High School On Love

High School On Love – Episode 14

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Now i feel like eating myself up leya don’t want to talk about me or talk to me this is strange but it not my fault.

“Ahhhhh” i shout as i bang on my bed.




Getting to school i search the park for leya car but did not see it.She is not in school what happen.


We get to class and there is no form of leya in the class this strange leya is always in school before us.I have to call her i get up and go to the bathroom bring out my phone and call leya. She picked it up.



“Leya is really something” i said.

“Why did you said that” chris ask.

“I call her just now” i said.

“What did she say” Michael said.

“She said she is not coming to school” i said.

“Why” Michael reply.

“She did not give her reason’i said and i heard Michael sight.

This is unlike leya.

” Hi guys”that was Kelly voice i look up to him he was smiling like someone that win money he style his hair differently today and he is putting on a short long ear ring that have a plus design.Why do his face look more handsome just now looks like he did some make up to school or……ohhh no andra why are you thinking about him.

“Andra” Chris call me.

“What are you thinking of” Kelly ask.

“Nothing,i have to use the rest room” i said and stand up i run to the rest room OMG what is wrong with me no i most not have feelings for Kelly never i did not like him….


Andra have spend more than i taught i the rest room hope is not what am thinking i look at my back and i did not see ellie on her seat.I have to go to that rest room.


I was sitting on a chair in the rest room when all of a sudden ellie appear.What did she want again.

“Miss andra the snatcher” she said.

“What did i snatch from you” i said as i stand up and face her.I can see surprise on her face i don’t have to fear you again ellie you are just like a bit of sand to me.

“You snatch Kelly from me” she said.I can’t help but laugh out.

“Miss ellie the one and only queen of the school i did not snatch Kelly from you and if i do what will you do” i said as i move closer to her.

“I will make this school hell for you” she said.

“Lol…you can’t do that in short you dare not and the last time i remember you are not Kelly girlfriend so what is your main problem” i said.

“My main problem is stay away from kelly” she reply me.

“Ellie let me teach you are logic to win kelly heart stop been wicked,put your stupid pride down and…..” Suddenly she slap me.


Who is she to tell me am wicked and have pride.

“You dare slap me ellie” she said as she put her hand on her check.

“Because you deserve it andra” i said as i smile wickedly.Before i could say anything she slap me i raise up my hand to slap her back but she stop me but my hand down and slap me again.My eyes are now red and i can’t deny it i want to cry now i see Kelly entering the rest room and i decide to use this precious opportunity i fall down and start crying like she beat me up.

“What happen here’kelly asked.Before andra could say anything i talk.

” Kelly andra slap me because i ask for forgiveness from her because of what i did the last time “i said ad tears fall down freely.

” Ohhh…well she can slap you that is what we call revenge “Kelly said and take Andra hand ten they both walk out of the rest room.My tears waste andra slap me till i cry no this can’t be.Why do i always have to lose nobody can take Kelly from me Kelly is mine.


I drag andra as we both walk to the class.

” Kelly i did not….”andra want to say something but i know she want to explain what happen between her and ellie.

“Don’t worry andra i watch everything before i walk in and if i did not i trust you ” i said as i hold her hands.Look into her face andrs is so tempting her eyes,nose not to talk of her lips the girl i taught was ugly the first time she came to our school suddenly become beautiful.I move closer to her.


What us Kelly doing no i can’t let this happen i quickly lose my hand from his and run to class and rush to my sit.

“What happen to you” chris ask.

“Nothing” i said but why is my heart beating fast no i most not think about Kelly.I look at Michael and see him looking at the projector that is displaying nothing.Micheal is in love we all know but why am i not in a straight mood like him.Kelly is not in my mind or is he on my mind.


I smile as andra run to class.Soon or later andra you will be mind i will give up everything it take.


“Take care of yourself my love” my mum said as she peck me she said she is going to store.

What is going on in school right now.I pick up my phone go to my contact and see Michael number i tap my finger on it and dial it.What am i doing i promise myself to forget him totally why did i still want to call him no i can’t i quickly cut off the dial and put my phone on my bed shelf.

Michael i will forget you no matter what,just give me sometime.


Leya can you find i place in your heart to forgive me i never know you have feelings for me i taught you lie to me am sorry i never forgive you.


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