He’s a late member of the organization in question. We found no name, identity or anything that could point out more information about him except he’s called Xteria Willard and that he’s a top member of the organization”

“Of course he is..” Joel remarked with a Slight chuckle.

“So huh where is this tomb in Thailand?” he asked.

Steve was about to answer him when his phone vibration caught his attention. He picked out the phone from his pocket and looked at the screen. An unsaved contact was calling. He waited for a moment staring at the screen before he answered the call and stepped backwards.

“Hello Steve” A familiar masculine voice sounded on the phone immediately he answered the call.

“Hello !! Who am I speaking with?” he asked a moment after trying to reckon who was speaking but he couldn’t.

“This is Stephen” Aunty Rhoda husband voice sounded.

“Mr. Stephen”

“Yeah. Good day Steve”

“Good day Mr. Stephen” Steve greeted and looked back at Derrick and Joel. He raised a finger and head out of the room on realizing the person speaking.

“How is Vivian doing?” The man asked.

“She’s fine” Steve answered and looked sideways at the hallway. He saw no one and he began to head out totally.

“Where is she?”
“At a safe place I assured no one could trace her to”

“I need to speak with her” the man demanded, speaking frankly.

“You need to when?”
“Right away”

“You cannot speak with her for the moment sir, you’d have to wait for some hours to make me follow appropriate procedures. Your call could be traced to her and her hidden location exposed in one time. You could tell me whatever you need to say seeing your urge and I’ll pass the message across”

“That wouldn’t be needful, how many hours I’m I going to be waiting for?”

“Considering my schedule, you’d have to wait two hours”

“That’s too damn long Steve. I’ve got things to do and I can’t seem to call again any moment soon”

“Is anything the problem sir? Viv is fine and she’s under a very good guide”

“Are you sure about that?”
“Yeah I am”

“Oh I don’t think you sure Steve, if you are sure then you’d be more vigilant”

There was an immediate silence after the man slammed, Steve gathered his brow in confusion. He stood at a point as he tried to reckon what the man meant.

“How.. What are you saying? Is there any problem?” Steve asked.

“How many people knows where you kept Viv?” the man asked too instead of answering.

“No one else except Derrick and I knows where she’s at”

“What about Jason and Jakoby?”

To be continued…

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  1. OMG! Don't tell me she's be found by the enemies if the location is detected that will be her friend's doing cos that's the person she called and she ( Vivian ) is to be blamed for not listening to simple instructions

  2. What da hell.
    I believe he's just making assumptions to make Steve reveal his location or he's stalling the cal to enable the police track his number

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